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Save Document UNISDR presents disaster risk reduction report at the Organization of American StatesOAS28 Jun 2011
Save Document Research consortium starts study on flood risk management in Bangladeshi and Dutch deltasWageningen Univ27 Jun 2011
Save Document Colorado river flooding linked to San Andreas earthquakesScripps Inst of Oceanography26 Jun 2011
Save Document Sri Lanka receives support for eco-friendly development integrating DRRSunday Observer26 Jun 2011
Save Document Russia: Nuclear safety faults reported - AFPAFP23 Jun 2011
Save Document Pakistan: 'Millions at risk from floods' - UNTRF22 Jun 2011
Save Document Climate information crucial to help reduce risk and limit disaster damageAmerican Red Cross; CCAFS; IFRC; IRI; NOAA, United States of America - gov; OCHA; WFP21 Jun 2011
Save Document Jamaica: Govt launches study to reduce impact of natural hazardsJIS20 Jun 2011
Save Document USA: Major flooding on the Mississippi river predicted to cause largest Gulf of Mexico dead zone ever recordedNOAA, United States of America - gov14 Jun 2011
Save Document Uganda: Increased risk of landslides in Mt Elgon areaNation Media Group8 Jun 2011
Save Document Philippines: Quezon City mayor orders retrofitting of buildingsJournal Online6 Jun 2011
Save Document USA: Major step in improving forecasts of weather extremesScienceDaily5 Jun 2011
Save Document USA: As hurricane season begins, heavy storms are expectedNew York Times1 Jun 2011
Save Document Malaysia: 'Tip-fill’ slopes prime landslide areas - expertFree Malaysia Today31 May 2011
Save Document Malaysia: Authorities asked to check buildings in landslide risk areasBernama30 May 2011
Save Document Middle East: Ramping up disaster preparednessIRIN26 May 2011
Save Document Global warming of the Pacific ocean may bring extreme weather - expertsNew Scientist26 May 2011
Save Document Philippines: Villages wait out rumbling volcanoIRIN25 May 2011
Save Document Waves of disaster, lessons from Japan and New ZealandAGI25 May 2011
Save Document USA: Reshaping the Mississippi for a warmer futureNew Scientist25 May 2011
Save Document USA: 100-year storm risk reduction elevation map released for LouisianaBayoubuzz25 May 2011
Save Document South Africa: Global lessons from Durban's climate change adaptation challengesIRIN24 May 2011
Save Document Sri Lanka: Govt launches Integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment for the N. ProvinceSri Lanka - gov23 May 2011
Save Document Scientists move closer to predicting volcano hazardNERC18 May 2011
Save Document Arab states urged to prioritise disaster risk reductionJordan Times17 May 2011
Save Document NASA mission will observe earth's salty seas for climate cluesNASA, United States of America - gov17 May 2011
Save Document Call for comments: Chair's Summary of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011 and the World Reconstruction ConferenceUNISDR16 May 2011
Save Document Himalayas: Quakes 'could rupture glacial lakes'BBC16 May 2011
Save Document China: Risk map shows parts of nation in most dangerChinaview.cn, Xinhua13 May 2011
Save Document Taskforce recommends new climate services: Framework to save lives, livelihoods and reduce disastersUNISDR12 May 2011
Save Document Should we fear a Mediterranean Fukushima?PPRD South12 May 2011
Save Document Finance, insurance, construction sectors commit to tackle disaster vulnerabilityUNISDR11 May 2011
Save Document Daily report of the Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction - Tuesday 10 May 2011IISD11 May 2011
Save Document 'UN disaster reduction: Is it keeping the customers satisfied?' - Global NetworkGuardian, the10 May 2011
Save Document Economic disaster losses increasing, threatening all regions, rich and poor countries, warns new UN reportUNISDR10 May 2011
Save Document As risks from disasters rise, UN chief calls for better preparednessUNNC10 May 2011
Save Document European Mediterranean and Balkan countries learn risk assessment and mapping using GIS systemsPPRD South5 May 2011
Save Document 'Seas could rise up to 1.6 meters by 2100: study' - ReutersReuters3 May 2011
Save Document Marshall Islands to gather experts at climate conference in New YorkYokwe3 May 2011
Save Document TeraGrid: Paying it forward in the wake of disasterNSF2 May 2011
Save Document NYT: Where to live to avoid a natural hazardNew York Times30 Apr 2011
Save Document S Korea proposes volcano talks with N Korea next weekChinaview.cn, Xinhua28 Apr 2011
Save Document Launch of new 'Climate Risk Knowledge for Water' websiteIRI28 Apr 2011
Save Document Launch of Earth Knowledge Portal & Virtual GlobeGoogle Earth Blog27 Apr 2011
Save Document Modest volcano-monitoring 'can still save lives'SciDevNet27 Apr 2011
Save Document Vietnamese city probes climate risks to development planTRF27 Apr 2011
Save Document IFC study provides framework for analyzing climate impact on ports, helps Colombia adaptIFC27 Apr 2011
Save Document Mudslide-hit Philippine village turns to disaster risk planningTRF27 Apr 2011
Save Document Disasters strike; Purdue experts have been busyJournal & Courier Media Group20 Apr 2011
Save Document Climate change adaptation – start by looking for no-regret optionsCSR Asia19 Apr 2011

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