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Philippines: High school climate change initiatives impress foreign tourists

Borongan City, Eastern Samar -- A team of Bangladesh educators was amazed at how students and teachers adapt and mitigate climate change.

This was during the Learning Visit of the 15-member team to Barobo National High School at Barangay Barobo, Llorente this province, a Plan International beneficiary.

“You have a very impressive curriculum,” said Lutful Khaled, education manager of Bangladesh Ministry of Education, after listening to the presentation of the school’s student government president, Dianara Barbo. Barbo presented the map of the school, their waste management programs, and their climate change adaptation initiatives.

Josie Contado, school principal told the group that climate change lessons are integrated in all subjects and not as a separate subject. She added that school principals like her monitor the daily lesson plans of the teachers to ensure that climate change mitigation and adaptation lessons are actually integrated in the daily teaching-learning activities.

Also, they hold regular flood and earthquake drills to lessen possible damage should these two calamities occur in the future. According to her, the school building which used to be a one-storey building was submerged in flood in 2006 and their documents were soaked in muddy waters.

Today, however, the building which stands in the middle of a spacious 750 sq.m land area but near a river, was renovated after the flood, is now a two-storey learning institution with matching cemented and covered pathways. 


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