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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document La herida y la venda: desastres naturales y mentalidad colectiva en CanariasGobierno de Canarias, Spain - gov  2003
Save Document La prevención de los desastres en MéxicoCENAPRED, Mexico - gov  1990
Save Document La prévention des risquesMunich Re Fndn  2005
Save Document La réduction des risques de catastrophes (RRC) - Zoom thématiquePIROI  2011
Save Document La réduction des risques et catastrophes dans le plan national pour l’action au développement (PNAD)ASA  2010
Save Document La tempête Xynthia face à l'histoire - submersions et tsunamis sur les littoraux français du Moyen Âge à nos joursGarnier, Emmanuel; Surville, Frédéric  2010
Save Document Labour migration as a response strategy to water hazards in the Hindu Kush-HimalayasICIMOD; Sida, Sweden - gov  2011
Save Document Lake Chad basin - GIWA Regional assessment 43GIWA  2004
Save Document Land and natural disasters: guidance for practitionersUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Land legislation and the possibilities for pastoral risk management and adaptation to climate change: the example of MongoliaFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Land policies, land management and land degradation in the Hindu Kush - HimalayasICIMOD  2000
Save Document Land use, disaster risk and rewards: a community leader’s guideUNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Land use, disaster risk and rewards: a school’s guideUNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Land, environment and climate change: challenges, responses and toolsUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Land: a tool for climate change adaptationUNCCD  2009
Save Document Landslide and debris flow hazard managementBoffa Miskell Ltd  2013
Save Document Landslide early warning in Costa RicaIFRC  2003
Save Document Landslide hazard and riskGlade, Thomas; Anderson, Malcolm; Crozier, Michael J.  2005
Save Document Landslide hazard mitigation in the Hindu Kush-HimalayasICIMOD  2001
Save Document Landslides and landslide hazards in Washington State due tu the February 5-9, 1996 stormUSGS, United States of America - gov  1996
Save Document Landuse planning and urban risk reductionSEEDS  1999
Save Document Lao PDR disaster management reference handbook 2014CFE-DMHA  2014
Save Document Last straw: integrating natural disaster mitigation with environmental managementWB  2002
Save Document Late lessons from early warnings: science, precaution, innovationEEA  2013
Save Document Latin America@Risk: a Global Risk Network briefingWEF  2007
Save Document Latin American forum on disaster risk reduction in higher education / Foro Latinoamericano de reducción del riesgo de desastre en la educación superiorOFDA, United States of America - gov; UNISDR AM  2012
Save Document Latvia national report prepared for the IDNDR mid-term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan, 23-27 May 1994Latvia - gov.  1994
Save Document Law and disaster risk reduction at the community levelIFRC  2011
Save Document Laying the groundwork: towards a safer Asia-PacificUNISDR AP  2012
Save Document Le Comité suisse IDNDRSwitzerland - gov  1993
Save Document Le Portugal et la réduction des catastrophes naturelles: approche/bilan pour la phase finale de la Décennie Internationale de la Prévention des Catastrophes Naturelles (DIPCN)IDNDR  1997
Save Document Le risque en montagne: la prise en compte du risque torrentielMEDDE, France - gov  2011
Save Document Leadership dispatches: Chile's extraordinary comeback from disasterSUP  2015
Save Document Leading in disaster recovery: a companion through the chaosNew Zealand Red Cross  2015
Save Document Learning from disaster recovery: guidance for decision makers (preliminary version for consultation)IRP; UNISDR  2007
Save Document Learning from disaster recovery: guidance for decision makers [executive summary]UNISDR  2006
Save Document Learning from earthquakes: a field report on structural and geotechnical damages sustained during the 26 January 2001 M7.9 Bhuj earthquake in Western IndiaEERI; IITK  2001
Save Document Learning from experience to plan for recoveryBCPR-UNDP; SNGR, Ecuador - gov  2011
Save Document Learning from megadisasters knowledge notesGFDRR; Japan - gov; WB  2012
Save Document Learning from megadisasters: lessons from the Great East Japan EarthquakeWB  2014
Save Document Learning from megadisasters: the Great East Japan EarthquakeGFDRR; WBI; WB  2012
Save Document Learning from present, acting towards future: more effective, responsive and accountableAAB; Media Mix Enterprise  2012
Save Document Learning from recovery after hurricane Mitch: experience from NicaraguaGDR; Nitlapan; ProVention Consortium; SEI  2010
Save Document Learning from the city: British Red Cross urban learning project scoping studyHPN  2012
Save Document Learning lessons from disaster recovery: the case of BangladeshWB  2005
Save Document Learning lessons from disaster recovery: the case of HondurasWB  2004
Save Document Learning lessons: intense climate-related natural disasters in Asia and the PacificADB  2012
Save Document Learning to ADAPT: monitoring and evaluation approaches in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction -- challenges, gaps and ways forwardCA; DFID, United Kingdom - gov; IDS; Plan Intl  2011
Save Document Lebanon disaster guideSDC, Switzerland - gov; UNDP Lebanon; UNISDR ROAS  2011
Save Document Lecciones aprendidas de Clima Latino: encuentro internacional sobre cambio climático en América LatinaCAN  2009

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