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Save Document Waves of disaster, lessons from Japan and New ZealandAGI25 May 2011
Save Document Philippines: Zambo city to build disaster management centre in 2012PIA25 May 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: 'Development and disasters - Monkey and oily bamboo'FE24 May 2011
Save Document Taiwan: Experts gather to discuss potential natural hazardsCNA23 May 2011
Save Document Philippines: Solid disaster risk management urgedManila Bulletin, the22 May 2011
Save Document India: Climate disaster resilience index soon to be released for MumbaiTimes of India, the19 May 2011
Save Document Montserrat represented at FCO/DFID disaster management seminarSKNVibes, Inc.19 May 2011
Save Document Philippines: Makati named 'Role Model City' in UN campaign for resilient citiesPIA18 May 2011
Save Document Arab states urged to prioritise disaster risk reductionJordan Times17 May 2011
Save Document USA: Mississippi floods threaten New OrleansGuardian, the16 May 2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction platform concludes with 14-point commitmentRepublica15 May 2011
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA seeks to sensitize population on flood-riskTribune15 May 2011
Save Document Tuvalu embarks on a mission for a national climate change policySPREP15 May 2011
Save Document Muslim Aid calls for innovative strategies for disaster risk reductionMuslim Aid13 May 2011
Save Document Daily report of the Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction - Wednesday 11 May 2011IISD12 May 2011
Save Document Philippines: National Disaster Consciousness month announced for JulyPIA12 May 2011
Save Document Daily report of the Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction - Tuesday 10 May 2011IISD11 May 2011
Save Document Indonesian president recognized as 'UN champion for disaster risk reduction'UNISDR11 May 2011
Save Document Bahamas: PM - comprehensive report expected from disaster conferenceBahama Journal11 May 2011
Save Document Philippines: Time to prepare for the typhoonsIRIN11 May 2011
Save Document Economic disaster losses increasing, threatening all regions, rich and poor countries, warns new UN reportUNISDR10 May 2011
Save Document As risks from disasters rise, UN chief calls for better preparednessUNNC10 May 2011
Save Document UK committee calls for integration of disaster risk reduction into programmesParliament of the UK, United Kingdom - gov10 May 2011
Save Document Colombia floods: disaster prevention saved lives - expertGuardian, the10 May 2011
Save Document British Red Cross: 'Disaster risk reduction can make a difference'British Red Cross10 May 2011
Save Document Plan International: Young people take part in global disasters conferencePlan Intl10 May 2011
Save Document UN Secretary-General's remarks at launch of the 2011 Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction 2011UNNC10 May 2011
Save Document 'Poverty causes disasters and disasters cause poverty' - CARECI9 May 2011
Save Document Saint Louis and Mexico City feature in new BBC 'Earth Reporters' seriesBBC6 May 2011
Save Document Countries seek new ways to cover cost of catastrophesReuters6 May 2011
Save Document China ups disaster preparedness following devastating 2009 quakeChinaview.cn, Xinhua6 May 2011
Save Document New global initiative seeks to advance disaster preparednessTASW5 May 2011
Save Document Philippines: Partnership strengthens information on disaster risk reductionPIA3 May 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Workshop participants offer support on DRRNews Intl, the3 May 2011
Save Document Indonesia: Government to relocate volcano survivorsIRIN2 May 2011
Save Document TeraGrid: Paying it forward in the wake of disasterNSF2 May 2011
Save Document 'India still long way from disaster mitigation' - expertTimes of India, the30 Apr 2011
Save Document Philippines: Palace seeks government-wide training in disaster preparednessPIA27 Apr 2011
Save Document Nepal: Govt to take stock of disaster prone houses in municipalitiesHimalayan Times27 Apr 2011
Save Document Mudslide-hit Philippine village turns to disaster risk planningTRF27 Apr 2011
Save Document Philippines: Govt-wide training in disaster preparedness pushedChinaview.cn, Xinhua26 Apr 2011
Save Document Australia supports Philippines to reduce risk of disastersABS-CBN26 Apr 2011
Save Document Addressing Central Asia’s severe disaster riskBrookings Inst, the26 Apr 2011
Save Document Benin: World Bank to help address vulnerability and resilienceWB26 Apr 2011
Save Document India: 'Disaster management needs prevention, preparedness & proofing' - ministerScoop News21 Apr 2011
Save Document Japan, Australia pledge to boost disaster cooperationChinaview.cn, Xinhua21 Apr 2011
Save Document Benin: Electoral reform, flood preparedness, challenges facing presidentIRIN18 Apr 2011
Save Document USA: Advocates urge planning for children ahead of stormsSavannahnow18 Apr 2011
Save Document SAARC to push agenda of disaster risk reductionRepublica17 Apr 2011
Save Document Successful completion of space-based information for disaster preparedness and risk assessment trainingICIMOD17 Apr 2011

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