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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document The disaster risk management handbook: a learning experience of DRM model MansehraGIZ, Germany - gov  2013
Save Document The development of public partnership framework and action plan for disaster risk reduction in AsiaUNISDR AP  2009
Save Document The development of a public private partnership framework and action plan for disaster risk reduction (DRR) in AsiaCSR Asia; UNISDR Hyogo  2009
Save Document The design of avalanche protection dams: recent practical and theorical developmentsEC  2009
Save Document The demography of adaptation to climate changeColegio de México, A.C.; IIED; UNFPA  2013
Save Document The demand for micro-insurance: a literature reviewILO  2012
Save Document The decade of Latin America and the Caribbean, a real opportunityIDB  2012
Save Document The day after tomorrow: a handbook on the future of economic policy in the developing worldWB  2010
Save Document The critical decade: extreme weatherClimate Commission  2013
Save Document The critical decade: climate science, risks and responseClimate Commission  2011
Save Document The critical decade: climate change and healthClimate Commission  2011
Save Document The costs to developing countries of adapting to climate change: new methods and estimatesDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Netherlands - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov; WB  2010
Save Document The costs and benefits of reducing risk from natural hazards to residential structures in developing countriesRisk Center  2011
Save Document The cost of delaying action to stem climate changeUnited States of America - gov  2014
Save Document The cost of adapting to climate change in Ethiopia: sector-wise and macro-economic estimatesEDRI; IFPRI  2013
Save Document The Coral Triangle and climate change: ecosystems, people and societies at riskUQ; WWF  2009
Save Document The Copenhagen diagnosis: climate science updatesCCRC  2009
Save Document The connection between climate change and recent extreme weather eventsWRI  2012
Save Document The complexities of climate adaptation in South African agricultureCIGI; SAIIA  2013
Save Document The community water initiative: fostering water security and climate change mitigation and adaptationGEF; UNDP  2010
Save Document The collective conscience for resilient urban settlementIslamic Relief Worldwide  2012
Save Document The city of 2030 - Our manifestoUCLG HQ  2010
Save Document The citizens at risk: from urban sanitation to sustainable citiesMcGranahan, Gordon; Jacobi, Pedro; Songsor, Jacob; Surjadi, Charles; Kjellen, Marianne  2000
Save Document The changing Himalayas: impact of climate change on water resources and livelihoods in the greater HimalayasICIMOD  2009
Save Document The challenges of climate change: children on the front lineUNICEF  2014
Save Document The challenges of adapting to a warmer planet for urban growth and developmentUN DESA  2009
Save Document The challenge of urban redevelopment in disaster-affected communitiesNIUA  2010
Save Document The challenge of slums: global report on human settlementsEarthscan  2003
Save Document The challenge of a changing climateASDA  2014
Save Document The causes, processes and impacts of land fragmentation in the rangelands of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda - summary briefREGLAP  2011
Save Document The cataclysmic 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, PhilippinesUSGS, United States of America - gov  1997
Save Document The case for preparedness: quantification of production losses due to livestock deaths from disasters in AustraliaWSPA  2013
Save Document The case for drought preparedness: water resource management in humanitarian programming in DarfurUNEP  2008
Save Document The Caribbean drought and precipitation monitoring network: the concept and its progressCIMH  2009
Save Document The built environment professions in disaster risk reduction and response: a guide for humanitarian agenciesICE; RIBA; RICS; RTPI  2009
Save Document The benefits of a child-centred approach to climate change adaptationPlan Intl; UNICEF UK  2011
Save Document The Beijing declaration on South-South cooperation for child rights in the Asia-Pacific regionUNICEF  2010
Save Document The Bam, Iran earthquake of 26 December 2003: field investigation reportEEFIT; Halcrow Group Ltd  2004
Save Document The Bali road map: key issues under negotiationUNDP  2008
Save Document The atlas of mortality and economic losses from weather, climate and water extremes 1970-2012CRED; UCL; WMO  2014
Save Document The Asian tsunami: three weeks on, Oxfam briefing noteOxfam Intl  2005
Save Document The Asian tsunami: the challenge after the Jakarta summit, Oxfam briefing noteOxfam Intl  2005
Save Document The Asian tsunami: aid and reconstruction after a disasterADBI; Edward Elgar Publishing  2010
Save Document The art of implementation: gender strategies transforming national and regional climate change decision makingIUCN  2012
Save Document The architecture of green economic policiesRao, PK  2010
Save Document The Arab strategy for disaster risk reduction 2020LAS; UNISDR ROAS  2011
Save Document The annual Tibetan school shake-outGHI; GHS; LTWA  2010
Save Document The Andaman Nicobar earthquake and tsunami 2004: impact on diseases in IndonesiaGuha-Sapir, Debarati; Panhuis, Wilbert Van  2005
Save Document The adaptation coalition toolkit: building community resilience to climate changeWB  2011
Save Document The adaptation advantage: the economic benefits of preparing small-scale farmers for climate changeIFAD  2013

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