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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document After the storm: recovery, resilience reinforced - Final evaluation of the Cyclone Nargis operation in Myanmar, 2008-2011IFRC  2011
Save Document After the storm: The Philippines copes with catastropheHSBC Global Research  2013
Save Document After the tragedy in the Indian Ocean: a time to remember, reflect and recommit, December 2004 through October 2005CI  2005
Save Document After the tsunami, human rights of vulnerable populationsEWC  2005
Save Document After the tsunami: coastal ecosystem restoration - lessons learntUNEP  2007
Save Document After the tsunami: rapid environmental assessmentUNEP  2005
Save Document After the tsunami: sustainable building guidelines for south-east AsiaUNEP  2007
Save Document Aftershocks: natural disaster risk and economic development policyODI  2005
Save Document Against the tide: climate change and high-risk citiesIIED  2008
Save Document Agency climate change adaptation plan 2012USAID, United States of America - gov  2012
Save Document Agency collaboration for UNCCD implementation, current situation and lessons learned: United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, COP 6, 25 August-5 September 2003, Havana, CubaCGIAR; GM; IFAD; UNCCD; UNDP; WB  2003
Save Document Agricultural development under a changing climate: opportunities and challenges for adaptationWB  2009
Save Document Agricultural water storage in an era of climate change: assessing need and effectiveness in AfricaIWMI  2013
Save Document Agriculture and food systems in sub-Saharan Africa in a 4°C+ worldILRI  2011
Save Document Agua y desarrollo: agenda municipal para la igualdad de género - ChiapasUNDP Mexico  2011
Save Document Agua y desarrollo: agenda municipal para la igualdad de género - VeracruzUNDP Mexico  2011
Save Document Aid investments in disaster risk reduction: rhetoric to actionDI; GHA  2012
Save Document Aid, natural disasters and the samaritan's dilemmaGFDRR; WB  2009
Save Document Ajustement des schémas de gestion de la vulnérabilité actuelle de la sécurité alimentaire au Sahel pour la réduction des coûts d’adaptation aux changements climatiques: aspects théoriques et approches méthodologiquesIAVS  2013
Save Document Albergues en esculeas, ¿cuando?, ¿como?, ¿porque?ECHO; SICA; UNICEF; UNISDR - AM  2008
Save Document Alert and warning frameworks in the context of early warning systems: a comparative reviewUNU-EHS  2013
Save Document Algeria national report prepared for the IDNDR mid-term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan, 23-27 May 1994Algeria - gov  1993
Save Document Aligning regional and global disaster risk reduction agendas: summary of key regional political commitments and disaster risk reduction prioritiesUNISDR  2011
Save Document All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Disaster Management Centre: report on activities and achievements, 1991-1992India - gov  1993
Save Document All risks are local: making district disaster management plan in IndiaAIDMI; CORDAID  2012
Save Document Allianz risk barometer on business risk 2014Allianz  2014
Save Document Alpine floods of August 2005: European Flood Alert System, post-event summary reportJRC; IES  2006
Save Document Alternative financing model for disaster risk reduction in South AfricaACDS; FFC; NWU  2011
Save Document Alternatives for sustained disaster risk reductionInst for Human Geography Inc.  2010
Save Document America’s water risk: water stress and climate variabilityEarth Instit  2013
Save Document Amman disaster risk management master plan: support to building national capacities for earthquake risk reduction in AmmanEMI; UNDP Jordan  2009
Save Document An analysis of the potential of private finance as part of the agreement to mobilize 100 billion USD per year from 2020, for climate changeDCA  2012
Save Document An assessment of damage to Maldivian coral reefs and baitfish populations from the Indian Ocean tsunami: prepared by an Australian government mission and the Maldives Marine Research CentreAusAid, Australia - gov  2005
Save Document An assessment of the response to the 2008-2009 drought in KenyaEU; ILRI  2010
Save Document An early warning system for floodsITHACA   
Save Document An evaluation of India's national action plan on climate changeCDF; IITM  2012
Save Document An exploration of the construction industry’s role in disaster preparedness, response and recoveryRICS; UCL  2006
Save Document An exploration of the link between development, economic growth, and natural riskWB  2012
Save Document An integrated approach to climate change adaptationILEIA  2008
Save Document An introduction to towards a safer world - practical approaches to advance disaster preparednessUSAID, United States of America - gov; WFP  2011
Save Document An open opportunity to reduce disaster impactsUNISDR  2004
Save Document An operational framework for tracking adaptation and measuring development (TAMD)IIED  2013
Save Document An ounce of prevention: preparing for the impact of a changing climate on US humanitarian and disaster responseOxfam America  2011
Save Document An overview of environment and disaster risk reduction in the Arab Region: A community perspectiveRAED; UNISDR ROAS  2011
Save Document An overview of hazard mapping in Cambodia: current state and the way forwardPIN  2013
Save Document An overview of urban flood risk managementUSP  2005
Save Document An uncertain future: law enforcement, national security and climate changeORG  2008
Save Document An update on WFP interventions in disaster preparedness and mitigationWFP  2007
Save Document Análisis educativo: comunicacional sobre gestión del riesgo en la subregión AndinaCAN; EC  2006
Save Document Analyse institutionelle des plates-formes nationales et des organes référants de la réduction des risques de catastrophes, deuxième partie : etude de cas à MadagascarBNGRC, Madagascar - gov; UNDP Madagascar; UNISDR  2008

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