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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


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  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document 3rd annual meeting of the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction: summaryEFDRR  2012
Save Document A disaster resilient future: mobilising communities and institutions for effective disaster risk reduction - Baseline study for the sixth DIPECHO action planNARRI  2011
Save Document Activities and accomplishments of the Canadian National Committee for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR): report for 1994-1996CAE; RSC  1996
Save Document Africa spotlight: UNISDR Africa e-publication - Feb-April 2011, issue 2UNISDR AF  2011
Save Document Africa spotlight: UNISDR Africa e-publication - Oct-Dec 2010, issue 1UNISDR AF  2010
Save Document Alternatives for sustained disaster risk reductionInst for Human Geography Inc.  2010
Save Document An overview of environment and disaster risk reduction in the Arab Region: A community perspectiveRAED; UNISDR ROAS  2011
Save Document Annual Bhutan school preparedness drill 2013: a brief reportGHS  2013
Save Document Annual report 2011: UNISDR secretariat work programme 2010-2011UNISDR  2012
Save Document Annual report on the national emergency management system of Saint LuciaNEMO, Saint Lucia - gov  2011
Save Document Aqaba declaration on disaster risk reduction in citiesASEZA, Jordan - gov; Jordan - gov; LAS; SDC, Switzerland - gov; UNDP Jordan; UNISDR ROAS  2013
Save Document Armenian country report 2003Armenia - gov  2003
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID agosto 2011CRID  2011
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID octubre 2011CRID  2011
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID, mayo 2013CRID  2013
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID, abril 2013CRID  2013
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID, enero 2012CRID  2012
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID, febrero 2012CRID  2012
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID, marzo 2013CRID  2013
Save Document Boletín digital portal de educación y gestión del riesgo para América Latina y el Caribe, noviembre-diciembre 2013, número 25CRID  2013
Save Document Boletín relaciger informa No 1 CRID, marzo 2014CRID  2014
Save Document Brief introduction of China National Committee for IDNDRChina National Committee for IDNDR, China - gov  1999
Save Document Case studies: national leadership award for disaster resilienceADPC  2015
Save Document Chair’s summary third session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and the World Reconstruction ConferenceUNISDR  2011
Save Document Challenges for mountain regions – tackling complexityIGF  2011
Save Document Challenges of disaster management in India: implications for the economic, political, and security environmentsNBR  2011
Save Document Citizen voices on the HFA2 survey: an initiative of the disaster diary projectDisaster Diary, the  2015
Save Document City resilience in Africa: a ten essentials pilotUNISDR  2012
Save Document Civil defence and New Zealand schoolsCDEM, New Zealand - gov  1992
Save Document Climate change key messagesIFRC  2012
Save Document Climate change radio advocacy, rethinking our future: project completion reportActionAid; GU  2011
Save Document CMDRR forum bulletin, 10th issue, August 2013CORDAID; CMDRR Forum; DAM  2013
Save Document CMDRR Forum bulletin, 1st issue, July 2010CMDRR Forum; DAM  2010
Save Document CMDRR Forum bulletin, 2nd issue, November 2010CMDRR Forum; DAM  2010
Save Document CMDRR Forum bulletin, 3rd issue, February 2011CMDRR Forum; DAM  2011
Save Document CMDRR Forum bulletin, 5th issue, January 2012CMDRR Forum; DAM  2012
Save Document Communicating disasters: an Asia Pacific resource bookUNDP  2007
Save Document Communicating with people with disability: national guidelines for emergency managersAEMI, Australia - gov  2013
Save Document Communiqué Santiago de Chile: Investing in resilience, accelerating the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action in the AmericasChile - gov; OAS; UNISDR AM  2012
Save Document Communities and coastal zone managementShaw, Rajib; Krishnamurthy, Ramasamy R.  2010
Save Document Community disaster preparedness guideDDM, BVI  2012
Save Document Community exposure to tsunami hazards in CaliforniaUSGS, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Comparative review of social media analysis tools for preparednessGDPC; Trilateral  2015
Save Document Compendium of case studies on climate and disaster resilient development in the PacificSPC  2015
Save Document Concept note: fourth session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk ReductionUNISDR  2012
Save Document Conceptualizing an established network of a community based flood early warning system: Case of JakartaIRGSC  2013
Save Document Consultative meeting for communicating the disaster risk of Atta Abad lake, HunzaRDPI  2010
Save Document Contribution de la France aux objectifs de réduction des catastrophes naturelles: bilan français 1990-1999IDNDR  1999
Save Document Contribution of volunteerism to disaster risk reduction: practice noteUNV  2011
Save Document Coping study on risk and society: public perception, economic aspects and education needs - an African perspectiveIDNDR  1999

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