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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document ISO/FDIS 13824:2009: bases for design of structures - general principles on risk assessment of systems involving structuresISO  2009
Save Document For easy sleep along the shore: making hazard warnings more effectiveIDRC  2008
Save Document Evaluating ex post predictions of yield risk reduction due to index-based crop insuranceEAAE  2008
Save Document Preparedness for wind-related hazards in HaitiIAWE; IG-WRDRR  2010
Save Document WWF position paper: Subsidary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-14)WWF  2010
Save Document ProAct annual review 2009ProAct  2010
Save Document The impact of climate change on pastoral societies of SomalilandCandle Light for Health, Education and Environ  2009
Save Document Development co-operation report 2010OECD  2010
Save Document Livestock and climate changeIFAD  2009
Save Document Population and climate changePAI  2010
Save Document Report of the Secretary-General A/64/665: Keeping the promise - a forward-looking review to promote an agreed action agenda to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015UN  2010
Save Document World report on child injury preventionUNICEF; WHO  2008
Save Document Climate change implications for food security and natural resources management in AfricaFAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document Evaluation: natural disasters and climate change in Finnish aid from the perspective of poverty reductionFORMIN, Finland - gov  2009
Save Document Thematic CAP for national disaster preparedness: feasibility studyHumanitarian Outcomes  2010
Save Document The role of parliaments in strengthening the solidarity of the international community towards the people of Haiti and Chile in the wake of devastating major disasters...IPU  2010
Save Document ADB climate change programs: strengthening mitigation and adaptation in Asia and the PacificADB  2009
Save Document Droughts and floods in Malawi: assessing the economywide effectsIFPRI  2010
Save Document Risk management of natural hazards in SwitzerlandFOEN, Switzerland - gov; PLANAT, Switzerland - gov  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation: enabling people living in poverty to adaptOxfam GB  2010
Save Document Accessing resources from the adaptation fund: the handbookUNFCCC  2009
Save Document Adaptation fundUNFCCC  2009
Save Document Copenhague: face à l’immobilisme politique, l’élan citoyen ?Coordination SUD  2010
Save Document How to integrate climate change adaptation into national-level policy and planning in the water sectorTearfund  2010
Save Document Climate change indicators in the United StatesEPA, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Integrating the green and brown agendas in a climate change contextUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Vulnerability of Bangladesh to cyclones in a changing climate: potential damages and adaptation costWB  2010
Save Document Climate change and Arctic sustainable developmentUNESCO  2009
Save Document Climate frontlines: an online forum to strengthen the voices of vulnerable communities in global climate change debatesUNESCO  2009
Save Document Cambio climático en América LatinaEC  2009
Save Document Disaster reduction in Africa: ISDR Informs 2009 issueUNISDR AF  2010
Save Document Climate change policy in the European Union: confronting the dilemmas of mitigation and adaptation?Jordan, Andrew; Huitema, Dave; Asselt, Harro van; Rayner, Tim; Berkhout, Frans  2010
Save Document Environmental emergencies: learning from multilateral response to disastersUNEP; OCHA  2010
Save Document Vulnerable countries and people: how disaster risk reduction and insurance can help manage the risks of climate changeMCII; UNU-EHS  2009
Save Document Dynamic sustainabilities: technology, environment, social justiceIDS  2010
Save Document La economía del cambio climático en América Latina y el Caribe: algunos hechos estilizadosECLAC  2010
Save Document Synthesis report on efforts undertaken to monitor and evaluate the implementation of adaptation projects, policies and programmes...UNFCCC  2010
Save Document Facts for lifeUNICEF; UNDP; UNESCO; UNFPA; UNAIDS; WB; WFP; WHO  2010
Save Document National human development report in the Russian Federation 2009: energy sector and sustainable developmentUNDP  2010
Save Document Disaster prevention, preparedness and management and linkages with climate change adaptationBASIC project  2007
Save Document The New Orleans hurricane protection system: assessing pre-Katrina vulnerability and improving mitigation and preparednessNAE; NRC  2009
Save Document The rain doesn’t come on time anymore: poverty, vulnerability, and climate variability in EthiopiaOxfam Intl  2010
Save Document Rebuilding Haiti: a new approach to international cooperationUNCTAD  2010
Save Document Dealing with natural disasters: a matter of cooperationMSB, Sweden - gov  2010
Save Document The little green data book 2009WB  2009
Save Document Competitive cities and climate changeOECD  2010
Save Document Haitians talk about rebuilding the country after the January 12, 2010 earthquakeOxfam Intl  2010
Save Document Ministerial declaration: Conference of ministers responsible for meteorology in AfricaAU; WMO  2010
Save Document São Paulo: a tale of two citiesUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document World Habitat Day 2010: better city, better lifeUN-HABITAT  2010

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