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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Arabian deserts: nature, origin and evolutionEdgell, H. Stewart  2006
Save Document Aral: the history of dying seaIFAS  2003
Save Document ARC briefing note on the second Africa regional platform for disaster risk reduction consultative meeting, 5-7 May 2009IISD  2009
Save Document ARCADIS Sustainable cities index 2015ARCADIS  2015
Save Document Arctic climate feedbacks: global implicationsWWF  2009
Save Document Area-based development, local institutions and climate adaptation: a comparative analysis from West Africa and Latin AmericaWB  2011
Save Document Aridity: droughts and human developmentMainguet, Monique  1999
Save Document Armenia national report prepared for the IDNDR mid-term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan, 23-27 May 1994Armenia - gov  1994
Save Document Armenian country report 2003Armenia - gov  2003
Save Document Articulación del sector privado en la gestión del riesgo de desastresCCS; UNGRD, Colombia - gov  2015
Save Document AS/NZS 4360:2004: risk managementSAI Global Ltd; AS; NZS  2004
Save Document AS/NZS 5050:2010: business continuity - Managing disruption-related riskSAI Global Ltd; AS; NZS  2010
Save Document ASEAN disaster management reference handbookCFE-DMHA  2015
Save Document Asia Pacific synthesis report: consultations on the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (HFA2)UNISDR AP  2013
Save Document Asia Regional Task Force on Urban Risk ReductionRTF-URR; UNISDR Hyogo  2010
Save Document Asia's response to climate change and natural disastersCSIS  2010
Save Document Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2015: Disasters without borders - Regional resilience for sustainable developmentESCAP  2015
Save Document Asia-Pacific input document for the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (HFA2): risk sensitive development as the cornerstone of resilience and sustainabilityThailand - gov; UNISDR AP  2014
Save Document Asian conference on disaster reduction 2003: summary reportADRC; Cabinet Office, Japan - gov; DRA; UNISDR  2003
Save Document Asian conference on disaster reduction 2007: summary reportADRC; Japan - gov; Kazakhstan - gov; UNDP; UNISDR; WMO  2008
Save Document Asian disaster management news, a newsletter of and for the community of disaster risk management practitioners and development workers, vol. 10 no. 1 October-December 2004: earthquake vulnerability reduction in urban areas of Developing CountriesADPC  2004
Save Document Asian disaster management news, May-August 2007, vol. 13 no. 2: emerging risks and approaches for reducing vulnerabilities of the urban built environmentADPC  2007
Save Document Asian disaster management news, vol. 11 no. 1, January-March 2005: early warning for natural disaster mitigationADPC  2005
Save Document Asian disaster management news, vol. 12 no. 4, October-December 2006: multi-hazard early warning systemsADPC  2006
Save Document Asian disaster management news: flood preparedness planningADPC  2006
Save Document Asian disaster reduction response networkADRRN  2008
Save Document Asian economic integration monitorADB  2014
Save Document Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management (AJEDM) - Focusing on pro-active risk reduction in AsiaShaw, Rajib; Krishnamurthy, Ramasamy R. (eds.)  2010
Save Document Asian trends monitoring bulletin: a storm is brewing - is Asia ready?Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy  2013
Save Document Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program (AUDMP) completion reportADPC  2005
Save Document Asian water development outlook 2013 - measuring water security in Asia and the PacificADB  2013
Save Document ASSAR's spotlight on communicating climate informationACDI  2015
Save Document Assessing and managing climate change risks in supply chainsEnvironment Agency, United Kingdom - gov  2013
Save Document Assessing and managing Natechs (Natural-hazard triggered technological accidents): results of the workshopEC; JRC; IPSC  2008
Save Document Assessing and responding to land tenure issues in disaster risk managementFAO Headquarters; UN-HABITAT  2011
Save Document Assessing city resilience: lessons from using the UNISDR Local Government Self-Assessment Tool in Thailand and VietnamISET; NISTPASS; TEI  2013
Save Document Assessing drought impacts and vulnerabilities for long-term planning and mitigation programsAbraham, Joe  2006
Save Document Assessing post-disaster needs in NigeriaGFDRR; WB  2014
Save Document Assessing post-tsunami housing reconstruction: in Andaman and Nicobar Island: a people's perspectiveRawal, Vivek; Desai, Rajendra; Jadeja, Dharmesh  2006
Save Document Assessing progress on integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in development processesIDS  2010
Save Document Assessing quality and cost benefit: a Philippines case studyIFRC  2009
Save Document Assessing the capacity of national platforms for disaster risk reduction in AfricaUNISDR AF  2012
Save Document Assessing the costs and benefits of adaptation options: an overview of approachesUNFCCC  2011
Save Document Assessing the costs of adaptation to climate change: a critique of the UNFCCC estimatesIIED  2009
Save Document Assessing the costs of climate change and adaptation in South AsiaADB  2014
Save Document Assessing the effectiveness of climate adaptationIIED  2011
Save Document Assessing the financial vulnerability to climate-related natural hazardsWB  2010
Save Document Assessing the impact of Hurricane Katrina on persons with disabilitiesNIDRR, United States of America - gov; KU  2007
Save Document Assessing the role of microfinance in fostering adaptation to climate changeOECD  2010
Save Document Assessing the viability of overland flood insurance: the Canadian residential property marketCo-operators Group Ltd; UW  2013

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