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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document The Himalayan challenge: water security in emerging AsiaSFG  2010
Save Document The hidden risks of climate change: an increase in property damage from soil subsidence in EuropeSwiss Re  2011
Save Document The health effects of climate change impacts on biodiversityCOHAB Initiative  2010
Save Document The Hague conference on agriculture, food security and climate change: Chair's summaryEthiopia - gov; FAO Headquarters; Netherlands - gov; New Zealand - gov; Norway - gov; UN; WB  2010
Save Document The Gulf of Mexico at a glance: a second glanceNOAA, United States of America - gov  2011
Save Document The Greater Mekong and climate change: biodiversity, ecosystem services and development at riskWWF  2009
Save Document The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake: in depth damage report by affected cities and childrenSEEDS Asia  2011
Save Document The great east Japan earthquake 11 March 2011: lessons learned and research questionsTohoku Univ; UNU-EHS  2013
Save Document The Government of Viet Nam and one UN working together in disaster risk managementUN Viet Nam; Viet Nam - gov  2008
Save Document The good, the bad and the ugly: disaster risk reduction (DRR) versus disaster risk creation (DRC)PLoS  2012
Save Document The global state of sustainable insurance: understanding and integrating environmental, social and governance factors in insuranceUNEP  2009
Save Document The global partnership for development: making rhetoric a realityUN; UN DESA  2012
Save Document The global partnership for development at a critical junctureUN  2010
Save Document The global opening of the 1992 UNECE water conventionUNECE  2013
Save Document The global ocean observing system: a summary for policy makersIOC  2010
Save Document The global impact of climate change on extreme eventsWB  2011
Save Document The global flood detection systemEC; JRC; IPSC  2007
Save Document The Global Fire Monitoring Center brochureGFMC  2004
Save Document The global climate 2001-2010: a decade of climate extremesWMO  2013
Save Document The global assessment on women's safetyCISCSA; Huairou Commission; Sida, Sweden - gov; UN-HABITAT; Women in Cities Intl  2010
Save Document The Global Alliance for disaster risk reduction: building safer, resilient communitiesIFRC  2008
Save Document The geography of poverty, disasters and climate extremes in 2030Met Office, United Kingdom - gov; ODI; RMS  2013
Save Document The gendered dimensions of disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change: stories from the PacificAustralia - gov; AusAid, Australia - gov; UNDP Pacific Centre  2008
Save Document The gender advantage: women on the front line of climate changeIFAD  2014
Save Document The gathering storm: will Asia Pacific cities adapt to climate change?Nautilus Inst; RMIT CCAP  2009
Save Document The future we want: disaster resilienceUN-DPI  2012
Save Document The future we wantUN; UNCSD  2012
Save Document The future of disaster risk reduction: UNDP’s vision for the successor to the Hyogo Framework for ActionUNDP  2014
Save Document The future of disaster risk management: an on-going discussionFLACSO; UNISDR  2013
Save Document The future is here: climate change in the PacificOxfam Australia  2009
Save Document The future framework for disaster risk reduction: a guide for decision makers – second editionCDKN; ODI  2014
Save Document The future for climate finance in NepalODI  2011
Save Document The free charters: children's priorities for the post-2015 development agendaChildFund Alliance  2014
Save Document The FORIN project: understanding the causes of disastersIRDR  2015
Save Document The floods of 2005 in Switzerland: synthesis report on the event analysisFOEN, Switzerland - gov  2008
Save Document The floods directive: lessons from Germany for effective implementationEC  2013
Save Document The first desert locust joint survey in the winter breeding areas in Djibouti and SomaliaFAO Headquarters  2004
Save Document The financial management of flood risk: an international review - lessons learned from flood management programs in G8 countriesIBC  2015
Save Document The face of recovery: the American Red Cross response to hurricanes Katrina, Rita and WilmaAmerican Red Cross  2007
Save Document The fabulous Nakhudak: present day's fairy-taleEC; ECHO; UNISDR CA  2006
Save Document The evolution of risk and vulnerability in Greater Jakarta: contesting government policy in dealing with a megacity’s exposure to floodingIRGSC  2013
Save Document The ethical impications of global climate changeUNESCO  2010
Save Document The essential guide to reinsuranceSwiss Re  2010
Save Document The emergence of risks: contributing factorsIRGC  2010
Save Document The eight unmet promises of fast-start climate financeIIED  2012
Save Document The effects of disasters on modern societiesIDNDR; UNCRD  1995
Save Document The effects of climate change: storm damage in Europe on the riseSwiss Re  2006
Save Document The effects of climate change: an increase in coastal flood damage in Northern EuropeSwiss Re  2009
Save Document The effects of climate change on internal and international migration: implications for developing countriesCCCEP; Grantham Inst for Climate Change  2015
Save Document The effectiveness of climate finance: a review of the Indonesia Climate Change Trust FundODI  2014

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