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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


998 items for Capacity Development Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Global forest resources assessment 2005: report on fires in the South East Asian (ASEAN) regionFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Global forest resources assessment 2005: report on fires in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) regionFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Global insurance industry statement on adapting to climate change in developing countriesGeneva Association; MCII; UNEP  2010
Save Document Global risks 2007: a Global Risk Network reportWEF  2007
Save Document Good practice for delivering flood-related information to the general publicEC  2007
Save Document Good practices in community based disaster risk managementUNDP  2009
Save Document Government's emergency simulations: facilitator's guideIASC; UNICEF; WFP  2012
Save Document GRC - International cooperation: disaster risk reductionGRC  2009
Save Document Green paper on disaster managementDPLG, South Africa - gov  1998
Save Document Guía de operación para asistencia mutua frente a desastres de los países miembros de la Comunidad AndinaEcuador - gov; Min de Relaciones Exteriores, Ecuador - gov; SNGR, Ecuador - gov  2013
Save Document Guía metodológica para incorporar la gestión del riesgo de desastres en la planificación del desarrolloPREDES; Switzerland - gov  2011
Save Document Guidance note of disaster preparedness and response planning 2011Disaster Mgmt Section, Min of Home Affairs, MUAN  2011
Save Document Guidance on flash flood management: recent experiences from central and eastern EuropeAPFM; GWP; IMGW, Poland - gov; WMO  2007
Save Document Guidance on water supply and sanitation in extreme weather eventsUNECE; WHO - Europe  2010
Save Document Guideline on inclusive disaster risk reduction: disabilities and disastersADPC; ABU; GAATES; ESCAP  2014
Save Document Guidelines for assisting people with disabilities during emergencies, crises and disastersCOE; EUR-OPA  2014
Save Document Guidelines for developing an earthquake scenarioEERI  2006
Save Document Guidelines for the application of criteria for prioritizing programmatic actions for disaster risk reduction / Guía para la aplicación de criterios para la priorización de acciones programáticas de reducción del riesgo de desastresECHO; CRID; UNISDR AM  2012
Save Document Guidelines on early warning systems and application of nowcasting and warning operationsWMO  2010
Save Document Guidelines: National platforms for disaster risk reductionUNISDR  2007
Save Document Habitat Risk Management Programme (HRMP)AKPBS  2009
Save Document Haiti earthquake 2010: two-year progress reportIFRC  2011
Save Document Haiti interim risk management plan: March–December 2010Haiti - gov; UN  2010
Save Document Haiti rebuildsUNDP  2011
Save Document Haiti: a once-in-a-century chance for changeOxfam Intl  2010
Save Document Haiti: stabilization and reconstruction after the quakeICG  2010
Save Document Handbook for conducting technology needs assessment for climate changeUNDP; UNFCCC  2010
Save Document Handbook of tsunami evacuation planningJRC; IPSC  2011
Save Document Handbook of tsunami hazard and damage scenariosJRC; IPSC  2011
Save Document Handbook of typical school designRCDM ITB; SCI  2009
Save Document Hashimoto Action Plan II: strategy and objectives through 2012UNSGAB  2010
Save Document Helping farmers to cope with climate changeFAO Headquarters  2014
Save Document High-level symposium on disaster risk reduction - Key messagesMUAN; NSET; UN Nepal Info Platform; United States of America - gov  2011
Save Document How can the green climate fund initiate a paradigm shift?CDKN  2013
Save Document How to integrate climate change adaptation into national-level policy and planning in the water sectorTearfund  2010
Save Document How to make cities more resilient: a handbook for local government leadersUNISDR  2012
Save Document Human development report 2014 - Sustaining human progress: reducing vulnerabilities and building resilienceUNDP  2014
Save Document Human resource development plan and capacity building for disaster risk reduction in BangladeshBDPC  2006
Save Document Humanitarian assistance: towards building a regional mechanismCCB, Argentina - gov  2009
Save Document Humanitarian emergency response review: UK Government responseDFID, United Kingdom - gov  2011
Save Document Humanitarian horizons: a practitioners' guide to the futureFIC; King's College; Tufts Univ  2010
Save Document Hunger in the Sahel: a permanent emergency?Oxfam Intl  2010
Save Document Hunger, disaster, hope: rethinking humanitarian action in AfricaIFRC  2009
Save Document Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 mid-term reviewUNISDR  2011
Save Document Hyogo Framework for Action, post 2015: what would we like to see - Voices from the fieldCaritas Switzerland; GRF Davos; HELVETAS; SDC, Switzerland - gov  2014
Save Document ICHARM action plan 2010-2012ICHARM  2011
Save Document ICLEI, 2014, Resilient Cities 2014: congress reportICLEI - Local Gov for Sust  2014
Save Document IDA at work: disaster risk management - managing natural hazards, reducing risks to developmentGFDRR; WB  2009
Save Document IDRC Davos 2008: '100 Ideas for Action' to support the Hyogo Framework for ActionGRF Davos  2009
Save Document IFRC mid-year report: disaster management and risk reduction, strategy and coordinationIFRC  2010

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