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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Strengthening decision making for tsunami early warning in the Pacific islandsPDC  2006
Save Document Climate change and povertyPractical Action  2006
Save Document The Manila call for action of Parliamentarians on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptationGLOBE Europe; Senate of the Philippines, Philippines - gov; UNISDR  2008
Save Document Water safety plan manual: step-by-step risk management for drinking-water suppliersGIWA; WHO  2009
Save Document A framework for community safety and resilience - in the face of disaster riskIFRC  2008
Save Document Climate change and disaster managementFAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Community based adaptation in action: a case study from BangladeshFAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Green jobs: improving the climate for gender equality too!ILO  2008
Save Document Rapid agricultural disaster assessment routine (RADAR)FAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Climate change adaptation and mitigation in the food and agriculture sectorFAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Reducing risk through environment in recovery operations: an initial review of the statusUNEP; UNISDR  2009
Save Document Risk factors for mortality and injury: post-tsunami epidemiological findings from Tamil NaduCRED; UNISDR; UCL  2006
Save Document Natural and human-induced environmental hazardsICSU  2005
Save Document Don’t be scared, be prepared: how disaster preparedness can save lives and moneyCA  2005
Save Document Developing a curriculum for a ladderized master in disaster risk management program: case of the Camarines Sur States agricultural college, Bicol, PhilipppinesCDP  2006
Save Document Enhancing the capacity and role of NGO networks in disasters: workshop proceedingsADRRN  2006
Save Document Assessment of disaster risk management (DRM): guidelines and toolsICLEI - Local Gov for Sust  2007
Save Document Volunteers and disaster reductionUNV  2005
Save Document From disaster response to prevention: companion paper to the disaster risk management policyIDB  2007
Save Document IDB disaster risk management: annual report 2006IDB  2007
Save Document Expert meeting on disaster warning and response systems in Small Island Developing States regionsCommonwealth Sec  2005
Save Document Lessons learned? Disasters, rapid change and globalizationICRC  2007
Save Document APT-ITU Meeting on role of ICT for disaster reductionITU  2005
Save Document Tsunami simulation exercise, Sri Lanka 2009: Faizal Nagar GN under the Kinniya Division, TrincomaleeADPC  2009
Save Document International day for disaster reduction 2008UNISDR  2008
Save Document Building a global network of NGOs for community resilience to disastersUNISDR  2007
Save Document Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015: Building the resilience of nations and communities to disasters - summaryUNISDR  2005
Save Document Linking climate change adaptation and disaster risk management for sustainable poverty reductionEU  2006
Save Document Adaptation to climate change: key termsIEA; OECD  2006
Save Document VOICE comments and recommendations to the EC communication: towards a European consensus on humanitarian aidVOICE  2007
Save Document Earthquake engineeringCUREE  2006
Save Document Including earthquake risk perception in risk reduction modelingCUREE  2003
Save Document VOICE policy recommendations: disaster risk reduction in EU humanitarian and development aid policyVOICE  2007
Save Document Tsunami one year after: NGO aid intervention and future challengesCONCORD; VOICE  2005
Save Document Participatory assessment of disaster risk (PADR)BOND; Tearfund  2005
Save Document Migration, development and natural disasters: insights from the Indian Ocean tsunamiIOM  2007
Save Document Practical guidelines for all emergenciesICDO   
Save Document Disaster diplomacy in AcehHPN  2007
Save Document Global earth observation system of systems GEOSS: 10-Year implementation plan reference documentGEO  2005
Save Document Building a local government alliance for disaster risk reductionUNISDR  2008
Save Document ISDR frontline: in contact with our national focal pointsUNISDR - AM  2007
Save Document GEOSS 10-Year implementation planGEO  2005
Save Document Reviewing progress in HFA implementationUNISDR  2007
Save Document UNOPS and the environmentUNOPS   
Save Document Towards a culture of prevention: disaster risk reduction begins at school, good practices and lessons learnedUNISDR  2007
Save Document Disaster risk reduction begins at school: 2006-2007 World Disaster Reduction campaignUNISDR  2006
Save Document Global forum on effective use of telecommunications/ICT for disaster management: saving livesITU  2007
Save Document Compendium of ITU'S work on emergency telecommunicationsITU  2007
Save Document Handbook on emergency telecommunicationsITU  2005
Save Document ITU framework for cooperation in emergenciesITU  2007

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