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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Managing climate risk: integrating adaptation into World Bank Group operationsWB  2006
Save Document Managing disaster risks for a resilient future: a strategy for the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, 2013 - 2015GFDRR  2013
Save Document Managing disaster risks for world heritageICCROM; ICOMOS - ICORP; IUCN; UNESCO  2010
Save Document Managing drought risk on the ranch: a planning guide for great plains ranchersNDMC; USDA, United States of America - gov; UNL  2012
Save Document Managing dryland resources: an extension manual for Eastern and Southern AfricaIIRR Africa  2002
Save Document Managing famine risk: linking early warning to early actionChatham House  2013
Save Document Managing flash flood risk in the HimalayasICIMOD  2010
Save Document Managing flash floods and sustainable development in the Himalayas: report of an international workshop held in Lhasa, PRC, October 23-28, 2005CMA, China - gov; ICIMOD; WMO  2006
Save Document Managing flood risk in Guyana: the conservancy adaptation project 2008-2013WB  2014
Save Document Managing flood risks in the Hindu Kush HimalayasICIMOD  2013
Save Document Managing hazards in New Zealand: a case study of WellingtonWellington City Council, New Zealand - gov  1996
Save Document Managing mangroves for resilience to climate changeIUCN  2006
Save Document Managing natural hazard risk in New Zealand: towards more resilient communitiesLGNZ, New Zealand - gov  2014
Save Document Managing our coastal zone in a changing climate: the time to act is nowParliament of Australia, Australia - gov  2009
Save Document Managing resources to build back and create a better future for NiasWB  2007
Save Document Managing risk and creating value with microfinanceWB  2010
Save Document Managing risk and reducing vulnerability in humanitarian actionAIDMI  2014
Save Document Managing risk in regulatory frameworksUNECE  2011
Save Document Managing seagrasses for resilience to climate changeSeagrassNet; IUCN; Nature Conservancy; Stockholm Univ; TAU; UNH  2008
Save Document Managing the environment in a changing climateEnvironment Agency, United Kingdom - gov  2010
Save Document Managing the escalating risks of natural catastrophes in the United StatesLloyd's  2011
Save Document Managing the health effects of climate changeLancet; UCL  2014
Save Document Managing the land in a changing climate: adaptation sub-committee progress report 2013CCC  2013
Save Document Managing too much or too little water: integrated drought managmentWMO  2013
Save Document Managing uncertainty: an economic evaluation of community-based adaptation in Dakoro, NigerCI; NEF  2014
Save Document Managing urban disaster risk: analysis and adaptation frameworks for integrated settlement development programming for the urban poorLund University  2007
Save Document Managing water as China warmsACCC  2012
Save Document Managing water for droughtIWR, United States of America - gov  1994
Save Document Managing water under uncertainty and risk: from the United Nations World Water Development Report 4 (WWDR4) - facts and figuresUN-Water; UNESCO  2012
Save Document Managing water under uncertainty and risk: World water development report 4 (WWDR4) - Volume 1UN-Water; UNESCO  2012
Save Document Managing weather risk for agricultural development and disaster risk reductionIFAD; WFP  2011
Save Document Mangrove management and conservation: present and futureVannucci, Marta  2003
Save Document Mangroves and education reduce disaster risk in Viet Nam: case studyIFRC  2007
Save Document Manila declaration for global action on gender in climate change and disaster risk reductionADB; CAPWIP; IUCN; UNIFEM; UNDP; UNEP; UNISDR AP; WEDO  2008
Save Document Manual básico para la estimación del riesgoINDECI, Peru - gov  2006
Save Document Manual de bolsillo campaña ciudades resilientesPREDES; Soluciones Prácticas - Oficina Regl para América Latina; WHH  2012
Save Document Manual de buenas prácticas para la gestión del riesgo de desastres a escala localEC  2008
Save Document Manual de conceptos básicos sobre gestión de riesgos y preparación local ante desastresPROCOMES; ECHO; Oxfam Solidarité  2008
Save Document Manual de evaluación de daños y necesidades en salud para situaciones de desastrePAHO; WHO  2004
Save Document Manual for citizens: crisis management systemUNDP  2009
Save Document Manual for vulnerability reduction in community based projectsUNDP Mexico  2009
Save Document Manual on community approach to flood management in indiaAPFM; GWP; WMO  2005
Save Document Manual on flood preparedness program for provincial and district level authorities in the Lower Mekong Basin countriesADPC; GIZ, Germany - gov; ECHO; MRC  2009
Save Document Manual on guidelines for rehabilitation of coastal forests damaged by natural hazards in the Asia-Pacific regionISME; ITTO  2009
Save Document Manual on hazard resistant construction in India: for reducing vulnerability in buildings built without engineersNCPDP, India - gov; NDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Manual on retrofitting of existing vulnerable school buildings - assessment to retrofittingRCDM ITB; SCI  2009
Save Document Manual on small earth damsFAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document Manual para la reparación y reforzamiento de viviendas de albañilería confinada dañadas por sismos - Tipología de dañosUNDP Peru  2009
Save Document Manual: vulnerabilidad y adaptación al cambio climático para la gestión y planificación localArgentina - gov  2011
Save Document Many strong voices: turning vulnerability into strengthCICERO; UNEP/DEWA/GRID  2010

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