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Save Document India: Survey to mitigate natural hazardsTelegraph, the17 Apr 2011
Save Document Successful completion of space-based information for disaster preparedness and risk assessment trainingICIMOD17 Apr 2011
Save Document Predicting global climate change and severe weatherCurtin Univ15 Apr 2011
Save Document Monsoons spinning the Earth’s plates - studyANU13 Apr 2011
Save Document Can we better understand natural disasters?Univ of Bristol7 Apr 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Day in the life of a seismologist - IRINIRIN4 Apr 2011
Save Document Colombia: Uniquindío y la ONU suscribieron convenio de mitigación de riesgoLa Cronica del Quindío4 Apr 2011
Save Document Philippines: EMI to conduct needs assessment for disaster preparednessPIA, Philippines - gov4 Apr 2011
Save Document Is the UK’s critical national infrastructure prepared for climate change?CCC4 Apr 2011
Save Document 'Get ready for major disasters' - Jakarta PostJakarta Post, the31 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia: Earthquakes highlight need for regional preparedness, say expertsIRIN31 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: Flood management master plan updatedManila Bulletin, the30 Mar 2011
Save Document US earthquake resilience needs strengthening, says new reportNatl Academies30 Mar 2011
Save Document Myanmar: Earthquake assessments face access hurdlesIRIN29 Mar 2011
Save Document NASA satellites detect extensive drought impact on Amazon forestsNASA, United States of America - gov29 Mar 2011
Save Document NYT: The varied cost of catastrophe - opinionNew York Times29 Mar 2011
Save Document Helping Haitians prepare for the futureUNDP28 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries set out course of action for disaster managementESCAP27 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: '8 of 9 Muntinlupa villages may sink into the ground' - officialPhilstar.com24 Mar 2011
Save Document UK: Two thirds of global firms see climate adaptation as an opportunityBusiness Green23 Mar 2011
Save Document The Debating Chamber - Japan's agony offers key lessons to an increasingly vulnerable worldTRF22 Mar 2011
Save Document S Korea agrees to talk with N Korea on volcano studySeattle Times, the21 Mar 2011
Save Document Japan: 'Research cannot predict the worst' - expertUniv World News, Higher Education Web Publishing Ltd20 Mar 2011
Save Document Haiti: UNDP maps earth's shifts to rebuild city on safer groundsUNDP18 Mar 2011
Save Document Groupama-Predict, une solution innovante étendue à 18 000 communes françaisesGrouprama15 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: Prioritization of ICT-infused ‘disaster science’ pushedNewsbytes Philippines14 Mar 2011
Save Document 'Quakes not increasing, but human risk is' - expertCNN12 Mar 2011
Save Document 'Earthquake-detection technology investment pays off for Japan' - MITMIT11 Mar 2011
Save Document How Japan's earthquake and tsunami warning systems work - MITMIT11 Mar 2011
Save Document In times of dwindling resources, disaster risk reduction is an easy winUNISDR9 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: Orientation on disaster risk reduction starts tomorrowPIA, Philippines - gov8 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: Ifugao creates disaster risk reduction officePIA, Philippines - gov7 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: Legarda urges ASEAN leaders to prioritize risk reduction and climate adaptationPIA, Philippines - gov7 Mar 2011
Save Document Climate change 'will wreak havoc on Britain's coastline by 2050' - studyGuardian, the7 Mar 2011
Save Document SE Europe and Caucasus: WB to help region's resilience to natural hazardsWB3 Mar 2011
Save Document PPRD South contribution to reduce risk of disasters in the MediterraneanPPRD South2 Mar 2011
Save Document Iran: Urban awareness programmes to reduce the impacts of natural hazardsIran Daily1 Mar 2011
Save Document Canada: Bold measures to address landslide risk in VancouverVancouver Sun1 Mar 2011
Save Document 'Building codes saves lives' – UNISDRUNISDR28 Feb 2011
Save Document Sri Lanka: New climate change policy includes adaptation measuresSunday Observer27 Feb 2011
Save Document 'Christchurch earthquake likely to be New Zealand’s worst natural disaster'ICFI24 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: Govt., NGOs prepare for disasters through seminarPIA, Philippines - gov17 Feb 2011
Save Document Climate change doubled likelihood of devastating UK floods of 2000Guardian, the16 Feb 2011
Save Document Maplecroft Environmental Risk Briefing: The human and economic toll of the 2010 / 2011 La NiñaMaplecroft15 Feb 2011
Save Document Trillions of dollars at stake from climate change over next 20 years - a collaborative study led by MercerMercer15 Feb 2011
Save Document Climate adaptation: Can developing countries prepare for a hotter tomorrow?WRI15 Feb 2011
Save Document Australia: Climate change adaptation research grants announcedAustralia - gov15 Feb 2011
Save Document Indonesia: 'Jakarta needs to do risk study on crisis and disaster urgently'Gadjah Mada Univ14 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: Local govts. in Metro Manila commit to make cities resilientPIA, Philippines - gov10 Feb 2011
Save Document China reports progress in natural hazard monitoringPeople's Daily Online10 Feb 2011

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