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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development: challenges and experience in the PhilippinesProVention Consortium  2009
Save Document Early warning and civil protection: when does it work and why does it fail?Nordregio  2008
Save Document Witnesses account, contributing towards Hyogo Framework for Action: community-based disaster preparedness - BangladeshEU; Islamic Relief Worldwide  2008
Save Document Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action in Asia and the Pacific: follow-up to the outcome of the third Asian Ministerial Conference on disaster risk reduction - from the regional to the global platformESCAP  2009
Save Document Manila declaration for global action on gender in climate change and disaster risk reductionADB; CAPWIP; IUCN; UNIFEM; UNDP; UNEP; UNISDR AP; WEDO  2008
Save Document An early warning system for floodsITHACA   
Save Document Global climate risk index 2009: weather-related loss events and their impacts on countries in 2007 and in a long-term comparisonGermanwatch  2009
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: plan 2008-2009IFRC  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and emergency response for water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)WSSCC  2009
Save Document Evaluation of disaster risk reduction mainstreaming in DG ECHO’s humanitarian actionsEU  2008
Save Document EU strategy for supporting disaster risk reduction in developing countriesEC  2009
Save Document Costs of inaction on key environmental challengesOECD  2008
Save Document Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2008: North America and Asia suffer heavy lossesSwiss Re  2009
Save Document Rebuilding lives after the tsunami, the children's road to recovery: four years laterSCI  2008
Save Document Stemming the tide: relief, reconstruction and development in coastal Andhra PradeshAKDN  2009
Save Document Guidelines for information and communications technology disaster recovery services (ISO/IEC 24762:2008)ISO  2008
Save Document Migration and climate changeIOM  2008
Save Document Differentiated adjustment to the 1991 Mt Pinatubo resettlement program among lowland ethnic groups of the PhilippinesAEMI, Australia - gov  2008
Save Document Requisitos generales de diseño y construcciónNicaragua - gov; SINAPRED, Nicaragua - gov; DRM  2005
Save Document United Nations documents related to disaster reduction, volume 1, 1987-2000UNISDR  2001
Save Document Media and safe disaster coverageADPC  2009
Save Document An exploration of the construction industry’s role in disaster preparedness, response and recoveryRICS; UCL  2006
Save Document A formal model for construction safety risk managementGeorgia Tech; RICS  2007
Save Document Addressing global risks: disaster risk reductionWEF  2006
Save Document Mind the gap! Post-disaster reconstruction and the transition from humanitarian reliefRICS  2006
Save Document New Orleans affordable housing assessment: lessons learnedMercy Corps  2007
Save Document Climate challenges: bridging the knowledge gapMercy Corps; Univ of Edinburgh  2007
Save Document Tsunami recovery through integral human developmentCRS  2005
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: an international perspectiveUNISDR  2008
Save Document GEO 2009-2011 workplanGEO  2009
Save Document Contributing to one world, one health: a strategic framework for reducing risks of infectious diseases at the animal–human–ecosystems interfaceFAO Headquarters; UNICEF; UNSIC; WB; WHO; OIE  2008
Save Document Water and disaster: High-Level Expert Panel on Water and Disaster/UNSGABJWF; KWF; UNISDR Hyogo; UNSGAB; WWC  2009
Save Document Forum 2008: the human face of climate changeGHF  2008
Save Document Coping with climate change: risks and opportunities for insurers - foreword and executive summaryCII  2009
Save Document Disaster reduction in the Americas: ISDR informs, issue 15, 2008UNISDR AM  2008
Save Document UNESCO's strategy for action on climate changeUNESCO  2008
Save Document Come rain or shine: integrating climate risk management into African Development Bank operationsAfDB  2007
Save Document Investing in Africa’s future: the ADB in the 21st centuryAfDB  2007
Save Document Africa regional document: water resource development in AfricaAfDB  2006
Save Document Strengthening disaster management and mitigation - component 2: preventive infrastructure master planADB; Fraser Thomas; IGCI; MPC Group Intl  2007
Save Document An update on WFP interventions in disaster preparedness and mitigationWFP  2007
Save Document Disaster management in BangladeshUNOPS   
Save Document Women are the fabric: reproductive health for communities in crisisUNFPA  2006
Save Document Women, ageing and health: a framework for actionUNFPA; WHO  2007
Save Document State of world population 2007: unleashing the potential of urban growthUNFPA  2007
Save Document The case for drought preparedness: water resource management in humanitarian programming in DarfurUNEP  2008
Save Document Disasters and conflicts programmeUNEP  2009
Save Document UNEP and partners: United to combat climate changeUNEP  2008
Save Document Climate change at UNDP: scaling up to meet the challengeUNDP  2008
Save Document Enhancing regional cooperation in infrastructure development including that related to disaster managementESCAP  2006

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