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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document A guide to community-based disaster risk reduction in Central AsiaUNISDR ROAS  2006
Save Document A guide to INDCsCDKN; Ricardo-AEA  2015
Save Document A guide to measuring urban risk resilience: principles, tools and practice of urban indicatorsEMI  2015
Save Document A guide to the climate change convention processUNFCCC  2002
Save Document A handbook for measuring the progress and outcomes of integrated coastal and ocean managementDFO, Canada - gov; CMP; IOC  2007
Save Document A holistic approach to climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment: pilot study in ThailandAdaptation Knowledge Platform Secretariat; SEI  2013
Save Document A la découverte des volcans extrêmesGaudru, Henry; Pradal, Évelyne  2013
Save Document A literature review on the topics in the context of thematic area 2 of the work programme on loss and damage: a range of approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate changeUNFCCC  2012
Save Document A local vision of climate adaptation: participatory urban planning in MozambiqueCDKN; FUNAB, Mozambique - gov; ICLEI - Local Gov for Sust; UCL; Univ of Reading; Uni of York  2014
Save Document A matter of development: how to reduce vulnerability in the face of natural disastersECLAC; IDB  2000
Save Document A methodological approach to land use-based flood damage assessment in urban areas: Prague case studyJRC; IES  2006
Save Document A mountain to climbOxfam Intl  2005
Save Document A new climate for peace: taking action on climate and fragility risksAdelphi; EUISS; Intl Alert; Woodrow Wilson Intl Center for Scholars, the  2015
Save Document A new development for satellite technology application to disaster risk reduction in AsiaADRC  2007
Save Document A new global partnership: eradicate poverty and transform economies through sustainable developmentUN  2013
Save Document A new initiative on vulnerability, resilience and adaptationIHDP  2008
Save Document A new vision for community resilienceCARE - NL; Partners for Resilience  2012
Save Document A new water politics: World Water Council strategy 2010-2012WWC  2010
Save Document A non-monetary global measure of the direct impact of natural disastersVictoria University of Wellington  2015
Save Document A philosophy for emergency management and developing its necessary tools and skill base for the new millenniumCDEM, New Zealand - gov  1999
Save Document A post-2015 global goal for water: a water secure world for allFDFA, Switzerland - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov; SWP  2014
Save Document A post-2015 world fit for children: strengthening resilience through disaster risk reductionUNICEF  2014
Save Document A practical guide to advocacy for disaster risk reductionIFRC  2009
Save Document A practical tool for the preparation of a hospital crisis preparedness plan, with special focus on pandemic influenzaDavoli, Enrico  2006
Save Document A preliminary analysis of disaster and poverty data in Quang Binh province, Viet NamUNDP Viet Nam  2012
Save Document A preliminary analysis of flood and storm disaster data in Viet NamUNDP Viet Nam  2011
Save Document A probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment of the Southwest Pacific Nations - Professional opinionGA, Australia - gov  2009
Save Document A proposal to link disaster risk reduction to sustainable development – DR2AD model version 1.0JICA, Japan - gov  2013
Save Document A question of survival: why Australia and New Zealand must heed the Pacific’s calls for stronger action on climate changeOxfam Australia  2015
Save Document A rapid overview of natural disaster risks on islands project partners: available data in early 2013IOC  2012
Save Document A renewed global partnership for developmentUN  2013
Save Document A report of working group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: summary for policymakersIPCC  2007
Save Document A report on the assessment of organizational responses to the December 2006 typhoon disaster: 'lessons learned' workshopNDRRMC, Philippines - gov  2007
Save Document A report on the the Tibetan school shake out drill in IndiaGHI; GHS; LTWA  2009
Save Document A resilient future: UNISDR and IOM statement on zero draft of the outcome document of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) 'The future we want'IOM; UNISDR NY  2012
Save Document A resilient future: UNISDR statement on zero draft of the outcome document of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) 'The future we want'UNISDR NY  2012
Save Document A review of risk perceptions and other factors that influence flood mitigation behaviorSRA  2012
Save Document A review of vulnerability, hazard and disasters in Southern HumlaMission East  2010
Save Document A right to participate: securing children’s role in climate change adaptationCCC  2008
Save Document A ripple in development? Long term perspectives on the response to the Indian Ocean tsunami 2004DARA  2009
Save Document A risk management approach to decision making in the CaribbeanCCCCC  2012
Save Document A rough guide to emerging consensus and divergence in post-2015 goal areasODI  2013
Save Document A Safer tomorrow? Effects of a magnitude 7 earthquake on Aizawl, Mizoram and recommendations to reduce lossesGHI; GHS; Munich Re  2014
Save Document A science plan for integrated research on disaster riskICSU  2008
Save Document A secure and disaster-resilient health sector in the Americas: strategic plan 2008-2012 of the Pan American Health OrganizationPAHO  2007
Save Document A selected annotated bibliography and bibliography on landslides in IndiaNIDM, India - gov  2014
Save Document A snapshot of the economics of climate adaptation study in the CaribbeanCCRIF SPC  2011
Save Document A spatial vulnerability analysis of urban populations during extreme heat events in Australian capital citiesMonash University; NCCARF  2013
Save Document A strategic approach to climate change in the PhilippinesWB  2010
Save Document A strategy of innovative approaches and recommendations to support human life in the next decadeIUCN  2014

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