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IPCC invites experts to take part in second round of comments on Working Group II contribution to Fifth Assessment Report

Stanford - The expert and government review of the second order draft of the Working Group II contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) starts on Thursday, 28 March. For the second round of expert reviews, Working Group II, which covers climate change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability, is seeking input from volunteer expert reviewers from all relevant fields. The second order draft of the contribution will also be reviewed by the member governments of the IPCC. The review period runs until 24 May. Registration for participation in the review is now open.

The IPCC seeks the widest possible participation by experts in the reviews of its draft reports. Reviewers should reflect the full range of scientific, technical, and socio-economic views, expertise, and geographical representation.

In order to arrive at a balanced assessment, Working Group II hopes to draw on the expertise of climate scientists as well as others with the knowledge or experience to provide scientific review comments on climate change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability.

The main stages of the review process are the review of the first order draft by scientific experts, the review of the second order draft by experts and governments, and a final round of government comments on the draft of the Summary for Policymakers.

During the review of the first order draft of its contribution to AR5, Working Group II received more than 19,000 comments from 563 reviewers from 60 countries. Independent review editors ensure that every review comment is addressed by the authors of the report chapters. To ensure transparency, all the comments and the responses from the authors are published with the drafts after the reports are released.

Individuals who have already registered for the review of the first order draft are automatically registered for the review of the second order draft. They can use the login credentials provided for the earlier review. Experts who have not previously registered may secure access to the reviewing system based on an email request to tsu@ipcc-wg2.gov.

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