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Save Document International Day for Disaster Reduction 2011: Children and youth play active role in preventing disasters - MalteserMalteser Intl11 Oct 2011
Save Document Japan: Prime Minister honors contributors to the building of safe and reassuring communitiesJapan - gov11 Oct 2011
Save Document UN Secretary-General urges for PPP in disaster risk reductionPIA9 Oct 2011
Save Document Pakistan President tells UNISDR he will champion disaster risk reductionUNISDR7 Oct 2011
Save Document Plan: Step up for disaster risk reductionPlan Intl6 Oct 2011
Save Document UNISDR invites all children to step up for disaster risk reductionNation, the5 Oct 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Collective efforts to reduce disaster risk stressedFE5 Oct 2011
Save Document Perú: Demandan al gobierno regional cumplir con el mantenimiento de vías del VRAEInfo Region4 Oct 2011
Save Document Uganda Red Cross strengthens disaster risk reduction interventionsUganda Red Cross Society3 Oct 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Climate risk formidable challengeNews Today2 Oct 2011
Save Document Philippines: Pasay preparednessManila Bulletin, the29 Sep 2011
Save Document Ghana: Abibiman launches women & climate change justice hearing 2011Chronicle, the28 Sep 2011
Save Document Perú: Indeci entrega mapa de zonas de peligro ante desastres a municipio de HuancayoAndina28 Sep 2011
Save Document Cultural identity, climate change resilience & ICTsNICCD28 Sep 2011
Save Document India: Handicap International has started Disability InclusiveOrissa Diary27 Sep 2011
Save Document Disaster preparedness saves lives - World BankVoxy27 Sep 2011
Save Document France: Un plan de prévention des risques à BriveGroupe Centre France27 Sep 2011
Save Document UNISDR backs charter to end extreme hungerUNISDR27 Sep 2011
Save Document Jamaica: Landslide risk reduction project comingJamaica Observer, the26 Sep 2011
Save Document México: COBAEV impulsa cultura de la prevenciónImagen del Golfo25 Sep 2011
Save Document Earthquake: A warningDaily Star, the23 Sep 2011
Save Document Colombia: Comunitarias se capacitarán en prevención de desastresVanguardia23 Sep 2011
Save Document Kenya: Bringing pastoralists in from the coldIRIN21 Sep 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Long-term strategy to lessen floods damages urgedNews Intl, the20 Sep 2011
Save Document IFRC: Collaborating to tackle humanitarian consequences of climate-induced migrationIFRC20 Sep 2011
Save Document USA: Joplin tornado offers important lessons for disaster preparednessNOAA, United States of America - gov20 Sep 2011
Save Document Trinidad and Tobago: Challenge in ‘hot spots’Newsday19 Sep 2011
Save Document Ecuador: Profesores de Guayaquil reciben charla sobre gestión de riesgosEl ciudadano14 Sep 2011
Save Document Kenya: What's new on the drought - IRINIRIN13 Sep 2011
Save Document Coping with disaster and preparing for the future: an on-the-ground view of Japan’s earthquake recovery effortBrookings Inst, the13 Sep 2011
Save Document Canada: Communities must be more resilient to deal with climate changeGovernment Buyer, Baum Publications Ltd.13 Sep 2011
Save Document España: La Directora General de Protección Civil y Emergencias del Ministerio del Interior inaugura un Taller sobre Resiliencia en el MediterráneoAsturi.as12 Sep 2011
Save Document USA: 'Can we handle nature's new norm?' part 3Huffington Post12 Sep 2011
Save Document 'Businesses must take the initiative in dealing with disaster'Guardian, the12 Sep 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: DRR in vulnerable communities on the coast of Hatiya IslandGRC9 Sep 2011
Save Document Serbia: 'we are preparing a national platform for fighting disasters'Balkans.com8 Sep 2011
Save Document UNISDR: 'Climate change and migration: the latest evidence'UNISDR7 Sep 2011
Save Document France: Prévenir les feux de forêt et incendiesMidi Libre6 Sep 2011
Save Document Gestion des risques d'inondation en FranceCaisse des Dépôts, France - gov6 Sep 2011
Save Document Myanmar: Climate change ‘poses serious threats’UCAN1 Sep 2011
Save Document Trinidad and Tobago: Red Cross 'changing lives and landscapes'Guardian Trinidad and Tobago29 Aug 2011
Save Document Phililppines: Youth Summit in Llorente develops children, youth as partners in disaster risk reductionPIA28 Aug 2011
Save Document Award-winning mayor organizes first-ever Asian city-to-city study tour and learning event with Sri Lankan mayorsUNISDR AP26 Aug 2011
Save Document UNICEF: Education helps communities in the Philippines better predict, prevent, and prepare for disastersUNICEF25 Aug 2011
Save Document Bolivia: Investigación rescatará experiencias de adaptación al cambio climáticoBolivia.com24 Aug 2011
Save Document Tsunami au Japon: les communautés locales doivent être plus impliquéesAFP23 Aug 2011
Save Document Pakistan's floods: 'No lessons learnt from mistakes'Business Recorder22 Aug 2011
Save Document Ecuador: 'Se debe aprender a tener una cultura de prevención ante los desastres naturales'El ciudadano21 Aug 2011
Save Document 'A safer tomorrow project' launched in Chitral, northern PakistanGroundReport20 Aug 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Villagers hit by 2010 flood feel abandoned by govtNews Intl, the18 Aug 2011

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