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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


620 items for Recovery Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Rebuilding Uttarakhand: challenges aheadAIDMI  2013
Save Document Recommendations for recovery and reconstruction in Post-2015 Global Framework for DRR (HFA2): summary of consultationsIRP  2013
Save Document Reconstructing HaitiOxfam Intl  2010
Save Document Reconstruction of health service in BamWHO  2004
Save Document Reconstruction towards sustainable communities: promotion of locally-based industries with all stakeholder approachUNCRD  2012
Save Document Recopilación de herramientas para la gestión local del riesgo: apoyo a las autoridades locales de ciudades de América Central para la gestión del riesgoIDRC; UN-HABITAT  2007
Save Document Recovering from the 2003 Canberra bushfire: a work in progressCamilleri, P.; Healy, C.; Macdonald, E.; Nicholls, S.; Sykes, J.; Winkworth, G.; Woodward, M.  2007
Save Document RecoveryAEMI, Australia - gov  2004
Save Document Recovery framework in support of government of India for a post-tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction programmeUN  2005
Save Document Recovery from the tsunami disaster: poverty reduction and sustainable development through microfinanceGrameen Foundation  2005
Save Document Recovery status report: Southern Leyte LandslideCDP; IRP  2012
Save Document Reducing risk through environment in recovery operations: an initial review of the statusUNEP; UNISDR  2009
Save Document Reducing vulnerability and exposure to disasters: Asia-Pacific disaster report 2012ESCAP; UNISDR AP  2012
Save Document Reducing vulnerability to natural hazards: for sustainable poverty reductionGFDRR; UNISDR; WB  2007
Save Document Reflections: disaster recovery from the heart - Stories of disaster recovery, solidarity and survivalACCU; UNESCO BKK  2012
Save Document Regional strategic framework for rehabilitation of fisheries and aquaculture in tsunami affected countries in AsiaFAO Headquarters  2005
Save Document Regional workshop on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in urban settings: from theory to practiceAFB; COPECO, Honduras - gov; EC; Switzerland - gov; UNDP Honduras  2011
Save Document Regional workshop: one year later - the rehabilitation of fisheries and aquaculture in coastal communities of tsunami affected countries in AsiaFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Renewing hope, rebuilding lives: partnership between the United Nations and the European Commission in post-crisis recoveryUN; UNRIC  2009
Save Document Report by the Director-General on UNESCO's post-earthquake response in HaitiUNESCO  2010
Save Document Report of the consultative meeting on the draft communications strategy on climate change and the comprehensive framework of African climate change programmesUNEP  2010
Save Document Report of the fifth session of the World Urban Forum, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Report of the regional workshop on rehabilitation of agriculture in tsunami affected areas: one and a half year laterFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Report on the 2008 great Sichuan earthquakeUNCRD  2009
Save Document Resilient livelihoods: disaster risk reduction for food and nutrition security - 2013 editionFAO Headquarters  2013
Save Document Responding to earthquakes 2008: learning from earthquake relief and recovery operationsALNAP; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Responsibilities and challengesSETR  2006
Save Document Right based solutions of better settlements of climate displacement in BangladeshYPSA  2013
Save Document Rising above and beyond: Ondoy-Pepeng-Santi (O.P.S.) lessons-learned workshop, concept paperNDRRMC, Philippines - gov  2010
Save Document Risk returnsUNISDR  2011
Save Document Risk wiseIDRC Davos  2008
Save Document Road map of Natori emergency FM radio 'Natoraji'CWS; City of Natori, Japan - gov; KU GSGES; IEDM; MERCY Malaysia  2012
Save Document Rural Bangladesh: socio-economic profiles of WFP operational areas and beneficiariesTANGO; WFP  2006
Save Document SAARC workshop on earthquake risk management in South Asia reportSDMC  2009
Save Document Safeguarding New Zealand's future: emergency management's role in shaping the nationCDEM, New Zealand - gov  1998
Save Document Safer homes, stronger communities: a handbook for reconstructing after natural disastersGFDRR; WB  2010
Save Document Saferworld Communications viewpoint: Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines - 14 November 2013SWC  2013
Save Document School recovery: lessons from AsiaKU GSGES; IEDM  2012
Save Document Science for disaster risk reduction and response: role of the Commission's in-house science serviceJRC  2012
Save Document See me, ask me, hear me: children’s recommendations for recovery three months after Typhoon HaiyanSCI  2014
Save Document Séisme en Haiti: bilan et regards sur deux ans d'actionCRF  2012
Save Document Séisme en Haïti: bilan et Regards sur trois ans d'actionsCRF  2013
Save Document Serbia floods 2014EU; Serbia - gov; UN in Serbia; WB  2014
Save Document Shelter security in Kashmir: a central aspect of long-term recoveryAIDMI  2006
Save Document Sistematización de experiencias de integración de reducción de riesgos de desastres en proyectos de medios de vidaECHO; Oxfam Intl  2011
Save Document Six months into the floods: resetting Pakistan's priorities through reconstructionOxfam Intl  2011
Save Document Six-month tsunami accountability reportMercy Corps  2005
Save Document Slow-onset disasters: drought and food and livelihoods insecurity - learning from previous relief and recovery responsesALNAP; ProVention Consortium  2007
Save Document Social protection in Asia: research findings and policy lessonsIHD; IDS  2010
Save Document South Asia earthquake 2005: learning from previous earthquake relief operationsALNAP; ProVention Consortium  2005

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