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Save Document Australia: 3D mapping touted as flood controlAPN News & Media20 Sep 2012
Save Document Climate change and Africa's enduring instabilityETH13 Sep 2012
Save Document How vulnerable could your city be to climate impacts?EEA4 Sep 2012
Save Document Lancement d'une campagne de mesures intensives pour mieux prévoir les évènements extrêmes du pourtour méditerranéenCNRS30 Aug 2012
Save Document Turkmenistan monitors earthquake resistance of buildings under constructionTrend29 Aug 2012
Save Document Bolivia: Gestión de riesgosRazón, la28 Aug 2012
Save Document US: Federal, state and local parnters team up to identify Texas coastal flood risksFEMA, United States of America - gov20 Aug 2012
Save Document China: 'Cities, prepare for a rainy day' - OpinionChina Daily17 Aug 2012
Save Document Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Viet Nam at highest economic risk from natural hazards – Global studyMaplecroft15 Aug 2012
Save Document Australia helps the Philippines brace for disastersAusAid, Australia - gov10 Aug 2012
Save Document Australia: GA scientists share disaster knowledgePS News3 Aug 2012
Save Document Niger: Strengthening of local capacity in disaster risk reductionWorld Vision Germany1 Aug 2012
Save Document Mapping the future of climate change in AfricaUniv of Texas1 Aug 2012
Save Document India: Major achievements of Ministry of Earth Sciences in 2011-12PIB27 Jul 2012
Save Document Pakistan working to provide disaster risk insurance for its 180 million populationSDPI25 Jul 2012
Save Document FEMA grants nearly $4.6 million to North Carolina to update flood maps and flood risk dataFEMA, United States of America - gov25 Jul 2012
Save Document UNOSAT and UNICEF involve young students in collaborative DRR mappingUNITAR25 Jul 2012
Save Document Water maps spark concern about 'liquid gold rush'TRF24 Jul 2012
Save Document Philippines: Senator Legarda urges President Aquino to lead disaster-resilient governanceSun Star19 Jul 2012
Save Document Earth-observing camera to launch to international space stationNASA, United States of America - gov19 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate change could bring about more landside disasters, experts sayVancouver Sun18 Jul 2012
Save Document The Daily Star: Deadly megaquake on Lebanon’s horizonDaily Star, the16 Jul 2012
Save Document Le Senegal est pionnier d'un project Panafricain de gestion des risques et de reduction de la dependence sur l'aide exterieureAU; WFP14 Jul 2012
Save Document Senegal: The government is pionneering a Panafrican risk pool for disaster risk managementAU; WFP13 Jul 2012
Save Document Perú: Minam advierte vulnerabilidad en regiones por fenómeno El NiñoAndina8 Jul 2012
Save Document Africa: New technologies allow better planning for natural disastersWB4 Jul 2012
Save Document UNISDR says Google has opportunity to save livesUNISDR AP2 Jul 2012
Save Document Too little water, too many droughtsWB2 Jul 2012
Save Document Using information and communication technology to protect citizens against natural disastersWB27 Jun 2012
Save Document Caribbean urged to prepare for a tsunamiUNISDR AM8 Jun 2012
Save Document Flood risk reduction system developed for communitiesCDEMA4 Jun 2012
Save Document Terremoto in Italia: Geologi Campania, regione avanti in prevenzione con 'microzonazione'La Repubblica30 May 2012
Save Document Italy: Cluster quakes and new risksCorriere della Sera30 May 2012
Save Document Gambia: NDMA validates draft DRR capacity assessment reportNDMA, Gambia - gov29 May 2012
Save Document UNOSAT delivers GIS training in disaster risk management to experts in AsiaUNOSAT25 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Sisma - L'Aquila 6.3, Emilia 6 'Eventi molto diversi'La Repubblica21 May 2012
Save Document Jamaica: $219 million allocated to disaster risk reduction projectJIS18 May 2012
Save Document WB/Mexico: Modernization of national meteorological service for improved climate change adaptationWB17 May 2012
Save Document Open data and mapping for disasters and developmentWB16 May 2012
Save Document Participatory 3D mapping: A tool for disaster risk reductionCliff Hague World View15 May 2012
Save Document Kenya: Using technology to counter floodsEast African Business Week Ltd.12 May 2012
Save Document China-Japan-Republic of Korea cooperation in the field of disaster management as wellChina Daily11 May 2012
Save Document Ships could provide earlier tsunami warningsMSNBC9 May 2012
Save Document Enhancing local capacities for disaster preparedness in Colombia: Plan Germany starts new projectPlan Germany7 May 2012
Save Document Climate change: what do models predict for Europe?EEA7 May 2012
Save Document Thailand: Flood-prevention plans need vigilanceBangkok Post4 May 2012
Save Document Climate change education for sustainable development programmeSudan Vision Daily1 May 2012
Save Document Insurance meddling risks disasterNews Digital Media27 Apr 2012
Save Document Using GIS for disaster risk reductionUNISDR24 Apr 2012
Save Document Necessity for comprehensive urban risk reductionFE22 Apr 2012

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