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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Integrating environmental safeguards into flood relief, response and recoveryIUCN  2010
Save Document IWRM guidelines at river basin level: part 2-4, the guidelines for managing environmental sustainabilityUNESCO  2010
Save Document ILO's role in conflict and disaster settingsILO  2010
Save Document Core commitments for children in humanitarian actionUNICEF  2010
Save Document Financing adaptation or funding chaos? Adaptation, finance and Philippine climate policyiCSC; Oxfam Intl  2010
Save Document Strengthening the disaster risk reduction system in Georgia: progress measured against targets for 2008-2010UNDP Georgia  2010
Save Document Cost benefit analysis for community based climate and disaster risk management: synthesis reportOxfam America; Tearfund  2010
Save Document Policy area: reducing the climate vulnerability of coastal communities in SamoaDaly, Michele; Poutasi, Namouta; Nelson, Filomena; Kohlhase, Jude  2010
Save Document Locating climate insecurity: where are the most vulnerable places in Africa?Strauss Center  2010
Save Document Business as unusual: direct access - giving power back to the poor?Caritas Internationalis; CIDSE  2010
Save Document Enhancing the climate risk and adaptation fact base for the CaribbeanCCRIF SPC  2010
Save Document Living with disasters and changing climate: children in Southeast Asia telling their stories about disaster and climate changeSCI  2010
Save Document Climate change and foreign policy in Canada: intersection and influenceCIC  2010
Save Document Adaptation to climate change: international policy optionsC2ES  2006
Save Document Climate proofing: a risk-based approach to adaptationADB  2005
Save Document Probabilistic seismic hazard mapping of the Marmara regionMETU  2008
Save Document Manual on small earth damsFAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss annual report 2009Swiss Fed Office of Meteo and Climatology, Switzerland - gov  2010
Save Document Urban governance and community resilience guides: our hazardous environment, book 1ADPC  2010
Save Document Urban governance and community resilience guides: risk assessment in cities, book 2ADPC  2010
Save Document Urban governance and community resilience guides: planning for disaster risk reduction, book 3ADPC  2010
Save Document Urban governance and community resilience guides: mainstreaming disaster risk reduction, book 4ADPC  2010
Save Document 3rd international disaster and risk conference IDRC Davos 2010: major conference outcomesGRF Davos  2010
Save Document Advancing climate change adaptation in developing countries: an overview of the UNDP-GEF adaptation portfolioGEF; UNDP  2010
Save Document Adaptation to climate extremes in developing countries: the role of educationWB  2010
Save Document Making the most of public finance for climate action: issues brief #2WB  2010
Save Document Land and natural disasters: guidance for practitionersUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Commonwealth ministers reference book 2010Commonwealth Sec  2010
Save Document Adaptive governance and climate changeAMS  2010
Save Document Cuba risk reduction management centres, best practices in risk reductionUNDP  2010
Save Document Scaling up the UNDP-UNEP poverty-environment initiative (PEI): annual progress report 2009UNDP; UNEP  2010
Save Document IFRC mid-year report: disaster management and risk reduction, strategy and coordinationIFRC  2010
Save Document IFRC mid-year report: community preparedness and risk reductionIFRC  2010
Save Document Sustainability science: a multidisciplinary approach, volume 1UNU  2010
Save Document Vulnerability assessment of people, livlihoods and ecosystems in the Ganga BasinWWF-India  2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the Pacific: the challenge of integrationUNSW  2010
Save Document Climate change in Kenya: focus on childrenUNICEF UK  2010
Save Document Strategies for adapting to climate change in rural sub-Saharan AfricaIFPRI  2010
Save Document Linking ICTs and climate change adaptation: a conceptual framework for e-resilience and e-adaptationCDI  2010
Save Document Crop diversification to mitigate flood vulnerability in Bangladesh: an economic approachRayhan, Md. Israt; Grote, Ulrike  2010
Save Document Food security and climate change in dry areas: abstractsICARDA  2010
Save Document The waters of the third pole: Sources of threat, sources of survivalABUHRC; China Dialogue; King's College  2010
Save Document Food insecurity in the Horn of AfricaFAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document Haiti - From sustaining lives to sustainable solutions: the challenge of sanitationIFRC  2010
Save Document Rethinking risk management in financial services: practices from other domainsWEF  2010
Save Document Urban challenges: scoping the state of the Commonwealth's citiesCommonwealth Sec  2010
Save Document Diagnóstico de la situación de la República Dominicana en cuanto a la reducción de riesgos a desastresDominican Republic - gov; EU; UNDP; UNISDR AM  2010
Save Document Cost benefit analysis for community based climate and disaster risk management: synthesis reportOxfam America; Tearfund  2010
Save Document Biodiversity and climate change: reports and guidance developed under the Bern ConventionCOE  2010
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in megacities: a pilot application in metro Manila and KathmanduEMI; DKKV, Germany - gov  2010

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