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Save Document Mitigation des séismes: La Confédération poursuit son programme de mesuresSwitzerland - gov30 Jan 2013
Save Document Thailand: 'City, national govt must work together on flood prevention' - ExpertsNation, the28 Jan 2013
Save Document Africa to address post-2015 disaster resilience agendaUNISDR AF24 Jan 2013
Save Document Davos 2013: Four simple environmental ideas to considerRTCC24 Jan 2013
Save Document El Salvador: Inauguran foro permanente para la reducción de vulnerabilidadesLa Prensa Gráfica23 Jan 2013
Save Document Major climate threat to global supply chains identified by new research from the Carbon Disclosure Project and AccentureCDP22 Jan 2013
Save Document Women and girls: The visible force for disaster-resilienceHimalayan Times20 Jan 2013
Save Document La ONU reconoce los avances de A. Latina y el Caribe en mitigación de riesgoEl Nuevo Diario19 Jan 2013
Save Document Xinhua: Entrevista con Margareta Wahlström- Desastres hidrometereológicos, amenaza latente para América LatinaChinaview.cn, Xinhua19 Jan 2013
Save Document Gulf Cooperation Council takes first steps to develop risk reduction road mapUNISDR ROAS18 Jan 2013
Save Document 5 Pacific island nations to be insured against natural disastersWB18 Jan 2013
Save Document Liderará Costa Rica prevención de desastres en CentroaméricaCNE, Costa Rica - gov18 Jan 2013
Save Document Largest Filipino shopping chain joins UNISDR’s advisory groupUNISDR AP17 Jan 2013
Save Document African Union and Red Cross Red Crescent launch world disaster reportAU17 Jan 2013
Save Document Japan: Tokyo prepares for long-overdue 'Big One'DW16 Jan 2013
Save Document Philippines: Legislator bats for land use plan in disaster risk reduction, managementPIA15 Jan 2013
Save Document US: San Francisco earthquake safety questioned as report lists nearly 3,000 potentially dangerous buildingsHuffington Post15 Jan 2013
Save Document This heatwave: Officially brought to you by climate changeGlobal Mail, the14 Jan 2013
Save Document Marine Exploration joins UN Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector PartnershipIn Ovations Holdings; PR Newswire Association LLC.14 Jan 2013
Save Document الأمين العام لمجلس التعاون يفتتح ورشة العمل للحد من مخاطر الكوارثGCC13 Jan 2013
Save Document Analysis: Preparing for urban disasters - Challenges and recommendationsIRIN10 Jan 2013
Save Document Pakistan's space commission initiates flood inundation, hazard mappingNews Intl, the9 Jan 2013
Save Document Building resilience to global risks - OpinionWEF8 Jan 2013
Save Document Opinion: Tracking proposals on future development goalsODI8 Jan 2013
Save Document Maryland, USA: Sea level initative inkedDispatch, the4 Jan 2013
Save Document Ready for disastersFiji Times3 Jan 2013
Save Document Philippines: Typhoon 'Quinta' highlighted importance of disaster preparednessPIA2 Jan 2013
Save Document Online registration opens for Asian Development Bank's 46th annual meetingADB2 Jan 2013
Save Document Fiji to host Pacific platform for disaster risk managementFiji Times28 Dec 2012
Save Document Bolivia: Resilience in harmony with Mother EarthUNISDR AM27 Dec 2012
Save Document Islamic Relief says businesses have a role to play in DRR at the World Islamic Economic ForumIslamic Relief Worldwide27 Dec 2012
Save Document Sri Lanka: Insurance and more for disaster preparednessDaily News26 Dec 2012
Save Document 'Bioshields best defence against disasters' - IPSIPS26 Dec 2012
Save Document It could be you: Winner of 'Sing for Preparedness' competitionGrenada Red Cross; OECS; UNDP Barbados25 Dec 2012
Save Document Canada: Unshaken complacency - Unprepared for quakeColumbian, the24 Dec 2012
Save Document Bolivia: Municipios buscan la resiliencia ante los desastresPrensa, la20 Dec 2012
Save Document Lebanon: DHL Express and UNDP run refresher of preparedness programme 'Get Airports Ready for Disaster'AME20 Dec 2012
Save Document Asia and the economics of disasters: The 'Inside story'UNISDR19 Dec 2012
Save Document Step up for disaster risk reduction: Appreciate, encourage and empower the female voiceBetter India, the19 Dec 2012
Save Document US: An ounce of prevention - Increasing resiliency to climate related extreme weatherCAP18 Dec 2012
Save Document How preparing for disasters is critical for Apec economiesBangkok Post17 Dec 2012
Save Document Russian Ministry of Natural Resources wants a global climate modelRBTH17 Dec 2012
Save Document UN-Habitat seeks partner cities for resilience programmeUN-HABITAT12 Dec 2012
Save Document Philippines: Senator Legarda - Learn to adapt to evolving weather systemPhilstar.com12 Dec 2012
Save Document UNISDR seeks nominations for 2013 UN Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk ReductionUNISDR12 Dec 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Flood - corporate sector to the rescueTHISDAY7 Dec 2012
Save Document Manila links typhoon to climate changeFT7 Dec 2012
Save Document Disasters: Slow-onset disasters take tollIRIN7 Dec 2012
Save Document Japan to host World Conference on Disaster Risk ReductionUNISDR NY6 Dec 2012
Save Document Scientific cooperation agreement with South Africa's Space AgencyJRC6 Dec 2012

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