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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


2196 items for Climate Change Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Mountains and the Sustainable Development GoalsFAO Headquarters; Mountain Partnership  2013
Save Document Moving forward: Southeast Asian perspectives on climate change and biodiversitySEARCA  2010
Save Document Moving stories: the voices of people who move in the context of environmental changeCOIN  2014
Save Document Multi-purpose flood protection: a rural-urban win-winIISD  2009
Save Document Multilevel stakeholder influence mapping in climate change adaptation regimesCCAFS; CGIAR  2013
Save Document Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate changeUNFCCC  2008
Save Document National adaptation funding: ways forward for the poorest countriesIIED  2009
Save Document National adaptation programme: making the country resilient to a changing climateUnited Kingdom - gov  2013
Save Document National assessment of shoreline change: a GIS compilation of vector shorelines and associated shoreline change data for the New England and Mid-Atlantic coastsUSGS, United States of America - gov  2011
Save Document National assessment of shoreline change: historical shoreline change along the New England and Mid-Atlantic coastsUSGS, United States of America - gov  2011
Save Document National climate change adaptation research plan: social, economic and institutional dimensions (consultation draft)NCCARF  2009
Save Document National climate change legislation: the key to more ambitious international agreementsCDKN; GLOBE International  2013
Save Document National economic, environment and development study for climate changeUNFCCC  2010
Save Document National human development report in the Russian Federation 2009: energy sector and sustainable developmentUNDP  2010
Save Document National sharing workshop on community managed disaster risk reduction (CMDRR): reportCMDRR Forum; DAM  2012
Save Document National workshop on options for flood risk and damage reduction in Bangladesh: working papersBangladesh - gov  2006
Save Document Natural disaster managementIDNDR  1999
Save Document Natural disaster risks in Central Asia: a synthesisBCPR-UNDP  2011
Save Document Natural disasters and adaptation to climate changeBoulter, Sarah; Palutikof, Jean; Karoly, David John; Guitart, Daniela (Eds.)  2013
Save Document Natural disasters as interactive components of global-ecodynamicsKondratyev, Kirill Ya; Krapivin, Vladimir F.; Varostos, Costas A.  2006
Save Document Natural disasters, self-insurance, and human capital investmentIFPRI  2009
Save Document Natural disasters: perspective paper - Stéphane HallegatteCCC  2012
Save Document Natural resilience: healthy ecosystems as climate shock insuranceIIED  2010
Save Document Natural resource management and community-based approaches to climate change: UNV in actionUNV  2012
Save Document Natural solutions to climate change crisisIUCN; UNDP; WB  2009
Save Document Natural solutions: protected areas helping people cope with climate changeIUCN; Nature Conservancy; UNDP; WCS; WB; WWF  2010
Save Document NCCARF policy guidance brief 1: Building resilient coastal communities and ecosystemsNCCARF  2013
Save Document NCCARF policy guidance brief 2: Ensuring Australia’s urban water supplies under climate changeNCCARF  2013
Save Document NCCARF policy guidance brief 3: Supporting decision-making for effective adaptationNCCARF  2013
Save Document NCCARF policy guidance brief 4: Adapting agriculture to climate changeNCCARF  2013
Save Document NCCARF policy guidance brief 5: Challenges of adaptation for local governmentsNCCARF  2013
Save Document NDF climate change strategy 2012-2013NDF  2012
Save Document Need for scientific assessment by IPCC on managing the risk of extreme events to advance climate change adaptationUNISDR  2007
Save Document Neglected displacement: human mobility in Pacific disaster risk management and climate change adaptation mechanismsIDMC; NRC  2013
Save Document Negotiations on a new international climate agreement - roadmap towards a new agreementMin of the Environ, Sweden - gov  2009
Save Document New approaches to promoting flexible and forward-looking decision making: insights from complexity science, climate change adaptation and ‘serious gaming’Abaci Partnership, the; ACCRA; ODI; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre  2013
Save Document New generation of risk reducersAIDMI  2013
Save Document New international rights standard for climate displaced peopleYPSA  2013
Save Document No excuse for inaction: CARE International’s demands for the 2013 UN climate talks in Warsaw, PolandCI  2013
Save Document No upward trend in normalised windstorm losses in Europe: 1970–2008JRC  2010
Save Document NOAA climate service - questions and answersNOAA, United States of America - gov  2011
Save Document North African coastal cities address natural disasters and climate changeCMI; WB  2011
Save Document Not if but when. Adapting to natural hazards in the Pacific Islands region. A policy noteWB  2006
Save Document Not if but when: adapting to natural hazards, a policy noteSofia Bettencourt, Richard Croad, Paul Freeman, John Hay, Roger Jones, Peter King, Padma Lal, Alan Mearns, Geoff Miller, Idah Pswarayi-Riddihough, Alf Simpson, Nakibae Teuatabo, Ulric Trotz, Maarten Van Aalst  2006
Save Document Note de recherche de l'IAVS, no.2: changements climatiques et approvisionnement en eau des centres urbainsIAVS  2011
Save Document Note de recherche de l'IAVS, no1: agriculture et changements climatiques au SahelIAVS  2011
Save Document Now more than ever: climate talks that work for those who need them mostOxfam America  2010
Save Document Observing our planet for a better futureWMO  2008
Save Document Off the charts: extreme Australian summer heatClimate Commission  2013
Save Document On better terms: a glance at key climate change and disaster risk reduction conceptsUNISDR  2006

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