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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Integrated river basin management for effective flood risk reductionTran, Phong; Shaw, Rajib  2010
Save Document South Asia Disaster Report special Copenhagen issue: a South Asian perspective on climate change and increased disaster riskPractical Action  2009
Save Document Lessons from Aceh: key considerations in post-disaster reconstructionArup ID; DEC  2010
Save Document Sustainable eco-development of Kampong Baharu: a policy perspectiveShaw, Rajib; Takeuchi, Yukiko; Imura, Miwa; Umakoshi; Iwasaki, Shimpei; Suradi, Shamsuri bin  2009
Save Document Communities and coastal zone managementShaw, Rajib; Krishnamurthy, Ramasamy R.  2010
Save Document Private sector finance and climate change adaptationSEI  2009
Save Document Water scarcity, land degradation and desertification in the Mediterranean region: environmental and security aspectsNATO; OSCE  2009
Save Document Earthquake resistant housing: technical briefPractical Action  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and emergency management in ArmeniaGFDRR; WB  2009
Save Document Water world: why the global climate challenge is a global water challengeSFSF; SIWI  2009
Save Document No upward trend in normalised windstorm losses in Europe: 1970–2008JRC  2010
Save Document Crossing national borders: human migration issues in Northeast AsiaUNU  2005
Save Document Philippines: 'Gawad Kalasag' award - revised guidelinesNDRRMC, Philippines - gov  2008
Save Document Preparing for climate change in VietnamRed Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre; Vietnam Red Cross Society  2007
Save Document Innovative solutions for the delta: adapting the deltas of the world to climate changeRoyal Haskoning  2008
Save Document Cooperative actions for disaster risk reduction: proceedings of ISWE4IAWE  2009
Save Document Disaster risk in the context of climate change: a national-level assessmentUNDP  2007
Save Document Andean Community Disaster Prevention Project (PREDECAN) 2005-2009 final reportCAN; EC  2009
Save Document French studies related to climate change adaptationAFPCN  2009
Save Document Action pledges: making a difference on the groundUNFCCC  2009
Save Document Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Rep of: National platform for disaster risk reduction - a foundation for the strenghtening of the civil security pillarCMC, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Rep of - gov  2009
Save Document Prevención y reducción de riesgos a través de los instrumentos de planificación territorial en BogotáCAN; EC  2009
Save Document El conocimiento como hilo conductor en la gestión ambiental del riesgo en el departamento de RisaraldaCAN; EC  2009
Save Document Risk in situ: crisis and risk reductionEPFL; GIAN; UNISDR; UNIGE  2007
Save Document Normalised flood losses in Europe: 1970–2006JRC  2009
Save Document Early warning, early action: an evaluation of IFRC West and Central Africa zone flood preparedness and response, 2008IFRC; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre  2009
Save Document Baseline report: Africa community resilience projectFIC; Tufts Univ; WVI  2009
Save Document Conference proceedings: 5th National conference community based disaster risk reductionMPBI; BNPB, Indonesia - gov; Oxfam Intl; SC-DRR  2009
Save Document Manual for vulnerability reduction in community based projectsUNDP Mexico  2009
Save Document Procedures manual for the Micro-regional Units (UMACs)UNDP Mexico  2009
Save Document Safer homes, stronger communities: a handbook for reconstructing after natural disastersGFDRR; WB  2010
Save Document Charting a new low-carbon route to development: a primer on integrated climate change planning for regional governmentsUNDP  2009
Save Document Change: adaptation of water resources management to climate changeIUCN  2003
Save Document Disaster risk management: social participation, gender equality and cultural/indigenous approachUNDP  2009
Save Document Eight case studies from Aceh: GTZ Aceh Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Programme (ARRP)GIZ, Germany - gov  2009
Save Document Community-based adaptation to climate changeIIED  2009
Save Document Advance guard: climate change impacts, adaptation, mitigation and indigenous peoples, a compendium of case studiesUNU-IAS  2009
Save Document Public oversight of the security sector: a handbook for civil society organizationsBCPR-UNDP  2008
Save Document Indigenous knowledge and disaster risk reduction: from practice to policyShaw, Rajib; Sharma, Anshu; Takeuchi, Yukiko  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation strategies for local impact: key messages for UNFCCC negotiatorsIFRC; ProVention Consortium; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre  2009
Save Document Good practices and tools on disaster risk reduction in education in Central Asia: compendiumEC; UNICEF; UNISDR CA  2009
Save Document Invest today for safer tomorrow: issue 1, July-September 2009EC; UNISDR CA  2009
Save Document Science, technology and innovation policy for LebanonCNRS, Lebanon - gov; UNESCO  2006
Save Document Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)Krishnamurthy, R.R.; Glavovic, Bruce C.; Kannen, Andreas; Green, David R.; Ramanathan, AL.; Han, Zengcui; Tinti, Stefano; Agardy, Tundi (Eds.)  2008
Save Document Summary of the Copenhagen climate change conference, 7-19 December 2009IISD  2009
Save Document Copenhagen accord (advance unedited version)UNFCCC  2009
Save Document Disaster reduction and human securityKU GSGES; UNESCO  2005
Save Document Student brigades: concept paper and implementation guidelinesConcern Bangladesh; DAM  2009
Save Document Climate change, disaster, displacement and migration: initial evidence from AfricaUNHCR  2009
Save Document Water-Wiki: an opportunity for UN-WaterIAHS; UN-Water; UNDP  2009

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