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Save Document Pakistan, UN seek to cut risk of glacial lake floodsTRF28 Jan 2013
Save Document Africa to address post-2015 disaster resilience agendaUNISDR AF24 Jan 2013
Save Document Davos 2013: Four simple environmental ideas to considerRTCC24 Jan 2013
Save Document Indonesia: Jakarta flooding highlights prevention gapsIRIN24 Jan 2013
Save Document World Bank supports climate change resiliency and improved health and nutrition in MozambiqueWB24 Jan 2013
Save Document Major climate threat to global supply chains identified by new research from the Carbon Disclosure Project and AccentureCDP22 Jan 2013
Save Document Women need more adaptation funding, activists chargeTRF21 Jan 2013
Save Document Disaster resilience norms may become mandatoryHindu, The21 Jan 2013
Save Document 5 Pacific island nations to be insured against natural disastersWB18 Jan 2013
Save Document Watershed protection schemes growing, China takes leadTRF17 Jan 2013
Save Document Who will be the Green Stars in 2013? Nominations openGCI; OCHA17 Jan 2013
Save Document Mainstreaming matters - The case of Sri LankaRCC16 Jan 2013
Save Document UNDP supports the government of Liberia in launching the 'Making Cities Resilient campaign'UNDP Liberia14 Jan 2013
Save Document What next for the Green Climate Fund after Doha dud?RTCC11 Jan 2013
Save Document Building resilience to global risks - OpinionWEF8 Jan 2013
Save Document Where is climate adaptation funding going? A new project aims to find outWRI8 Jan 2013
Save Document USA: Hurricane Sandy relief bill fails to face coastal realities - OpinionYale Uni7 Jan 2013
Save Document Government of Nepal publishes plan for assessment of the cost of climate changeCDKN4 Jan 2013
Save Document Online registration opens for Asian Development Bank's 46th annual meetingADB2 Jan 2013
Save Document UK: Year of extremes shows cuts to flood fund were short-sighted, say criticsNorthcliffe Media2 Jan 2013
Save Document Sri Lanka: President assures alternate lands for those affectedSri Lanka - gov31 Dec 2012
Save Document Jamaica: Multi-agency climate change adaptation project meeting targetsJamaica Observer, the30 Dec 2012
Save Document ADB grants $251m loans to Viet NamVietNamNet27 Dec 2012
Save Document Islamic Relief says businesses have a role to play in DRR at the World Islamic Economic ForumIslamic Relief Worldwide27 Dec 2012
Save Document 2004 tsunami and the fight against disaster amnesiaJakarta Post, the26 Dec 2012
Save Document Creating resilient cities for a safer futureDBS26 Dec 2012
Save Document Science key to reducing impacts of future natural hazards in developing countriesUniv of Cambridge24 Dec 2012
Save Document Local communities stake claim in protecting disaster-prone AsiaIPS24 Dec 2012
Save Document A sense of place key to disaster recoveryJCU21 Dec 2012
Save Document US$6.7 billion floodgates to protect Venice in 2014UNISDR EUR21 Dec 2012
Save Document Preliminary info on 2012 US billion-dollar extreme weather/climate eventsNOAA, United States of America - gov21 Dec 2012
Save Document 'US Senate aims to cut Sandy aid bill down to $24 bln' - ReutersTRF20 Dec 2012
Save Document Asia and the economics of disasters: The 'Inside story'UNISDR19 Dec 2012
Save Document Sigma preliminary estimates for 2012: Insurers to pay for close to half of the USD 140 billion in economic losses caused by natural catastrophes and man-made disastersSwiss Re19 Dec 2012
Save Document Green and inclusive project to benefit the Horn of AfricaAfDB19 Dec 2012
Save Document US: An ounce of prevention - Increasing resiliency to climate related extreme weatherCAP18 Dec 2012
Save Document Italy seeks EUR 40 billion for flood preventionUNISDR EUR18 Dec 2012
Save Document Preparing for the worst – It needn't cost the earthPublicService.co.uk Ltd18 Dec 2012
Save Document How preparing for disasters is critical for Apec economiesBangkok Post17 Dec 2012
Save Document Too big to flood? Megacities face a future of major storm risksGuardian, the17 Dec 2012
Save Document Russian Ministry of Natural Resources wants a global climate modelRBTH17 Dec 2012
Save Document ADB to provide 35 mln USD to Cambodia for drought, flood mitigationChina.com.cn, China.org.cn13 Dec 2012
Save Document Weather extremes push Sri Lanka to adopt crop insuranceTRF13 Dec 2012
Save Document Berkeley Lab research finds the insurance industry paying increasing attention to climate changeDOE, United States of America - gov13 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate change: In the twilight zone - A personal account of DohaIRIN12 Dec 2012
Save Document Canada: Metro Vancouver dike improvements could cost $9.5 billion by 2100: new reportVancouver Sun12 Dec 2012
Save Document Floods deaths down but economic losses significantUNISDR AP11 Dec 2012
Save Document Australia: 'Doha sets up $3bn hit for taxpayers as climate deal fails to deliver on emissions targets'Australian, the10 Dec 2012
Save Document Disaster risk will climb: ExpertsAPN News & Media10 Dec 2012
Save Document Doha climate gateway: The reactionGuardian, the10 Dec 2012

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