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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Grenada: macro-socio-economic assessment of the damage caused by Hurricane Emily, July 14th, 2005OECS  2005
Save Document Greening disaster risk: issues at the interface of disaster risk management and low carbon developmentIDS  2010
Save Document Green recovery and reconstruction training toolkit for humanitarian aid (GRRT)American Red Cross; WWF  2010
Save Document Green paper on disaster managementDPLG, South Africa - gov  1998
Save Document Green jobs: improving the climate for gender equality too!ILO  2008
Save Document Green hills, blue cities: An ecosystems approach to water resources management for African citiesUNEP; UN-HABITAT  2011
Save Document GREEN economy: a brief for policymakers on the green economy and Millennium Development GoalsUNEP  2010
Save Document Green CITYnomics: the urban war against climate changeTang, Kenny  2009
Save Document Green building and climate resilience: understanding impacts and preparing for changing conditionsUSGBC; U-M  2011
Save Document Greece: Forest fires 1983-2008NAGREF, Greece - gov; WWF-Greece  2011
Save Document Greece national report prepared for the IDNDR mid-term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan, 23-27 May 1994Greece - gov  1994
Save Document Great East Japan Earthquake: update on damage and recovery (2nd report)ADRC; IRP  2011
Save Document Great East Japan earthquake: preliminary observationsADRC; IRP  2011
Save Document GRC - International cooperation: disaster risk reductionGRC  2009
Save Document Grassroots women's initiatives in reconstruction and governance: community visit and exchange workshop reportSSP  2008
Save Document Grassroots women and decentralised governanceHuairou Commission  2010
Save Document Grasping the climate crisis: a provocation from the Tällberg FoundationTällberg Foundation  2008
Save Document Grand challenges for disaster reductionNSTC, United States of America - gov; SDR, United States of America - gov  2005
Save Document Government's emergency simulations: facilitator's guideIASC; UNICEF; WFP  2012
Save Document Government of Maldives and United Nations post-tsunami lessons learned and best practices workshop: report on main findings, Maldives, 17-18 May, 2005Maldives - gov; UN  2005
Save Document Governance in disaster risk managementIRDR; UNISDR  2014
Save Document Governance for community-based adaptationPractical Action  2010
Save Document Good practices on economic empowerment of women in post-disaster reconstruction in Tohoku and the Asia-PacificAPEC  2015
Save Document Good practices in drylands managementOygard, Ragnar; Vedeld, Trond; Aune, Jens  1999
Save Document Good practices in community based disaster risk managementUNDP  2009
Save Document Good practices for hazard risk management in agriculture: summary report HaitiFAO Headquarters  2007
Save Document Good practices for community resilienceDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Practical Action  2009
Save Document Good practices and tools on disaster risk reduction in education in Central Asia: compendiumEC; UNICEF; UNISDR CA  2009
Save Document Good practices and lessons learned: disaster risk reduction through schoolsAAN; DFID, United Kingdom - gov  2010
Save Document Good practice UNDP Colombia: disaster prevention and assistance in BogotáUNDP Colombia  2011
Save Document Good practice for delivering flood-related information to the general publicEC  2007
Save Document Good practice examples for disaster risk reduction in Cuban agricultureFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Good morning, America! The explosive U.S. awakening to the need for adaptationCalifornia Energy Commission, United States of America - gov; NOAA, United States of America - gov  2009
Save Document GOI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme 2002-2009: evaluation and review of lessons learntADPC; India - gov; UNDP  2010
Save Document Gobiernos Locales de las Islas Canarias: aportaciones para el marco post-2015 para la reducción del riesgo de desastresFecam, Spain - gov; Gobierno de Canarias, Spain - gov; Tenerife Gov, Spain - gov; ULL  2014
Save Document GNDR post HFA debate: summary of regional and online discussions October-November 2012GNDR  2012
Save Document GLOBE EU and climate change 2005/2009GLOBE Europe  2009
Save Document Globalization and the world of large citiesLo, Fu-chen; Yeung, Yue-man  1998
Save Document Globalization and the sustainability of cities in the Asia Pacific regionLo, Fu-Chen; Marcotullio, Peter J.  2001
Save Document Global water framework: outcomes of the 5th World Water ForumWWC  2009
Save Document Global volcanic hazards and riskCambridge Univ Press  2015
Save Document Global trends in water-related disasters: an insight to policymakersICHARM  2009
Save Document Global trends in water-related disasters: an insight for policymakersICHARM; UNESCO  2009
Save Document Global trends in tropical cyclone riskNPG  2012
Save Document Global sustainable development report, 2015 editionUN  2015
Save Document Global survey of early warning systemsUNISDR PPEW  2006
Save Document Global risks 2015: tenth editionWEF  2015
Save Document Global risks 2014: ninth editionWEF  2014
Save Document Global risks 2013 - eighth edition: an initiative of the risk response networkWEF  2013
Save Document Global risks 2012, seventh editionWEF  2012

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