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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Environmental management and mitigation of natural disasters: a gender perspectiveUN  2002
Save Document Earthquake resistant design of structuresAgarwal, Pankaj; Shrikhande, Manish  2006
Save Document Community Disaster Resilience Fund (CDRF) pilot reportNADRR; SSP  2009
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and the post-2012 frameworkTearfund  2008
Save Document Climate change, human vulnerability, and social risk managementWB  2008
Save Document Climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and social protection: complementary roles in agriculture and rural growth?IDS  2008
Save Document Accountability and non-discrimination in flood risk management, investigating the potential of a rights-based approach: Honduras case studyCA; ODI  2008
Save Document Braving insecurity may be a reflection of coping and resilience but is no way to live: a call to strengthen vulnerability reduction and capacity building strategies for DRR in AsiaDRR/M Circle  2009
Save Document In the midst of climate change and climate-related disaster risks: raising policy questionsCA; DFID, United Kingdom - gov; DRR/M Circle  2008
Save Document The role of government, donors, civil society and the private sector in climate change adaptation in Malawi: scoping studyCA  2008
Save Document Community based disaster risk reduction regional consultative meeting, West Asia, Middle East and North Africa region: summary and proceeding reportIFRC; UNISDR ROAS  2008
Save Document Climate change and the millennium development goalsEndPoverty 2015   
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in developmentSDMC  2008
Save Document Options for decision makersFAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction, concepts and measuresADPC; IUCN; UNEP; UNISDR AP  2008
Save Document Action plan for implementing ADB’s disaster and emergency assistance policyADB  2008
Save Document Emerging climate change-related global disaster risk management initiativesGFDRR; UNISDR; WB  2008
Save Document Report on Wilton Park Conference WP940: responding to flooding, improving the preparation and response, 26–29 January 2009Wilton Park Conferences, United Kingdom - gov  2009
Save Document Twinning of national platforms: a European perspective, concept noteCOE; EUR-OPA; UNISDR EUR  2008
Save Document Workshop report: Middle East and North Africa regional inter-agency workshop on disaster risk assessment, Cairo, Egypt, 11-12 March 2008UNISDR ROAS; WB; Yemen - gov  2008
Save Document Estimating the recurrence interval and behavior of tsunamis in the Indian Ocean via a survey of tsunami-related sedimentationEC; NIED; UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Indigenous knowledge: disaster risk reduction, policy noteEU; SEEDS; UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document A report on the the Tibetan school shake out drill in IndiaGHI; GHS; LTWA  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: policy paperProAct  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction: a tool for development organisationsTearfund  2005
Save Document Preparing for flood disaster: mapping and assessing hazard in the Ratu watershed, NepalICIMOD  2007
Save Document Elementos conceptuales para la prevención y reducción de daños originados por amenazas socionaturalesGIZ, Germany - gov; ECLAC  2005
Save Document Diagnóstico de la situación subregional andina sobre la prevención y respuesta a emergencias por productos químicos peligrosos y materiales radioactivosCAPRADE; EC  2008
Save Document Plan subregional Andino para la prevención y respuesta a emergencias por productos químicos peligrosos y materiales radiactivosCAPRADE; EC  2008
Save Document Environment and development decision making in Africa 2006-2008IISD; Kenya - gov; CBD; UNEP  2008
Save Document Rebuilding lives after cyclone Sidr: six months onSCI  2008
Save Document Community based early warning system and evacuation: planning, development and testingADPC  2008
Save Document Policy position paper on adaptationCI  2008
Save Document IDB: country strategy with Nicaragua 2008-2012IDB  2008
Save Document ISDR secretariat biennial workplan: 2006-2007UNISDR  2006
Save Document An open opportunity to reduce disaster impactsUNISDR  2004
Save Document Tsunami, lessons learnt from Japanese story: inamura no hiADRC  2005
Save Document Human development report 2006: beyond scarcity - power, poverty and the global water crisisUNDP  2006
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and the International FederationIFRC  2006
Save Document THORPEX: a world weather research programmeWMO  2005
Save Document Minimum standards for education in emergencies, chronic crises and early reconstructionINEE  2004
Save Document Wondering role of grocery shopkeepers on awareness buildingConcern Universal; DAM  2008
Save Document Health and disaster risk reductionMERLIN  2009
Save Document Total disaster risk management: good practices 2007 supplementADRC  2007
Save Document Total disaster risk management: good practices 2006 supplementADRC  2006
Save Document Natural disasters data book 2006: an analytical overviewADRC  2007
Save Document Natural disasters data book 2005: an analytical overviewADRC  2006
Save Document Total disaster risk management: good practices 2005ADRC  2005
Save Document Sustainable human settlements development in Latin America and the CaribbeanECLAC  2005
Save Document Comprehensive disaster management (CDM) strategy and programme framework 2007-2012CDEMA  2006

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