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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Reducing the vulnerability of Uzbekistan's agricultural systems to climate change: impact assessment and adaptation optionsWB  2013
Save Document Reducing urban risk in Asia: status report and inventory of initiativesRTF-URR; KU GSGES; SEEDS; UNISDR Hyogo  2009
Save Document Reducing vulnerability and exposure to disasters: Asia-Pacific disaster report 2012ESCAP; UNISDR AP  2012
Save Document Reducing vulnerability of school children to earthquakesUNCRD  2009
Save Document Reducing vulnerability to natural hazards: for sustainable poverty reductionGFDRR; UNISDR; WB  2007
Save Document Reducing vulnerability, enhancing resilience: the importance of adaptation technologies for the post-2012 climate agreementCaritas Internationalis; CIDSE  2009
Save Document Reducing West Africa’s vulnerability to climate impacts on water resources, wetlands and desertification: elements for regional strategy for preparedness and adaptationIUCN  2004
Save Document Réduction des risques de catastrophes naturelles en Afrique de l'Ouest et en Afrique Centrale: perspectives localesENDA; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Reduction of earthquake losses in the extended Mediterranean region (RELEMR): seismicity and earthquake engineering in the extended Mediterranean regionUNESCO  2010
Save Document Reduction of wind and swell waves by mangrovesNature Conservancy; Univ of Cambridge; Wetlands Intl  2012
Save Document Reflection on the current debate on how to link flood insurance and disaster risk reduction in the European UnionGrantham Inst for Climate Change; LSE; Univ of Leeds  2014
Save Document Reflections: disaster recovery from the heart - Stories of disaster recovery, solidarity and survivalACCU; UNESCO BKK  2012
Save Document Región Andina PREANDINO: iniciativa orientada a la reducción de riesgos de desastres en los procesos de desarrolloCAF  2007
Save Document Regional analysis of socio-economic impacts of the December 2004 earthquake and Indian Ocean TsunamiRego, Aloysius  2006
Save Document Regional analysis on disaster risk reduction (DRR) education in the Asia Pacific regionUNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Regional association IV (North America, Central America and the Caribbean) hurricane operational plan: 2007 editionWMO  2007
Save Document Regional bulletin highlighting UN-HABITAT activity in central, eastern and south-eastern EuropeUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Regional climate change and adaptation: the Alps facing the challenge of changing water resourcesEEA  2009
Save Document Regional collection of good practices in achieving Millennium Development Goals through Education for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific RegionUNESCO  2009
Save Document Regional compendium: regional outcomes and priorities for disaster risk reduction 2012–2013UNISDR  2013
Save Document Regional Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) strategy and programming framework 2014-2024 (draft)CDEMA  2014
Save Document Regional implications of the AGF recommendations: Asia – special issueCDKN  2010
Save Document Regional implications of the AGF recommendations: Latin America and Caribbean region – special issueCDKN  2010
Save Document Regional implications of the AGF recommendations: Small Island Developing States – special IssueFankhauser, Sam; Ward, John  2010
Save Document Regional issues in disaster risk reduction, including those related to climate change adaptation, and policies related to mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into socio‐economic development planningESCAP  2013
Save Document Regional master plan for the prevention and control of dust and sandstorms in Northeast AsiaADB; UNCCD; ESCAP; UNEP  2005
Save Document Regional organisations and humanitarian actionODI  2013
Save Document Regional programme for risk management in Central America: ideas and notions relating to concept and practiceCEPREDENAC; UNDP Panama  2003
Save Document Regional progress and strategies towards building the information society in Asia and the PacificESCAP  2010
Save Document Regional report of the 2002 world disaster reduction campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean: disaster reduction for sustainable mountain developmentUNISDR AM  2002
Save Document Regional strategic framework for rehabilitation of fisheries and aquaculture in tsunami affected countries in AsiaFAO Headquarters  2005
Save Document Regional synthesis report on HFA implementation in Asia and Pacific: an overview of reports by countries up to 2007ADPC; ADRC; UNISDR AP  2007
Save Document Regional synthesis report on implementation of the HFA in Asia and Pacific 2007-2008/09UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Regional training manual on disaster risk reduction for coastal zone managersADPC  2009
Save Document Regional workshop on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in urban settings: from theory to practiceAFB; COPECO, Honduras - gov; EC; Switzerland - gov; UNDP Honduras  2011
Save Document Regional workshop on lessons learned and best practices in the response to the Indian Ocean tsunamiUN  2005
Save Document Regional workshop on urban risk reduction in Arab States, Damascus, Syria, November 2009: consolidated workshop proceedings reportMin of Local Admin and Environ, Syrian Arab Rep - Gov; UNDP Syria; UNISDR ROAS; WB  2009
Save Document Regional workshop: one year later - the rehabilitation of fisheries and aquaculture in coastal communities of tsunami affected countries in AsiaFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Regions at risk : comparisons of threatened environmentsKasperson, Jeanne X.; Kasperson, Roger E.; TurnerII, B.L.  1995
Save Document REGLAP policy baselineREGLAP  2010
Save Document Regulating disasters, climate change and environmental harmFaure, Michael; Wibisana, Andri (eds.)  2013
Save Document Relationship between natural disasters and poverty: A Fiji case studySPC/SOPAC; UNISDR Pacific  2009
Save Document Relationships matter: the application of social capital to disaster resilienceAustralian Red Cross  2013
Save Document Remittances and natural disasters: ex-post response and contribution to ex-ante preparednessWB  2009
Save Document Renewing hope, rebuilding lives: partnership between the United Nations and the European Commission in post-crisis recoveryUN; UNRIC  2009
Save Document Report by the Chairman of the Czech National IDNDR CommitteeCzech Republic - gov  1999
Save Document Report by the Director-General on the follow-up to decisions and resolutions adopted by the Executive Board and the General Conference at their previous sessionsUNESCO  2010
Save Document Report by the Director-General on UNESCO's post-earthquake response in HaitiUNESCO  2010
Save Document Report from the field: Shimla City, IndiaGHI   
Save Document Report of the 38th session of FAO desert locust control committeeFAO Headquarters  2006

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