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Save Document UN Panel finds climate change behind some extreme weather eventsNew York Times18 Nov 2011
Save Document UAE: DMA holds forum about the assessment of seismic hazard and risk project in Abu Dhabi EmirateAME16 Nov 2011
Save Document Japan: Questions remain over tsunami safety measures at Hamaoka nuclear plantMainichi Daily news, the16 Nov 2011
Save Document UNISDR: Disaster resilience key to green economyUNISDR16 Nov 2011
Save Document Thailand: Super-canal may prevent floodsCNN16 Nov 2011
Save Document Preparing for earthquakesMetropolis Magazine16 Nov 2011
Save Document Turkish Ministry to spend $400 bln to strengthen weak buildingsJTW16 Nov 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Flood risk managementNation15 Nov 2011
Save Document Ecuador: En un taller se analiza la prevención de desastres en la Región AndinaElcomercio.com15 Nov 2011
Save Document Thailand: Disaster risk reduction is all about choices - OpinionNation, the14 Nov 2011
Save Document Australia: IAG welcomes improved access to flood risk data4-traders, Surperformance14 Nov 2011
Save Document Thailand: New highways, towns planned to combat floodsBangkok Post14 Nov 2011
Save Document UNISDR: Community resilience gaining ground in AsiaUNISDR AP14 Nov 2011
Save Document Urban planning failures putting lives at risk - expertTRF10 Nov 2011
Save Document Indonesia: New stream built to reduce lava impactJakarta Post, the9 Nov 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Disaster-resilient settlement points way forward ‎IRIN9 Nov 2011
Save Document World Bank, GFDRR, ASEAN, and UNISDR cooperate to strengthen fiscal resilience to natural disasters forum kicks-off efforts to develop regional disaster risk financing strategyASEAN; GFDRR; UNISDR AP; WB8 Nov 2011
Save Document Fiji: Council strategizes disaster risk reduction plansFiji - gov8 Nov 2011
Save Document Asia's next disasterBBC8 Nov 2011
Save Document México: Activa la IP el sistema de alerta temprana en la WebMilenio Diario8 Nov 2011
Save Document Flood-proof mall designs a new priority for Thailand's largest retail developerBangkok Post7 Nov 2011
Save Document India loses nearly $18 billion to disasters - UN ExpertTimes of India, the6 Nov 2011
Save Document New Zealand: Scientists update earthquake probabilities for CanterburyGNS Science4 Nov 2011
Save Document Taiwan: Bangkok flooding holds lesson for worldCNA3 Nov 2011
Save Document Chile: Provincia San Antonio - Minvu realiza estudios de riesgo para 4 comunasDiario Proa Regional3 Nov 2011
Save Document Palestine: 'Is your city prepared?'NNU3 Nov 2011
Save Document Ghana: Time for pulling down of structures on water way – Council of State memberGBN2 Nov 2011
Save Document IRIN: Soon every African village will know what the weather may bringIRIN2 Nov 2011
Save Document Promueven estrategias de urbanismo en evento internacional en CubaPL2 Nov 2011
Save Document China: Disaster prone areas also some of the most inhabitedPeople's Daily Online1 Nov 2011
Save Document Argentina: Jornada sobre impacto de la caída de cenizas volcánicas en ArgentinaLos Andes1 Nov 2011
Save Document Ecuador: Quito ocupa el cuarto puesto de 20 ciudades sensibles a los sismosEl Telégrafo1 Nov 2011
Save Document Role model cities highlight campaign benefitsUNISDR1 Nov 2011
Save Document New info about New Zealand quake has grim detailsMSNBC1 Nov 2011
Save Document España: Lorca acoge del 16 al 18 noviembre jornadas sobre museos y seísmosABC Periódico Electrónico31 Oct 2011
Save Document Perú: Implementan políticas de gestión para prevención de desastres en TrujilloDiario Correo30 Oct 2011
Save Document Turkey: Legislation and awareness needed for earthquake preparednessToday's Zaman30 Oct 2011
Save Document Latinoamérica tiene la 'necesidad urgente' de adaptarse al cambio climáticoTerra Networks Colombia28 Oct 2011
Save Document México: Se reúnen en Aguascalientes expertos en ingeniería sísmicaOrganizacion Editorial Mexicana28 Oct 2011
Save Document Nigeria - Aregbesola tasks town planners on disaster preventionDaily Trust27 Oct 2011
Save Document Allianz SE - Turkey quake: a foreseeable disaster?Allianz27 Oct 2011
Save Document UNISDR: Blocked roads hamper access to flood areas in El SalvadorUNISDR26 Oct 2011
Save Document World’s fastest growing populations increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – 4th global atlas reportsMaplecroft26 Oct 2011
Save Document The Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center at An-Najah University participates in a seminar on the strategic planning for the reduction of disasters risksNNU26 Oct 2011
Save Document Japan: Tokyo to draft new 10-year disaster masterplanFutureGov, Alphabet Media Pte Ltd25 Oct 2011
Save Document After Turkey's earthquake: When will the world wise up about 'natural' disasters?Time25 Oct 2011
Save Document Thailand: In Bangkok, floods expose lacking urban resilienceSmartPlanet, CBS Interactive25 Oct 2011
Save Document Fiji: 'Don't wait for tsunamis'Fiji Times25 Oct 2011
Save Document UN-HABITAT: Strong commitment on disaster risk in MyanmarUN-HABITAT25 Oct 2011
Save Document India: GIS for better planning for Gujarat coastal areasZee News24 Oct 2011

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