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Save Document Ban: A global strategy for disaster risk - OpinionProject Syndicate11 Mar 2015
Save Document ECLAC’s new disaster unit to provide unprecedented assistance to entire Latin America and Caribbean regionSt Kitts-Nevis Observer11 Mar 2015
Save Document Japan: Sendai conference aims to muster ‘political weight’ to reduce disaster risksJapan Times Ltd., the11 Mar 2015
Save Document ODI: Failure to link up with other global agreements in 2015 could spell disaster for Sendai deal - OpinionTRF11 Mar 2015
Save Document Thailand: Prime Minister Prayut to attend World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, JapanPattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd.11 Mar 2015
Save Document Coalition of the willing needed for disaster relief - OpinionJapan Times Ltd., the10 Mar 2015
Save Document UN Secretary-General’s breakfast of champions in SendaiUNISDR10 Mar 2015
Save Document UNICEF: Disaster risk reduction: What’s at stake for children at Sendai? - OpinionUNICEF10 Mar 2015
Save Document UNDP and Japan to support elections, reduce vulnerabilities in Haiti - Press releaseUNDP10 Mar 2015
Save Document WCDRR 2015: Flood prevention key for Dutch delegation in Sendai, JapanNWP10 Mar 2015
Save Document Rwanda and Japan commend bilateral relationsRwanda - gov10 Mar 2015
Save Document Investing in disaster resilience vital for region — UNJamaica Observer, the9 Mar 2015
Save Document On the road to Sendai, UNDP draws on 10 years of experienceUNDP9 Mar 2015
Save Document India, China plan disaster management agendaTimes of India, the8 Mar 2015
Save Document Getting disaster resilience right - op edEurasia Review6 Mar 2015
Save Document Ten year review finds 87% of disasters climate-relatedUNISDR6 Mar 2015
Save Document Sendai disaster confab kicks off important year for sustainability: BanJapan Times Ltd., the5 Mar 2015
Save Document UN prepares for disaster deal to address climate change risk - OpinionRTCC5 Mar 2015
Save Document EU welcomes progress shown on disaster risk reduction by UN report ahead of Sendai World ConferenceEU5 Mar 2015
Save Document UNDP: Why is disaster risk governance so essential?UNDP5 Mar 2015
Save Document UN Secretary-General: World threatened by dangerous and unacceptable levels of risk from disasters - Press releaseUNISDR4 Mar 2015
Save Document UNDP: Serbia launches the National Disaster Management ProgramUNDP Serbia4 Mar 2015
Save Document Disasters have same human impact as tuberculosis - UNTRF4 Mar 2015
Save Document UN recognizes Hoboken as a role model cityUNISDR; UNISDR NY3 Mar 2015
Save Document Indonesia and Netherlands launch large coastal safety initiative in Java - Press releaseWetlands Intl3 Mar 2015
Save Document Inclusion, coordination in focus as Sendai loomsUNISDR AP3 Mar 2015
Save Document Líderes locales difunden el Plan de Emergencias MunicipalAyuntamiento de La Laguna, Spain - gov3 Mar 2015
Save Document Jack McConnell: 'disaster response, resilience and recovery' should be included in UN development goals - OpinionHolyrood2 Mar 2015
Save Document Barbados makes significant strides in tsunami preparednessNation News, Nation Pub Co Ltd - Barbados2 Mar 2015
Save Document Climate change 'like a cancer'UNISDR AP26 Feb 2015
Save Document For a call from Manila - OpinionHuffington Post26 Feb 2015
Save Document What role can business play in dealing with disasters? - OpinionWEF25 Feb 2015
Save Document US: Who doesn’t love a good tsunami warning system?Civil Beat24 Feb 2015
Save Document Japan’s private sector puts focus on resilience and risk-sensitivity as World Conference loomsUNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP24 Feb 2015
Save Document GAR15 to seek fresh startUNISDR23 Feb 2015
Save Document Australia: Lessons learnt from 2013 to be applied to cycloneObserver, the20 Feb 2015
Save Document UN ESCAP: The road to Sendai - Building resilience to disasters priority for Asia-Pacific regionESCAP20 Feb 2015
Save Document UK: Beyond the Thames Barrier - How safe is London from another major flood?Guardian, the19 Feb 2015
Save Document US: Philanthropy and government underscore a framework for resilience in the face of disasterUrban Inst19 Feb 2015
Save Document Malawi: Government and partners embark on post disaster needs assessmentMANA, Malawi - gov18 Feb 2015
Save Document India seeks global adaptation goal in Paris treatyIndia Climate Dialogue17 Feb 2015
Save Document Africa analysis: The need for flood forecasting systemSciDevNet16 Feb 2015
Save Document Rwandan senate votes unanimously the first ever disaster management billCoastweek Newspapers Ltd16 Feb 2015
Save Document Experts brainstorm ways to fund cities to withstand disastersTRF16 Feb 2015
Save Document Philippines: 9 years after the landslide, how is Guinsaugon?Rappler15 Feb 2015
Save Document UN drafts targets to cut disaster-induced losses by 2030Japan Times Ltd., the15 Feb 2015
Save Document Australia: Farm Institute's report urges dry season ‘preparedness’Land, the, Fairfax Media13 Feb 2015
Save Document UNDP: Lebanon’s storm preparedness helps response planUNDP Lebanon13 Feb 2015
Save Document Philippines: Climate change adaptation in farming - FeaturePIA, Philippines - gov12 Feb 2015
Save Document UNICEF: Climate justice - The road to Sendai and ParisUNICEF EAPRO12 Feb 2015

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