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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Psychological first aid: guide for field workersWHO  2011
Save Document Public awareness and public education for disaster risk reduction: a guideIFRC  2011
Save Document Public health consequences of disastersNoji , Eric K.  1997
Save Document Public health impact of disastersShoaf, Kimberley I.; Rottman, Steven J.  2000
Save Document Public health response to extreme weather and climate events, working paper: Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, Budapest, Hungary, 23-25 June 2004WHO  2004
Save Document Public health risk assessment and interventions: earthquake - HaitiWHO  2010
Save Document Public oversight of the security sector: a handbook for civil society organizationsBCPR-UNDP  2008
Save Document Public perception and communication of riskINERIS  2006
Save Document Public private partnership in disaster reduction in a developing country: findings from West Sumatra, IndonesiaIRGSC  2013
Save Document Public response to alerts and warnings on mobile devices: summary of a workshop on current knowledge and research gapsNRC  2011
Save Document Public risk perceptions, understandings, and responses to climate change and natural disasters in AustraliaGriffith Univ; NCCARF  2012
Save Document Public weather services for disaster risk reductionWMO  2010
Save Document Pushed to the limit: evidence of climate change-related loss and damage when people face constraints and limits to adaptationUNU-EHS  2013
Save Document Putting children at the heart of disaster risk reductionAIDMI  2013
Save Document Putting community resilience into practice: initial lessons learnedCARE - NL; CORDAID; Min of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands - gov; NLRC; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre; Wetlands Intl  2013
Save Document Putting resilience at the heart of development: investing in prevention and resilient recoveryJapan - gov; UNDP  2012
Save Document Quantification and magnitude of losses and damages resulting from the impacts of climate change: modelling the transformational impacts and costs of sea level rise in the caribbeanCCCCC; CARICOM; Caribsave Partnership; DFID, United Kingdom - gov; UNDP  2010
Save Document Queensland climate impacts and opportunitiesClimate Commission  2012
Save Document Queensland coastal plan: state planning policy for coastal protection guidelineQueensland Gov, Australia - gov  2011
Save Document Queensland disaster management planning guidelines 2005 for local governmentDES, Australia - gov  2005
Save Document Queensland floods commission of inquiry: final reportQueensland Gov, Australia - gov  2012
Save Document Queensland recovery and reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2010/2011 flood: events and cyclone YasiWB  2011
Save Document Quick guide for engaging in the advocacy towards a n inclusive post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (HFA 2)CBM Intl  2014
Save Document R!SE: program summaryUNISDR  2014
Save Document R4 Rural Resilience Initiative: partnership for resilient livelihoods in a changing climateOxfam America; WFP  2012
Save Document Radiation in daily-lifeMOFA, Japan - gov  2011
Save Document RADIUS case study in Zigong, ChinaIDNDR  1999
Save Document RADIUS: risk assessment tools for diagnosis of urban areas against seismic disastersIDNDR  1999
Save Document Rainfed farming and disaster risk reductionDHAN Foundation  2011
Save Document Ranking port cities with high exposure and vulnerability to climate extremes: exposure estimatesOECD  2007
Save Document Rapid agricultural disaster assessment routine (RADAR)FAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Rapid assessment of potential impacts of a tsunami: lessons from the Port of Galle in Sri LankaUNISDR; UNU-EHS  2008
Save Document Rapid assessment of the tsunami's impact on livelihoods in affected areas in Sri LankaILO  2005
Save Document Rapid assessment: Thane Cyclone affected villages in CuddaloreSSP  2012
Save Document Rapid disaster risk assessment of coastal communities: a case study of Mutiara village, Banda Aceh, IndonesiaCRC  2006
Save Document Rapid environmental impact assessment: Banda Aceh, SumatraIndonesia - gov  2005
Save Document Rapid risk assessment of acute public health eventsWHO  2012
Save Document Rapid structural and non-structural assessment of school and hospital buildings in SAARC countriesSDMC  2011
Save Document Rapport d'activités du Comité suisse de l'IDNDR après Yokohama 1994Switzerland - gov  1994
Save Document Rapport d'une journée de sensibilisation sur la résilience des villesMunicipality of Tevragh Zeina, Mauritania - gov  2012
Save Document Rapport de fin de mission SIMEX Haiti 2011DPC, Haiti - gov; IASC; UNICEF; UNDP - Haiti; OCHA  2011
Save Document Rapport de la sous région "Afrique Centrale" sur la mise en oeuvre de la Convention des Nations Unies sur la lutte contre la désertificationCOMIFAC; ECCAS  2005
Save Document Rapport d’activité du Secrétariat général de l’UMA sur la mise en oeuvre de la Convention des Nations Unies sur la lutte contre la désertificationAMU  2004
Save Document Rapport d’enquête sur les paramètres socioéconomiques dans les communes de Petit Goâve, Grand Goâve et Jacmel, HaïtiWHH  2012
Save Document Rapport final d'enquête sur les connaissances, attitudes et pratiques : phase 1WHH  2012
Save Document Rapport final d'enquête sur les connaissances, attitudes et pratiques: phase 1 - novembre 2011 à février 2012ASB; ECHO  2012
Save Document Rapport final d’enquête sur les connaissances, attitudes et pratiques: phase 2WHH  2012
Save Document Rapport final d’évaluation technique des menaces naturelles de la commune de Croix-des-Bouquets (Haïti): guide méthodologiqueOxfam GB  2014
Save Document Rapport IRSN - Evaluations complémentaires de sûreté post-Fukushima: comportement des installations nucléaires françaises en cas de situations extrêmes et pertinence des propositions d’améliorationsIRSN, France - gov  2011
Save Document Rapport national sur les activités de la France en matière de lutte contre la désertification dans la région africaine - 2003Bied-Charreton, Marc; Requier-Desjardins, Mélanie  2004

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