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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1251 items for Americas Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document States at risk: America’s preparedness report cardClimate Central; ICF  2015
Save Document Guía operativa y kit de herramientas para incorporar los principios de protección en procesos de gestión integral del riesgo de desastresCEPREDENAC; ECHO; NRC; Plan Intl; SCI; WV LACRO  2015
Save Document Report of the Community Conservation Resilience Initiative, November 2015Global Forest Coalition  2015
Save Document Managing weather and climate risks to agriculture in North America, Central America and the CaribbeanElsevier  2015
Save Document 2015 East Stroudsburg University hazard mitigation planESU  2015
Save Document Planning for a more resilient future: a guide to regional approachesNADO  2015
Save Document Resilience in a watershed governance context: A primerESRC  2015
Save Document Developing pre-disaster resilience based on public and private incentivizationNIBS  2015
Save Document Riesgos al sur: diversidad de riesgos de desastres en ArgentinaLA RED  2015
Save Document Guía de integración de la gestión del riesgo de desastres y el ordenamiento territorial municipalUNGRD, Colombia - gov  2015
Save Document Urban seismic risk index for Medellin, Colombia based on probabilistic loss and casualties estimationsSpringer  2015
Save Document Climate change and the U.S. energy sector: regional vulnerabilities and resilience solutionsDOE, United States of America - gov  2015
Save Document Building resilient states: a framework for agenciesGovernors’ Institute, The; Smart Growth America  2015
Save Document Too hot to handle: climate denial is driving up the dangers and costs of western wildfiresCAP  2015
Save Document How law and regulation supports disaster risk reduction: Haiti case - study reportCRC; Croix-Rouge Haïtienne; IFRC  2015
Save Document Good practice in designing and implementing national monitoring systems for adaptation to climate changeCTCN; CATIE  2015
Save Document Disaster risk programme to strengthen resilience in the dry corridor in Central AmericaFAO Headquarters  2015
Save Document Perceptions of obvious and disruptive climate change: community-based risk assessment for two native villages in AlaskaMDPI  2015
Save Document Diagnóstico socio cultural sobre estrategias de prevención, mitigación y gestión de riesgo practicados tradicionalmente entre barrios y comunidades del municipio de Puerto CabezasAlcaldía de Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua - gov; UNICEF  2015
Save Document Plan de acciones en gestión del riesgo de desastres priorizadas para el periodo 2015-2016CENEPRED, Peru - gov; INDECI, Peru - gov; SGRD, Peru - gov  2014
Save Document Construyendo juntos la gestión del riesgo de desastres en Bolivia: documento país Bolivia series políticas públicas No. 2Bolivia - gov; ECHO  2014
Save Document Avances de la gestión de riesgo en Venezuela y su prospectivaCáritas de Venezuela; Caritas France; ECHO; Venezuela, Bolivarian Rep of - gov  2014
Save Document Documento de priorización de líneas estratégicas y zonas de intervención en gestión del riesgo de desastres en Colombia 2014-2018SNGRD, Colombia - gov  2014
Save Document Making cities resilient: New Orleans-Gothenburg city-to-city exchangeMSB, Sweden - gov  2015
Save Document Fearing the knock on the door: critical security studies insights into limited cooperation with disaster management regimesSpringer  2015
Save Document Probabilistic estimation of annual lost economic production due to premature deaths because of earthquakesTaylor and Francis  2015
Save Document Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015: Building the resilience of nations and communities to disasters (non-official language translations)UNISDR  2007
Save Document Entering uncharted waters: El Niño and the threat to food securityOxfam GB  2015
Save Document In flux: community design for change, chance and opportunityArchitects Foundation, the  2015
Save Document Impactos económicos del cambio climático en Colombia: Costos económicos de los eventos extremosColombia - gov; IDB  2015
Save Document Disaster risk reduction country document, Trinidad and Tobago, 2014ODPM, Trinidad and Tobago - gov  2014
Save Document Disaster risk reduction country document, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 2014NEMO, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - gov  2014
Save Document Saint Lucia: country document for disaster risk reduction, 2014NEMO, Saint Lucia - gov  2014
Save Document Country document on disaster risk reduction: Jamaica 2014ODPEM, Jamaica - gov  2014
Save Document Progress and challenges in disaster risk management in Guyana, 2014CDC, Guyana - gov  2014
Save Document Country document on disaster risk reduction for Grenada, 2014NaDMA, Grenada - gov  2014
Save Document Disaster risk reduction country profile: Dominica, 2014Office of Disaster Management, Dominica - gov  2014
Save Document Country document for disaster risk reduction: Barbados 2014DEM, Barbados - gov  2014
Save Document Apéndice: avances y desafíos de la gestión del riesgo de desastres en la República Dominicana, 2014CNE, Dominican Republic - gov  2014
Save Document Climate change adaptation in dynamic economies: the cases of Colombia and West BengalGGGI; Grantham Res Inst on Climate Change and the Environ  2015
Save Document Efforts to assess the impact of extreme weather eventsUSACE, United States of America - gov  2015
Save Document North Atlantic coast comprehensive study: resilient adaptation to increasing riskUSACE, United States of America - gov  2015
Save Document Articulación del sector privado en la gestión del riesgo de desastresCCS; UNGRD, Colombia - gov  2015
Save Document Healthy, resilient, and sustainable communities after disasters: strategies, opportunities, and planning for recoveryIOM  2015
Save Document Ecosystem-service assessment: research needs for coastal green infrastructureNSTC, United States of America - gov  2015
Save Document Guía metodológica para el desarrollo de simulaciones y simulacrosUNGRD, Colombia - gov  2015
Save Document Risk reduction status of homes reconstructed following wildfire disasters in CanadaICLR  2015
Save Document Effects of climate change on exposure to coastal flooding in Latin America and the CaribbeanPLoS  2015
Save Document Resilient New Orleans: strategic actions to shape our future cityNOLA, United States of America - gov  2015
Save Document Beyond Katrina: lessons in creating resilient communitiesRisk Center; Zurich  2015

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