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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Good practice examples for disaster risk reduction in Cuban agricultureFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Growth aftermath of natural disasters, theWB  2009
Save Document Do we need a zero pure time preference or the risk of climate catastrophes to justify a 2C global warming target ?WB  2010
Save Document Building local capacities for disaster response and risk reductionBEDROC; Oxfam Intl  2010
Save Document Adaptation of community and households to climate–related disasterEEPSEA  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation strategies: water resources management options for smallholder farming systems in Sub-Saharan AfricaEarth Inst; MDG Centre, East and Southern Africa (The); Rockefeller Fndn  2009
Save Document Asia's response to climate change and natural disastersCSIS  2010
Save Document UNDP Nepal annual report 2009UNDP Nepal  2010
Save Document An assessment of the response to the 2008-2009 drought in KenyaEU; ILRI  2010
Save Document Development and climate change: stepping up support to developing countriesWB  2010
Save Document SAARC workshop on landslide risk management in South AsiaSDMC  2010
Save Document Urban risk management in South AsiaSDMC  2010
Save Document Water for sustainable urban human settlementsUN-Water; UNESCO; UN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document ISDR secretariat biennial workplan: 2008-2009 final reportUNISDR  2010
Save Document Africa Adaptation Programme: voices from the groundMOFA, Japan - gov; UNDP  2010
Save Document USA: A national report card on protecting children during disastersSCI  2010
Save Document Evaluation of DFID-UNICEF programme of cooperation: investing in humanitarian action, phase III, 2006-2009UNICEF  2010
Save Document Impact evaluation and interventions to address climate change: a scoping study3ie  2009
Save Document Disaster safety review, volume 9IBHS  2010
Save Document UNEP disasters and conflictsPCDMB  2010
Save Document IFRC strategy 2020: saving lives, changing mindsIFRC  2010
Save Document Climate change vulnerability of mountain ecosystems in the Eastern HimalayasICIMOD; MacArthur Fndn  2010
Save Document Child rights perspective in response to national disasters in South Asia: a retrospective studySCI  2006
Save Document Climate change and its implications: which way now?Commonwealth Sec  2007
Save Document Guidelines for hospital emergency preparedness planningUNDP India  2008
Save Document Economic evaluation of climate change adaptation projects: approaches for the agricultural sector and beyondWB  2010
Save Document Flood early warning informationEthiopia - gov  2010
Save Document Evaluation of the World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)Universalia  2010
Save Document From impacts to adaptation: Canada in a changing climate 2007Natural Res Canada, Canada - gov  2007
Save Document The costs to developing countries of adapting to climate change: new methods and estimatesDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Netherlands - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov; WB  2010
Save Document Risk governance deficits: analysis, illustration and recommendationsIRGC  2010
Save Document Xynthia: une culture du risque pour éviter de nouveaux dramesFrance - gov  2010
Save Document Protection in natural disastersRSC  2010
Save Document Trends in sustainable development: Small Island Developing StatesUN DESA  2010
Save Document Focused action: priorities for addressing climate change in Asia and the PacificADB  2010
Save Document Climate change and international migrationGMF  2010
Save Document Overcoming social barriers to adaptationODI  2010
Save Document Assessment of the tsunami alert on 27/28 February 2010 in Eastern Samar and LeyteGIZ, Germany - gov  2010
Save Document Ringkasan hasil studi Tim Revisi Peta Gempa Indonesia 2010AIFDR; Indonesia - gov; BNPB, Indonesia - gov  2010
Save Document Corps hurricane response: the Corps is prepared...are you?USACE MVD, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Yellow alert: taking action to prevent disastersOxfam America  2010
Save Document Geoinformation for disaster and risk management: examples and best practicesJB GIS; UNOOSA  2010
Save Document World atlas of mangrovesSpalding, M; Kainuma, M; Collins, L  2010
Save Document Managing disaster risks for world heritageICCROM; ICOMOS - ICORP; IUCN; UNESCO  2010
Save Document The architecture of green economic policiesRao, PK  2010
Save Document The Millennium Development Goals report 2010UN; UN DESA  2010
Save Document Does disaster insurance have a role in climate adaptation?CA  2010
Save Document Implications of the Gulf oil spill for the upcoming hurricane seasonAIR Worldwide  2010
Save Document Hazard profile of MyanmarADPC; Myanmar - gov  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and social protectionOECD  2009

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