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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Flood preparedness in the Netherlands: a US perspectiveNUWCReN  2012
Save Document Flood management and flood disaster mitigation measuresICHARM; GRIPS; WFEO  2012
Save Document Flood insurance: Participation of Indian tribes in federal and private programsGAO, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Flood hazards and masonry constructions: a probabilistic framework for damage, risk and resilience at urban scaleUniversite Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee  2012
Save Document Flood hazards and health: responding to present and future risksFew, Roger  2007
Save Document Flood hazard map manual for technology transferIDI, Japan - gov  2003
Save Document Flood extent and damage estimation in Hungary during the floods in spring 2006JRC; IES  2006
Save Document Flood early warning systems in Nepal: a gendered perspectiveICIMOD  2014
Save Document Flood early warning informationEthiopia - gov  2010
Save Document Flood disasters: learning from previous relief and recovery operationsALNAP; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Flood crisis preparedness: the French case studyEC  2007
Save Document Flood control: wetland values and functionsRamsar Convention  2000
Save Document Flood control in Bangladesh: a plan for actionWB  1990
Save Document Flight safety and volcanic ash: risk management of flight operations with known or forecast volc, advance edition (unedited)ICAO  2012
Save Document Flexible water storage options and adaptation to climate changeIWMI  2009
Save Document Flash flood risk management: a training of trainers manualICIMOD  2012
Save Document Five-year review of the Mauritius strategy for the further implementation of the programme of action for the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States - Report of the Secretary-GeneralUN  2010
Save Document Five years since the adoption of the Hyogo Framework for Action: progress on the implementation and building resilient citiesDRA  2010
Save Document Five years on from the Haiti earthquake: the EU’s responseEU  2015
Save Document Five years after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean: from strategy to implementationIOC; UNESCO  2009
Save Document Five key actions for ensuring rights of climate displaced peopleYPSA  2013
Save Document Five feet high and rising: cities and flooding in the 21st centuryWB  2011
Save Document Fiscal risk assessment of contingent liabilities associated with natural disasters: the Colombian experienceGFDRR; WB  2012
Save Document Fiscal disaster risk assessment options for consideration: PakistanWB  2015
Save Document First plenary session of the International Coordination Committee for the Safeguarding of Haitian Cultural Heritage: final reportUNESCO  2010
Save Document First European conference on earthquake engineering and seismology, September 2006EAEE  2006
Save Document Firm footing in the face of change: rights and equity in the context of climate change, food insecurity and human mobilityCI  2014
Save Document Fire management: review of international cooperationFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Fire management voluntary guidelines: principles and strategic actionsFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Fire management global assessment 2006FAO Headquarters  2007
Save Document Fire management - Global assessment 2006FAO Headquarters  2007
Save Document Fire in the wildland-urban interface: understanding fire behaviorUSDA, United States of America - gov; UF/IFAS  2009
Save Document Fire in EuropeGFMC  2007
Save Document Fire and mud, eruptions and landslides of Mount Pinatubo, PhilippinesPHIVOLCS, Philippines - gov; USGS, United States of America - gov  1995
Save Document Finland peer review report 2013 - Building resilience to disasters: implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-2015)EC; OECD; UNISDR EUR  2014
Save Document Finland national report prepared for the IDNDR mid-term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan, 23-27 May 1994Finland - gov  1994
Save Document Findings of the review of national platforms for disaster risk reduction 2012‐2013CAPRADE; DKKV, Germany - gov; Planas PRB, Indonesia - gov; SNGR, Ecuador - gov; SINAPROC, Mexico - gov; MSB, Sweden - gov; UNISDR  2013
Save Document Findings of the East Africa humanitarian climate risk management workshopIRI  2010
Save Document Findings and implications from a coarse-scale global assessment of recent selected mega-firesWilliams, Jerry; Albright, Dorothy; Hoffmann, Anja et al.  2011
Save Document Financing Vietnam’s response to climate change: building a sustainable futureMPI; UNDP Viet Nam; WB  2015
Save Document Financing urban shelter : global report on human settlements 2005UN-HABITAT  2005
Save Document Financing the resilient city: a demand driven approach to development, disaster risk reduction and climate adaptationICLEI - Local Gov for Sust  2011
Save Document Financing the resilient cityICLEI - Local Gov for Sust  2011
Save Document Financing local adaptation: ensuring access for the climate vulnerable in BangladeshARCAB; AAB; BCAS; ICCCAD  2012
Save Document Financing from international aviation and shipping: turning an emissions problem into a revenue opportunityWWF  2010
Save Document Financing for clean, resilient power solutionsCEG  2014
Save Document Financing disaster risk reduction: towards a coherent and comprehensive approachODI; UNDP  2014
Save Document Financing disaster risk reduction: a 20 year story of international aidGFDRR; ODI  2013
Save Document Financing disaster risk reduction for sustainable development in Asia and the PacificESCAP  2015
Save Document Financing climate change: fast start financing reportCONSILIUM  2010

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