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Save Document Veinte municipios de Panamá se sumaron a campaña de la ONU 'Desarrollando ciudades resilientes'UNISDR AM30 May 2013
Save Document América Latina y el Caribe: Sugieren orientar a comunidades de áreas en riesgoTVN30 May 2013
Save Document UN advocates for decentralized decision making before disasters / ONU aboga por descentralización municipal ante desastres30 May 2013
Save Document Panamá y Naciones Unidas lanzan campaña mundial para prevenir desastresGrupo EPASA29 May 2013
Save Document Thousands in Haiti benefiting from access to information / Des millers de personnes en Haïti bénéficient de l’accès à l’information / Miles de personas se benefician del acceso a la información en HaitíIFRC29 May 2013
Save Document Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction concludes in Geneva, urging greater role for private sector, communities and childrenUN-DPI23 May 2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction must keep pace with rapid urbanization, say urban plannersUN-DPI23 May 2013
Save Document Experts plead for standards and accountability in managing disaster riskUN-DPI23 May 2013
Save Document Global platform for disaster risk reduction 2013: A summit to better prevent disastersGeneva Intl Cooperation, Switzerland - gov22 May 2013
Save Document Push for inclusion of resilience to disaster risk in post 2015 development agendaPINA22 May 2013
Save Document Science and technology should contribute more to reducing disaster risk, say expertsUN-DPI22 May 2013
Save Document Italia: Orsoni vola a Ginevra per la quarta Global Platform sulle città resilientiVeneziaToday, Citynews SPA21 May 2013
Save Document Stockholm Environment Institute: 'Risk-proofing' developmentSEI21 May 2013
Save Document Open debate on 'Disaster risk reduction measures at the local level in South Eastern Europe'UNISDR EUR21 May 2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and sustainable development should be closely linked, say Global Platform speakers in GenevaUN-DPI21 May 2013
Save Document ‘No safer tomorrow’ without planning today, warn panellistsUN-DPI21 May 2013
Save Document Experts urge greater role for private sector in disaster risk reductionUN-DPI20 May 2013
Save Document Stakeholders in disaster risk reduction stress need for community involvement, resilience, addressing root causesUN-DPI20 May 2013
Save Document Guía para gobiernos: 'Acciones para la resiliencia de la niñez y juventud' lanzamiento oficial durante la plataforma global para la RRDRET; UNICEF20 May 2013
Save Document The making of the Hyogo2 disaster prevention treatyIRIN17 May 2013
Save Document Nicaragua: Presentan campaña mundial para la resiliencia: 'Mi ciudad se está preparando'UNDP - Nicaragua17 May 2013
Save Document Prefeito de campinas participa da posse da nova diretoria da AMCHAMPrefeitura do Município de Campinas, SP, Brazil - gov17 May 2013
Save Document US: Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor Zimmer heading to UN meeting in Geneva on disaster risk reductionNJ.com16 May 2013
Save Document UN Secretary-General warns: 'Economic losses from disasters are out of control'UNISDR NY15 May 2013
Save Document Disasters displaced over 32 mln people in 2012, rising trend forecastTRF13 May 2013
Save Document The Lancet’s verdict on the HFA – 'a promising start'UNISDR10 May 2013
Save Document Analysis: Getting governments to cough up for DRRIRIN9 May 2013
Save Document Jamaica: 'Startling! - Critical services buildings fail earthquake tests'Jamaica Observer, the9 May 2013
Save Document Honduras: Gobierno invertira 600 millones de lempiras para reducir riesgo a desastresCOPECO, Honduras - gov9 May 2013
Save Document NZ: International focus for disaster research centreMassey University8 May 2013
Save Document Mayor Al's resilience road trip in Central AmericaUNISDR AM7 May 2013
Save Document Jamaica Signs on to UN urban disaster preparedness campaignJIS7 May 2013
Save Document Jamaica joins the Making Cities Resilient CampaignODPEM, Jamaica - gov7 May 2013
Save Document Alfredo Arquillano, campeón de la Campaña Mundial de Ciudades Resilientes de gira para la resiliencia en Centro AméricaUNISDR AM7 May 2013
Save Document Analysis: 'Wake up call' for Bangladesh’s building industryIRIN6 May 2013
Save Document ESDEC encerra II workshop estadual do marco de ação de hyogo para prefeituras da Costa VerdeEsDEC, Brazil - gov6 May 2013
Save Document El Salvador: San Pedro Masahuat avanzando en resilencia - desarrollando ciudades resilientes: '¡Mi ciudad se está preparando!'UNISDR AM2 May 2013
Save Document Canal cuts disaster risk in Cameroon's capitalTRF1 May 2013
Save Document Australian funding to make more Sri Lankan towns resilient to disastersDaily News1 May 2013
Save Document Campinas, Brasil: Resilience and the future of civil protection / Campinas, Brasil: Resiliencia y el futuro de la protección civilDepto de Def Civil de Campinas, Brazil - gov; Prefeitura do Município de Campinas, SP, Brazil - gov; UNISDR AM1 May 2013
Save Document Arab cities aim to build resilience to natural disastersIRIN29 Apr 2013
Save Document Las redes locales de gestión del riesgo se consolidan en VenezuelaCESAP27 Apr 2013
Save Document Imagining a major quake in KathmanduIRIN26 Apr 2013
Save Document Bangladesh tragedy underlines how deficient building codes can fuel disastersUNISDR25 Apr 2013
Save Document Califican como 'insuficiente' la inversión para prevenir accidentes22 Apr 2013
Save Document UN-Habitat announces ten partner cities for the City Resilience Profiling ProgrammeUN-HABITAT18 Apr 2013
Save Document Americas: Call for local gov DRM experiences / Convocatoria para experiencias sobre GRD entre gobiernos localesUNISDR AM18 Apr 2013
Save Document Space: the final frontier of disaster risk reductionUNISDR17 Apr 2013
Save Document US: Review of National Climate Assessment calls for expanded government researchBloomberg.com16 Apr 2013
Save Document Connie Hedegaard: 'Our adaptation strategy will help decision-makers in Europe choose the best solutions to the benefit of their citizens'EC16 Apr 2013

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