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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Promoting resilience in development programming: World Vision UK’s approachWVI  2013
Save Document Promoting safer housing construction through CBDRM, community-designed safe housing in post-Xangsane Da Nang City: safer cities 19, case studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the PacificADPC  2007
Save Document Promoting sustainable urban development networking in African citiesSida, Sweden - gov; UN-HABITAT  2009
Save Document Promotion of traditional knowledge: a compilation of UNCCD documents and reports from 1997-2003UNCCD  2005
Save Document Property catastrophe risk insuranceGFDRR  2011
Save Document Proposal for an IPCC special report on managing the risk of extreme events to advance climate change adaptationNorway - gov; UNISDR  2008
Save Document Proposal on sustainable development goalsUNCSD  2012
Save Document Proposals for the AWG-LCA Chair’s Assembly document on enhanced action on adaptationUNISDR  2008
Save Document Protected areas protecting people: a tool for disaster risk reduction - natural solutionsIUCN  2013
Save Document Protected areas: buffering nature against climate changeIUCN; WWF  2007
Save Document Protecting and assisting older people in emergencies: network paper, number 53, December 2005HPN  2005
Save Document Protecting arctic biodiversity: strengths and limitations of environmental agreementsUNEP  2010
Save Document Protecting children from sexual exploitation and sexual violence in disaster and emergency situationsECPAT  2006
Save Document Protecting children’s health in a changing environment: report of the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and HealthWHO - Europe  2010
Save Document Protecting development from disasters: UNDP's support to the Hyogo Framework for ActionBCPR-UNDP  2013
Save Document Protecting development gains: 2008-2009 biennial report and 2010-2011 work plan highlightsUNISDR AP  2010
Save Document Protecting development gains: reducing disaster vulnerability and building resilience in Asia and the PacificESCAP; UNISDR AP  2010
Save Document Protecting health from climate change: connecting science, policy and peopleWHO  2009
Save Document Protecting new health facilities from natural disasters: guidelines for the promotion of disaster mitigationGarcía Concheso, Tarina  2003
Save Document Protecting persons affected by natural disasters: IASC operational guidelines on human rights and natural disastersIASC  2006
Save Document Protecting the health of vulnerable people from the humanitarian consequences of climate change and climate related disastersIASC; WHO  2009
Save Document Protecting the poor: a microinsurance compendium - volume IIMunich Re Fndn  2012
Save Document Protecting the public and minimizing health effects from heat: towards the development of a Heat-Health Action Framework for the Prefecture of Hyogo, JapanWKC  2013
Save Document Protecting the working poor: microinsurance innovation facilityILO  2008
Save Document Protection in natural disastersRSC  2010
Save Document ProVention annual report 2007: working in partnership to build safer communities and reduce disaster riskProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Proyecto incrementando la resiliencia ante desastres del sector educativo a través de escuelas más seguras y educación en emergencias en Centro AméricaPlan Intl; UNICEF  2014
Save Document Proyecto PREDECAN: apoyo a la prevención de desastres en la Comunidad Andina - CANCAN; EC  2006
Save Document Psychological first aid: guide for field workersWHO  2011
Save Document Public awareness and public education for disaster risk reduction: a guideIFRC  2011
Save Document Public health consequences of disastersNoji , Eric K.  1997
Save Document Public health impact of disastersShoaf, Kimberley I.; Rottman, Steven J.  2000
Save Document Public health response to extreme weather and climate events, working paper: Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, Budapest, Hungary, 23-25 June 2004WHO  2004
Save Document Public health risk assessment and interventions: earthquake - HaitiWHO  2010
Save Document Public oversight of the security sector: a handbook for civil society organizationsBCPR-UNDP  2008
Save Document Public perception and communication of riskINERIS  2006
Save Document Public private partnership in disaster reduction in a developing country: findings from West Sumatra, IndonesiaIRGSC  2013
Save Document Public response to alerts and warnings on mobile devices: summary of a workshop on current knowledge and research gapsNRC  2011
Save Document Public risk perceptions, understandings, and responses to climate change and natural disasters in AustraliaGriffith Univ; NCCARF  2012
Save Document Public weather services for disaster risk reductionWMO  2010
Save Document Pushed to the limit: evidence of climate change-related loss and damage when people face constraints and limits to adaptationUNU-EHS  2013
Save Document Putting children at the heart of disaster risk reductionAIDMI  2013
Save Document Putting community resilience into practice: initial lessons learnedCARE - NL; CORDAID; Min of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands - gov; NLRC; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre; Wetlands Intl  2013
Save Document Putting resilience at the heart of development: investing in prevention and resilient recoveryJapan - gov; UNDP  2012
Save Document Quantification and magnitude of losses and damages resulting from the impacts of climate change: modelling the transformational impacts and costs of sea level rise in the caribbeanCCCCC; CARICOM; Caribsave Partnership; DFID, United Kingdom - gov; UNDP  2010
Save Document Queensland climate impacts and opportunitiesClimate Commission  2012
Save Document Queensland coastal plan: state planning policy for coastal protection guidelineQueensland Gov, Australia - gov  2011
Save Document Queensland disaster management planning guidelines 2005 for local governmentDES, Australia - gov  2005
Save Document Queensland floods commission of inquiry: final reportQueensland Gov, Australia - gov  2012
Save Document Queensland recovery and reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2010/2011 flood: events and cyclone YasiWB  2011

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