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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Public oversight of the security sector: a handbook for civil society organizationsBCPR-UNDP  2008
Save Document Indigenous knowledge and disaster risk reduction: from practice to policyShaw, Rajib; Sharma, Anshu; Takeuchi, Yukiko  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation strategies for local impact: key messages for UNFCCC negotiatorsIFRC; ProVention Consortium; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre  2009
Save Document Good practices and tools on disaster risk reduction in education in Central Asia: compendiumEC; UNICEF; UNISDR CA  2009
Save Document Invest today for safer tomorrow: issue 1, July-September 2009EC; UNISDR CA  2009
Save Document Science, technology and innovation policy for LebanonCNRS, Lebanon - gov; UNESCO  2006
Save Document Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)Krishnamurthy, R.R.; Glavovic, Bruce C.; Kannen, Andreas; Green, David R.; Ramanathan, AL.; Han, Zengcui; Tinti, Stefano; Agardy, Tundi (Eds.)  2008
Save Document Summary of the Copenhagen climate change conference, 7-19 December 2009IISD  2009
Save Document Copenhagen accord (advance unedited version)UNFCCC  2009
Save Document Disaster reduction and human securityKU GSGES; UNESCO  2005
Save Document Student brigades: concept paper and implementation guidelinesConcern Bangladesh; DAM  2009
Save Document Climate change, disaster, displacement and migration: initial evidence from AfricaUNHCR  2009
Save Document Water-Wiki: an opportunity for UN-WaterIAHS; UN-Water; UNDP  2009
Save Document Adaptation for developing countries in a post-2012 UN climate regimeWWF  2009
Save Document 2°C is too much! WWF adaptation case studies for responding to climate change impactsWWF  2009
Save Document Risk knowledge fundamentals: guidelines and lessons for establishing and institutionalizing disaster loss databasesBCPR-UNDP; UNDP  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation in Africa: COP 15, what’s at stake for Africa?DFID, United Kingdom - gov; IDRC  2009
Save Document EU actions on environment and climate change in the world: press packEU  2009
Save Document Stockholm policy forum on climate smart disaster risk management: summary reportGFDRR  2009
Save Document 1-2-3 of disaster eductionEC; UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document ENOS variabilidad climática y riesgo de desabre en las Américas: procesos, patrones y gestiónFLACSO; IAI; Oxfam Intl; LA RED  2008
Save Document Climate change: the safety’s offFormas; SEI  2009
Save Document The development of public partnership framework and action plan for disaster risk reduction in AsiaUNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Regional analysis on disaster risk reduction (DRR) education in the Asia Pacific regionUNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Progress review of national platforms for disaster risk reduction (DRR) in the Asia and Pacific regionUNISDR AP  2009
Save Document National climate change adaptation research plan: social, economic and institutional dimensions (consultation draft)NCCARF  2009
Save Document Town watching handbook for disaster education: enhancing experiential learningEU; UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Children and disaster risk reduction: taking stock and moving forwardUNICEF  2009
Save Document Climate change connections, gender and population: resource kitUNFPA; WEDO  2009
Save Document How local communities and global development agencies reduce vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change: examples from the PacificATRC-NHRL  2009
Save Document GFDRR partnership strategy 2009–2012: reducing disaster risks for sustainable developmentGFDRR; UNISDR; WB  2009
Save Document Bilateral finance institutions and climate change: a mapping of climate portfoliosSEI  2009
Save Document Climate change in Central Asia: a visual synthesisZoï  2009
Save Document The road to CopenhagenUnited Kingdom - gov  2009
Save Document A Copenhagen climate treaty, version 1.0David Suzuki Fndn; Germanwatch; Greenpeace Intl; IndyAct; NECU; WWF  2009
Save Document Synthesis report from climate change: global risks, challenges and decisions, Copenhagen 2009, 10-12 MarchUniversity of Copenhagen  2009
Save Document Copenhagen primerSIPA  2009
Save Document Fact sheet: stepping up international action on climate change - the road to CopenhagenUNFCCC  2009
Save Document FAO profile for climate changeFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Information and communications technology for disaster risk reductionESCAP  2009
Save Document Enhancing community-based disaster preparedness with information technology: community disaster information systemNIH  2008
Save Document Climate change and hungerCIC; Grantham Inst for Climate Change; IFPRI; Walker Inst; WFP  2009
Save Document Negotiations on a new international climate agreement - roadmap towards a new agreementMin of the Environ, Sweden - gov  2009
Save Document Natural solutions to climate change crisisIUCN; UNDP; WB  2009
Save Document The Copenhagen diagnosis: climate science updatesCCRC  2009
Save Document Bangkok assessment report on climate change 2009BMA, Thailand - gov; GLF; UNEP  2009
Save Document Humanitarian assistance: towards building a regional mechanismCCB, Argentina - gov  2009
Save Document Flexible water storage options and adaptation to climate changeIWMI  2009
Save Document Women, gender and disaster: global issues and initiativesChakrabarti, P. G. Dhar; Enarson, Elaine  2010
Save Document Joint policy brief for Pacific Island nations on COP 15 Copenhagen, 7–18 December 2009IFRC; UNISDR Pacific; OCHA ROAP  2009

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