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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Haiti earthquake reconstruction: knowledge notes from DRM Global Expert Team for the government of HaitiGFDRR; Haiti - gov; WB  2010
Save Document Disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in Europe and Central AsiaGFDRR; WB  2010
Save Document Preparing to manage natural hazards and climate change risks in Dakar, SenegalIAGU; GeoVille Group; WB  2009
Save Document Mitigate and assess risk from volcanic impact on terrain and human activities (MIA-VITA): newsletter n.1BRGM, France - gov  2010
Save Document Implementation plan for the global observing system for climate in support of the UNFCCC (2010 update) - Executive summaryIOC; UNFCCC; WMO  2010
Save Document UNESCO's contribution to the Mauritius Strategy for the further implementation of the programme of action for the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)UNESCO  2010
Save Document Sandwatch: adapting to climate change and educating for sustainable developmentUNESCO  2010
Save Document Cambio climático en un paisaje vivo: vulnerabilidad y adapatación en la Cordillera Real Oriental, Colombia, Ecuador y PerúWWF  2010
Save Document Adaptation of forests to climate changeWB  2010
Save Document World disasters report 2010 - focus on urban riskIFRC  2010
Save Document Sea-level rise and variability: a summary for policy makersIOC; UNESCO  2010
Save Document The economics of adaptation to climate change: a synthesis reportDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Min of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov; WB  2010
Save Document GREEN economy: a brief for policymakers on the green economy and Millennium Development GoalsUNEP  2010
Save Document Weathering climate change: insurance solutions for more resilient communitiesSwiss Re  2010
Save Document Combating climate change through quality educationBrookings Inst, the  2010
Save Document Views from the frontline - Country report: IndonesiaYEU  2010
Save Document Towards an ethical framework for climate change policies: interim reportUNESCO  2010
Save Document Evidence and policy lessons on the links between disaster risk and poverty in Latin AmericaUNDP - Regional Cent  2009
Save Document The global partnership for development at a critical junctureUN  2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: from inevitability to overcoming abilityCRF  2009
Save Document How well prepared is the UK for climate change?CCC  2010
Save Document Generic guidelines for mainstreaming drylands issues into national development frameworksUNDP DDC  2008
Save Document Accelerating progress on the MDGs country priorities for improving performanceIDS  2010
Save Document Mercy Corps strategic roadmapMercy Corps  2010
Save Document Five-year review of the Mauritius strategy for the further implementation of the programme of action for the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States - Report of the Secretary-GeneralUN  2010
Save Document Why disaster risk reduction? A case for the agriculture sectorPCI; USAID, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Moving forward: Southeast Asian perspectives on climate change and biodiversitySEARCA  2010
Save Document Mid-year review of the UNISDR biennial work programme 2010-2011UNISDR  2010
Save Document Global insurance industry statement on adapting to climate change in developing countriesGeneva Association; MCII; UNEP  2010
Save Document Exploring disaster risk reduction in the built environmentSOBE  2010
Save Document Depois que a chuva não veio: respostas sociais às secas no Nordeste, na Amazônia e no Sul do BrasilCIFAS; FUNCEME, Brazil - gov  2010
Save Document Demographie et risque volcanique - introductionSVE  2008
Save Document IOC Group of Experts on the Global Sea level Observing System (GLOSS), eleventh session, Paris, France, 13-15 May 2009IOC  2010
Save Document Understanding disaster management in practice: with reference to NepalPractical Action  2010
Save Document UNEP in 2010-2013UNEP  2010
Save Document The community water initiative: fostering water security and climate change mitigation and adaptationGEF; UNDP  2010
Save Document India city profile: climate and disaster resilienceCA; NIDM, India - gov; SEEDS  2010
Save Document Early warning practices can save lives: selected examplesUNISDR PPEW  2010
Save Document Water in a changing world: World water development report 3 (WWDR3)UN-Water; UNESCO  2010
Save Document Climate change assessment for Sorsogon, Philippines: a summaryUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Dam safety and earthquakesICOLD  2010
Save Document Insuring for sustainability: why and how the leaders are doing itUNEP  2007
Save Document Responding to a changing climate: Exploring how disaster risk reduction, social protection and livelihoods approaches promote features of adaptive capacityODI  2010
Save Document Mapping the resilience of international river basins to future climate change-induced water variabilityWB  2010
Save Document Sustaining water for all in a changing climateWB  2010
Save Document Integrating environmental safeguards into flood relief, response and recoveryIUCN  2010
Save Document IWRM guidelines at river basin level: part 2-4, the guidelines for managing environmental sustainabilityUNESCO  2010
Save Document ILO's role in conflict and disaster settingsILO  2010
Save Document Core commitments for children in humanitarian actionUNICEF  2010
Save Document Financing adaptation or funding chaos? Adaptation, finance and Philippine climate policyiCSC; Oxfam Intl  2010

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