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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


18 items for Hungary Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Guidelines for preparation of the drought management plansGWP  2015
Save Document Natural disasters in Hungary: summary of report no. 7611/2/1796Hungary - gov  1992
Save Document Hungary: Information on the direction and organization of disaster management and the tasks of the National Directorate General for Disaster ManagementNDGDM, Hungary - gov  2000
Save Document Towards better humanitarian donorship: 12 lessons from DAC peer reviewsOECD  2012
Save Document Crisis response journal, vol 6, issue 4: urban risk - Safer citiesFireNet  2011
Save Document Overview of National Platforms in EuropeUNISDR EUR  2014
Save Document Climate change and Hungary: mitigating the hazard and preparing for the impacts - The VAHAVA reportVAHAVA  2010
Save Document Geoinformation for disaster and risk management: examples and best practicesJB GIS; UNOOSA  2010
Save Document Disaster reduction and human securityKU GSGES; UNESCO  2005
Save Document 2°C is too much! WWF adaptation case studies for responding to climate change impactsWWF  2009
Save Document Climate senseWMO  2009
Save Document Risques naturels et aménagement en EuropeMEDDE, France - gov; Paris X  2004
Save Document Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action in Europe: advances and challenges 2007-2009COE; EUR-OPA; DKKV, Germany - gov; UNISDR EUR  2009
Save Document Flood risk in Europe: analysis of exposure in 13 countriesJRC; IES  2006
Save Document Flood extent and damage estimation in Hungary during the floods in spring 2006JRC; IES  2006
Save Document Alpine floods of August 2005: European Flood Alert System, post-event summary reportJRC; IES  2006
Save Document Fairness in adaptation to climate changeAdger, W. Neil; Paavola, Jouni; Huq, Saleemul; Mace, M. J.  2006
Save Document Extreme weather events and public health responsesWHO  2005