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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document The SAFRR (Science Application for Risk Reduction) tsunami scenario: executive summary and introductionCGS, United States of America - gov; USGS, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Report of the 4th Africa regional platform on disaster risk reduction: protect development gains and build resilience of African nationsUNISDR AF  2013
Save Document Unaccounted for: a national report card on protecting children in disasterSCI  2013
Save Document Disaster preparedness for people with disabilitiesARC  2001
Save Document Disaster preparedness and the deaf communityARC; RIT  2005
Save Document Managing too much or too little water: integrated drought managmentWMO  2013
Save Document Working with nature: towards integrated approaches to disaster risk reductionCARE - NL; CORDAID; NLRC; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre; Wetlands Intl  2013
Save Document Disability and disasters: the importance of an inclusive approach to vulnerability and social capitalSightsavers  2012
Save Document A renewed global partnership for developmentUN  2013
Save Document America’s water risk: water stress and climate variabilityEarth Instit  2013
Save Document The demography of adaptation to climate changeColegio de México, A.C.; IIED; UNFPA  2013
Save Document Tried and tested: learning from farmers on adaptation to climate changeIIED  2013
Save Document The collective conscience for resilient urban settlementIslamic Relief Worldwide  2012
Save Document Incheon strategy to 'make the right real' for persons with disabilities in Asia and the PacificESCAP  2012
Save Document Risk reduction initiatives by the communities: best practicesIslamic Relief Worldwide  2012
Save Document UP researches on disaster risk reduction and management 2008-2011UP  2012
Save Document Disaster risk reduction management in the drylands in the Horn of AfricaCGIAR; FAO Headquarters  2013
Save Document Communicating with people with disability: national guidelines for emergency managersAEMI, Australia - gov  2013
Save Document Putting community resilience into practice: initial lessons learnedCARE - NL; CORDAID; Min of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands - gov; NLRC; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre; Wetlands Intl  2013
Save Document Weathering the storm: building business resilience to climate changeC2ES  2013
Save Document Validation of NOAA CPC_RFE2.0 satellite-based rainfall estimates in the central himalayasICIMOD  2013
Save Document From disaster to renewal: the centrality of business recovery to community resilienceRAI  2013
Save Document 2012 CoreLogic wildfire hazard report: residential wildfire exposure estimates for the Western United StatesCoreLogic  2013
Save Document Territorial dynamics in Europe: natural hazards and climate change in European regionsESPON  2013
Save Document Climate change adaptation in the primary health and community welfare sector of Victoria: a literature review and analysis of institutional context and organisational needs for adaptation.Monash University; RMIT; VCCCAR  2013
Save Document The Kutch earthquake 2001: recollections, lessons and insightsNIDM, India - gov  2012
Save Document Climate change and extreme weather events in Latin America: an exposure indexIDB  2013
Save Document The private sector and climate change adaptationBretton Woods Project; CAFOD  2013
Save Document Towards HFA 2: emerging insights from the grassrootsAIDMI  2013
Save Document Adapting to extreme weather under climate change in Norwegian municipalitiesCIENS  2011
Save Document The cost of adapting to climate change in Ethiopia: sector-wise and macro-economic estimatesEDRI; IFPRI  2013
Save Document Disaster risk management in Asia and the Pacific: issues paperADB; ADBI  2013
Save Document Community based adaptation to climate change: the Arabana, South AustraliaNCCARF; Univ of Adelaide, the  2013
Save Document The state of adaptation in the United StatesEcoAdapt  2013
Save Document A comparative review of country-level and regional disaster loss and damage databasesBCPR-UNDP  2013
Save Document Warming of the oceans and implications for the (re)insurance industryGeneva Association  2013
Save Document Rethinking disaster risk management and climate change adaptationGriffith Univ; NCCARF  2013
Save Document Increasing resilience to climate change in the agricultural sector in the Middle East: the cases of Jordan and LebanonWB  2013
Save Document Understanding the policy contexts for mainstreaming climate change in Bhutan and Nepal: a synthesisAdaptation Knowledge Platform Secretariat  2013
Save Document Farmers’ response and their adaptation strategies to climate change in Mafeteng District, LesothoATPS  2013
Save Document Organizational and institutional issues in climate change adaptation and risk managementIFPRI  2013
Save Document Agricultural water storage in an era of climate change: assessing need and effectiveness in AfricaIWMI  2013
Save Document Hurricane Sandy rebuilding strategy: stronger communities, a resilient regionHUD, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Actions for children and youth resilience: guide for governmentsRET; UNICEF TACRO  2013
Save Document Scenario planning for climate change adaptation: a guidance for resource managersCalifornia Coastal Conservancy, United States of America - gov; Point Blue Conservation Science  2013
Save Document Building with nature for coastal resilience: restoring tropical mud coastsDeltares; Nature Conservancy; Wetlands Intl  2013
Save Document Indigenous women's preferences for climate change adaptation and aquaculture development to build capacity in the Northern TerritoryCDU; NCCARF  2013
Save Document Climate ExChangeWMO  2012
Save Document A holistic approach to climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment: pilot study in ThailandAdaptation Knowledge Platform Secretariat; SEI  2013
Save Document Policy and institutions in adaptation to climate change: case study on flood mitigation infrastructure in India and NepalICIMOD  2013

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