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Save Document Climate change: Pakistan must invest in adaptation - OpinionNPG15 Oct 2014
Save Document Wild weather forces climate adaptation on Europe's political agendaGuardian, the14 Oct 2014
Save Document South Africa’s pledge for older personsUNISDR AF14 Oct 2014
Save Document Extreme weather driving countries to adapt to climate changeEEA14 Oct 2014
Save Document Sri Lanka: Today, 13 October, is International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) dealing with disastersDailyFT13 Oct 2014
Save Document Red Cross EU Office: Investing in disaster resilience saves lives and moneyRed Cross EU Office13 Oct 2014
Save Document US Department of Defense releases 2014 climate change adaptation roadmapDoD, United States of America - gov13 Oct 2014
Save Document Scientists needed for risk reductionUNISDR EUR7 Oct 2014
Save Document Spain: Quake Mayor’s focus on elderly wins awardUNISDR EUR6 Oct 2014
Save Document Towards the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction and beyondUNISDR EUR6 Oct 2014
Save Document Spain calls for action on disaster riskUNISDR EUR6 Oct 2014
Save Document Neglected disaster plan deepens Pakistan's climate vulnerability - OpinionTRF1 Oct 2014
Save Document Peru: Authorities launch the national plan for disaster risk management for 2014-2021WFP1 Oct 2014
Save Document Thailand: Rising sea 'could ruin east coast in 30 years'Nation, the29 Sep 2014
Save Document EU Civil Protection Mechanism welcomes Montenegro as future memberECHO29 Sep 2014
Save Document Development sins and climate changeDaily Times29 Sep 2014
Save Document Seychelles: World Bank funding to help improve emergency and economic resilienceWB26 Sep 2014
Save Document Resilience planning – Some do’s and don’tsIRIN26 Sep 2014
Save Document Give people worst-hit by climate change a voice - ActivistsTRF25 Sep 2014
Save Document Climate Summit boost for resilient citiesUNISDR25 Sep 2014
Save Document Australia: Natural disaster funding arrangementsAustralia - gov25 Sep 2014
Save Document UN-convened coalition considers financial reporting rules on disaster resilienceUNISDR24 Sep 2014
Save Document Opinion: A quiet transformation in climate changeEco-Business24 Sep 2014
Save Document UN begins talks on SDGs, ‘carrying the hopes of millions and millions’Guardian, the24 Sep 2014
Save Document Opinion: Time to 'follow' the floods in IndiaCDKN24 Sep 2014
Save Document Interview: Climate change threatens achievement of MDGs - UNDP officialChinaview.cn, Xinhua23 Sep 2014
Save Document ACS sets aside $ millions for disaster risk reductionGuardian Trinidad and Tobago22 Sep 2014
Save Document ASEAN economic integration should be climate-resilientRappler22 Sep 2014
Save Document Humanitarianism and climate change: Let's rethink the futureDevex22 Sep 2014
Save Document New York, US: Governor Cuomo signs Community Risk and Resiliency ActGovernor of NY State, United States of America - gov22 Sep 2014
Save Document UN official extols Cuban preparedness in case of disastersCubaSí19 Sep 2014
Save Document What Arab youth really want post-2015UNISDR ROAS18 Sep 2014
Save Document US: Climate change a national security issue, say local and national leaders from Pacific NorthwestECSP18 Sep 2014
Save Document From the mouths of babes: Children on the frontlines of climate changeHuffington Post; Plan Intl18 Sep 2014
Save Document Arab States seek action on drought and food securityUNISDR ROAS17 Sep 2014
Save Document CBD Secretariat issues notification on disaster risk reductionIISD17 Sep 2014
Save Document ICLEI - Gobiernos locales por la sustentabilidad realizan XII congreso nacional “Ruta climática a Lima 2014 y Paris 2015.”ICLEI - Local Gov for Sust; UNISDR AM17 Sep 2014
Save Document Fixing the cracks in the Himalayas to avert another Kashmir-like tragedyEconomic Times, the16 Sep 2014
Save Document Make women agents for resilienceUNISDR ROAS16 Sep 2014
Save Document Arabs meet on post-2015 HFAUNISDR ROAS15 Sep 2014
Save Document Philippines: Women can be frontliners in climate and disaster resilience efforts - LegardaOffice of Sen Loren Legarda, Philippines - gov14 Sep 2014
Save Document Thailand: Flood-zone locals say no to new damsBangkok Post14 Sep 2014
Save Document UN General Assembly and Climate Summit: Switzerland advocates for more security, UN reforms and climate protectionSwitzerland - gov12 Sep 2014
Save Document India: Kashmir flood disaster worsened by risks being ignored - expertsTRF11 Sep 2014
Save Document Resilience goes mainstreamDevex11 Sep 2014
Save Document Adapting to climate change can’t be left to the wild west of the markets - OpinionGuardian, the10 Sep 2014
Save Document International forum calls for focus on disaster recoveryEU; GFDRR; UNDP; WB10 Sep 2014
Save Document Urban risk and the revised HFAUNISDR; UNISDR EUR10 Sep 2014
Save Document Is adaptation an option for small island nations and coastal regions?WWF9 Sep 2014
Save Document UK: UN hails Greater Manchester as a role model for total resilienceUNISDR EUR8 Sep 2014

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