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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


2523 items for Climate Change Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Global report on human settlements 2011: cities and climate changeUN-HABITAT  2011
Save Document Global risks 2006WEF  2006
Save Document Global risks 2007: a Global Risk Network reportWEF  2007
Save Document Global Risks 2009: a Global Risk Network reportWEF  2009
Save Document Global risks 2013 - eighth edition: an initiative of the risk response networkWEF  2013
Save Document Global risks 2014: ninth editionWEF  2014
Save Document Global risks 2015: tenth editionWEF  2015
Save Document Global trends in tropical cyclone riskNPG  2012
Save Document GLOBE EU and climate change 2005/2009GLOBE Europe  2009
Save Document Good morning, America! The explosive U.S. awakening to the need for adaptationCalifornia Energy Commission, United States of America - gov; NOAA, United States of America - gov  2009
Save Document Governance for community-based adaptationPractical Action  2010
Save Document Grasping the climate crisis: a provocation from the Tällberg FoundationTällberg Foundation  2008
Save Document Green building and climate resilience: understanding impacts and preparing for changing conditionsUSGBC; U-M  2011
Save Document Green CITYnomics: the urban war against climate changeTang, Kenny  2009
Save Document GREEN economy: a brief for policymakers on the green economy and Millennium Development GoalsUNEP  2010
Save Document Green jobs: improving the climate for gender equality too!ILO  2008
Save Document Greening disaster risk: issues at the interface of disaster risk management and low carbon developmentIDS  2010
Save Document Grounded decisions: informing policies that help the vulnerable adaptIDRC  2010
Save Document Growing a better future: food justice in a resource-constrained worldOxfam Intl  2011
Save Document Growth, productive employment and decent work in the Least Developed CountriesILO  2011
Save Document Guía para la elaboración de la Estrategia Regional de Cambio Climático (ERCC)S.O.S. Vidas Perú   
Save Document Guía técnica para la implementaicón de un sistema regional de información climática aplicada a la gestión de riesgo agrícola en los países AndinosCIIFEN  2009
Save Document Guidance note 1: twelve reasons why climate change adaptation monitoring and evaluation is challengingSEA Change; UKCIP  2014
Save Document Guidance note 2: selecting indicators for climate change adaptation programmingSEA Change; UKCIP  2014
Save Document Guidance note 3: theory of change approach to climate change adaptation programmingSEA Change; UKCIP  2014
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: climate changeIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Guidance on flash flood management: recent experiences from central and eastern EuropeAPFM; GWP; IMGW, Poland - gov; WMO  2007
Save Document Guidance on water and adaptation to climate changeUNECE  2009
Save Document Guidance on water supply and sanitation in extreme weather eventsUNECE; WHO - Europe  2010
Save Document Guide to climate change adaptation in citiesWB  2011
Save Document Guidelines for reducing flood lossesUNISDR  2002
Save Document Guiding principles for adaptation to climate change in EuropeETC/ACM  2010
Save Document Haiti: a gathering stormOxfam Intl  2009
Save Document Handbook for conducting technology needs assessment for climate changeUNDP; UNFCCC  2010
Save Document Handbook on climate change and disaster resilient water, sanitation and hygiene practicesNIRAPAD; WaterAid  2012
Save Document Harmonized perspectivesCARE - NL  2011
Save Document Harnessing nature: the ecosystem approach to climate-change preparednessDefenders of Wildlife  2012
Save Document Harnessing synergies: mainstreaming climate change adaptation in disaster risk reduction programmes and policiesActionAid; IDS  2011
Save Document Harvesting agriculture’s multiple benefits: mitigation, adaptation, development and food securityFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Hashimoto Action Plan II: strategy and objectives through 2012UNSGAB  2010
Save Document Hazard & risk science review 2009ABUHRC  2009
Save Document Hazard mitigation assistance guidanceFEMA, United States of America - gov  2015
Save Document Heads up! Early warning systems for climate, water, and weatherGlantz, Michael H.  2007
Save Document Health and climate change: modelling the impacts of global warming and ozone depletionMartens, Pim  1998
Save Document Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public healthLancet  2015
Save Document Health and disaster risk: a contribution by the United Nations to the consultation leading to the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR)UN  2014
Save Document Heat waves and climate changeClimate Communication  2012
Save Document Helping farmers to cope with climate changeFAO Headquarters  2014
Save Document High mountain glaciers and climate change: challenges to human livelihoods and adaptationGRID-Arendal  2010
Save Document High-level round table discussion on desertification and adaptation to climate changeUNCCD  2007

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