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Disaster risk reduction: Priority of Rio, reality of Bangladesh

'Along with formulation of laws, I would like to see proper measures taken by the government in local level infrastructural development, capacity building of the local level authorities and mass awareness at grass-root level - which will contribute towards effective risk reduction in Bangladesh.,' writes M. Mizanur Rahman of Islamic Relief Worldwide on the pages of The Daily Star.

He goes on to express his views on the RIO+20 summit in regards to Disaster Risk Reduction part of 'The Future We Want' document. Most of the part of DRR issues in RIO+20 deals with the Top-Down Approach, which, to the author highly concerned with the government policy formulation but increasing local level capacity and community resilience for DRR, is not been talked about in the summit. He also criticizes the government of Bangladesh noting with reference of his research that there is a high possibility of flood in Bangladesh in this year but the government has allocated less money for this ministry, though the size of budget has significantly increased.

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