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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1879 items for Asia Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Accountability for disaster risk reduction: lessons from the PhilippinesCDG  2010
Save Document Accounting for health impacts of climate changeADB; Sida, Sweden - gov  2011
Save Document Aceh and Nias one year after the tsunami: the recovery effort and way forwardIndonesia - gov  2005
Save Document Aceh and Nias, two years after the tsunami: 2006 progress reportIndonesia - gov  2006
Save Document Aceh flood: damage and loss assessmentWB  2007
Save Document Action plan framework for adaptation and mitigation of climate change of the agriculture and rural development sector period 2008-2020MARD, Viet Nam - gov  2008
Save Document Acts of God - Disaster risk reduction after the Japanese earthquakeISPI  2011
Save Document Adaptasi non struktural penduduk penghuni permukiman padat terhadap bencana banjir: studi kasus Kecamatan Baleendah, Kabupaten Bandung - Working paper no. 5RDI  2014
Save Document Adaptation financing and practice: observations from community-based projects in IndiaAdapt Cap; GIZ, Germany - gov  2012
Save Document Adaptation in practice: increasing adaptive capacity through participatory mappingIFAD  2013
Save Document Adaptation in retrospect: perspectives from successful community-based adaptation interventionsAIDMI  2014
Save Document Adaptation of community and households to climate–related disasterEEPSEA  2010
Save Document Adaptation to a changing climate in the Arab countries: a case for adaptation governance and leadership in building climate resilienceWB  2012
Save Document Adaptation to climate change in coastal areas of the Philippines and Viet NamGIZ, Germany - gov  2009
Save Document Adaptation to climate change in the southern mediterranean: a theoretical framework, a foresight analysis and three case studiesEC; MEDPRO  2013
Save Document Adaptation to climate change with a focus on rural areas in IndiaGIZ, Germany - gov; Min of Environment and Forests, India - gov  2012
Save Document Adaptation to climate change – are governments prepared? – a cooperative auditEUROSAI WGEA  2012
Save Document Adaptation to climate change: linking DRR with microinsuranceAIDMI  2014
Save Document Adapting forests and people to climate change: conserving ecosystem services that reduce risk to the world's poorest, a framework proposalCIFOR  2012
Save Document Adapting to change with a blend of traditional and improved practicesILEIA  2008
Save Document Adapting to climate changeDHI Group  2011
Save Document Adapting to climate change for sustainable agribusiness in high mountain watersheds: a case study from NepalICIMOD  2014
Save Document Adapting to climate change in China: stories from the groundACCC  2013
Save Document Adapting to climate change in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet UnionWB  2010
Save Document Adapting to climate change: cities and the urban poorIHC  2011
Save Document Adapting to climate change: strengthening the climate resilience of water sector infrastructure in Khulna, BangladeshADB  2011
Save Document Adaptive agriculture in flood affected areasILEIA  2008
Save Document Adaptive and sustainable post-tsunami human resettlementAbe, Miwa; Takeuchi, Yukiko; Shaw, Rajib  2011
Save Document Adaptive capacity and livelihood resilience: adaptive strategies for responding to floods and droughts in South AsiaISET  2004
Save Document Adaptive governance and resilience: the role of multi-stakeholder platforms in disaster risk reductionMacquarie Univ  2012
Save Document Adaptive learning in climate risk management: reflections on capacity building of livelihoods adaptation to climate change (Phase-II) in Bangladesh - Final reportADPC; FAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document Adaptive social protection: mapping the evidence and policy context in the agriculture sector in South AsiaIDS  2010
Save Document ADB climate change programs: strengthening mitigation and adaptation in Asia and the PacificADB  2009
Save Document ADB water operational plan 2011-2020ADB  2011
Save Document ADB's response to natural disasters and disaster risks: special evaluation studyADB  2012
Save Document Adding to the agenda of the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR)AIDMI  2014
Save Document Addressing climate change and migration in Asia and the PacificADB  2012
Save Document Addressing climate change and migration in Asia and the Pacific - Final reportADB  2012
Save Document Addressing coastal security through natural and man-made hazards prevention and managementPEMSEA  2007
Save Document Addressing heat-related health risks in urban India: Ahmedabad’s heat action planAhmedabad Municipal Corporation; CDKN; NRDC; PHFI  2014
Save Document Addressing HFA2: building community resilienceAIDMI  2014
Save Document Addressing humanitarian effectivenessAIDMI  2014
Save Document Addressing the humanitarian consequences of climate change: Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre annual report 2006IFRC  2006
Save Document Adjusting to floods on the Brahmaputra plains, Assam, IndiaICIMOD  2009
Save Document ADPC strategy 2020: towards a safer Asia - Building resilience through innovation and partnershipADPC  2012
Save Document Advancing human security through knowledge-based approaches to reducing vulnerability and environmental risks: flood risk perception and communication in different cultural contexts, is difference rooted in culture?UNU-EHS  2005
Save Document Advancing implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) in Asia and the Pacific 2009-2015ADPC; UNISDR AP  2010
Save Document Advocacy strategy youth MENA region: consultation with youth in MENA regionMajor Group Children and Youth  2014
Save Document Afghanistan National Disaster Management Project (NDMP): first quarter project progress report 2010BCPR-UNDP; UNDP Afghanistan  2010
Save Document After the cyclone: lessons from a disasterOxfam Intl  2008

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