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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


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  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Cost-benefit analysis for natural disaster management: a case-study in the PhilippinesDedeurwaerdere, Ann  1998
Save Document Costs and benefits of disaster mitigation in the construction industryOAS  1995
Save Document Crisis response journal, vol 6, issue 4: urban risk - Safer citiesFireNet  2011
Save Document Cuba national report prepared for the IDNDR mid-term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan, 23-27 May 1994Cuba - gov  1994
Save Document Cuba, weathering the storm: lessons in risk reduction from CubaThompson, Martha; Gaviria, Izaskun  2004
Save Document Cuba: paradigma en la reducción de riesgo de desastresDGCD, Belgium - gov; Defensa Civil de Cuba, Cuba - gov; Oxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Cyclone and natural hazard vulnerability in remote and indigenous communities of North QueenslandAEMI, Australia - gov; JCU  2001
Save Document Cyclone database manager. A tool for converting point data from cyclone observations into tracks and wind speed profiles in a GISUNEP/DEWA/GRID  1999
Save Document Cyclone mitigation, resource allocation and post disaster reconstruction in South India: lessons from two decades of researchWinchester, Peter  2000
Save Document Cyclone Nargis 2008: rehabilitation in MyanmarIRP; Myanmar - gov; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Cyclone resistant building architectureNDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2007
Save Document Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh: damage, loss and needs assessment for disaster recovery and reconstruction, draft executive summary, March 2008Bangladesh - gov  2008
Save Document Data on disasters in Indonesia 2006-2007BNPB, Indonesia - gov  2008
Save Document Developing a disaster risk profile for MaldivesRMSI; UNDP  2006
Save Document Diagnóstico de la gestión de riesgos en HondurasUNDP Honduras  2002
Save Document Digital inventory of landslides and related deposits in honduras triggered by hurricane MitchUSAID, United States of America - gov; USGS, United States of America - gov  2002
Save Document Disadvantage and disaster: soclal vulnerability in emergency managementVCOSS  2014
Save Document Disaster and climate resilient habitatCDMP, Bangladesh - gov  2013
Save Document Disaster as opportunity? Building back better in Aceh, Myanmar and HaitiODI  2013
Save Document Disaster assistance: a guide to recovery programsFEMA, United States of America - gov  2005
Save Document Disaster early warning systems in Antigua and Barbuda: an assessment of disaster early warning systems in Antigua and Barbuda and an action plan for enhancing capabilitiesGIZ, Germany - gov  1997
Save Document Disaster managementGupta, Harsh K.  2007
Save Document Disaster management in Bangladesh: a paper prepared for the fourth session of the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) of the IDNDR, held in New Delhi from 1 to 5 February 1993Bangladesh - gov  1993
Save Document Disaster management in IndiaMHA, India - gov  2011
Save Document Disaster management in India: a status reportMHA, India - gov  2004
Save Document Disaster management policy in Sri LankaDMC, Sri Lanka - gov  2006
Save Document Disaster medicine (3rd ed.)Ciottone, Gregory R.  2006
Save Document Disaster preparedness and mitigation: UNESCO's roleUNESCO  2007
Save Document Disaster reduction and human securityKU GSGES; UNESCO  2005
Save Document Disaster reduction in the Americas: ISDR informs, issue 16, 2009UNISDR AM  2009
Save Document Disaster resilience measurements: stocktaking of ongoing efforts in developing systems for measuring resilienceUNDP  2014
Save Document Disaster resilience starts with the young: mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the school curriculumASEAN  2011
Save Document Disaster response and risk management in the fisheries sectorFAO Headquarters  2007
Save Document Disaster risk financing and insurance in Sub-Saharan Africa: review and options for considerationWB  2012
Save Document Disaster risk in the context of climate change: a national-level assessmentUNDP  2007
Save Document Disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in Europe and Central AsiaGFDRR; WB  2010
Save Document Disaster risk profile of the Republic of SeychellesSeychelles - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in international cooperation: Switzerland's contribution to the protection of lives and livelihoodsSDC, Switzerland - gov  2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: what and why?VOICE  2013
Save Document Disaster safety review, volume 9IBHS  2010
Save Document Disaster through a different lens: behind every effect, there is a causeUNISDR  2011
Save Document Disaster-induced internal displacement in the Philippines: the case of Tropical Storm Washi/SendongIDMC; NRC  2013
Save Document Disasters in Asia and the Pacific: 2014 year in reviewESCAP  2015
Save Document Disasters, resilience, and the ASEAN integrationCo-Action Publishing  2014
Save Document Do caste and social interactions affect risk attitudes and adoption of microinsurance? : evidence from rainfall insurance adoption in Gujarat, IndiaILO  2012
Save Document Documento de país DIPECHO, Honduras 2007ECHO  2007
Save Document Dominican Republic national report prepared for the IDNDR mid-term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan, 23-27 May 1994Dominican Republic - gov  1994
Save Document Downstream voices: wetland solutions to reducing disaster riskWetlands Intl  2014
Save Document Drowning New OrleansFischetti, M.; Aguilera-Hellweg, M.  2001
Save Document Early warning systems: a state of the art analysis and future directionsUNEP  2012

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