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Save Document UK: Two million households 'do not realise they are living on flood plains'Telegraph Media Group Ltd9 Jul 2014
Save Document Singapore steps up efforts to weather future climate changeEco-Business9 Jul 2014
Save Document European ministers call for accountability in reducing disaster lossesUNISDR EUR9 Jul 2014
Save Document Philippines: Reconstructing after Yolanda - Potential gaps and stumbling blocksRappler9 Jul 2014
Save Document Bangladesh and climate change: Time to change the narrative?RTCC7 Jul 2014
Save Document Creative ways cities can fight the climate change 'slow tsunami'GreenBiz7 Jul 2014
Save Document Geneva milestone on road to SendaiUNISDR7 Jul 2014
Save Document Palau first to start work on national broadcasters' climate and disaster resilience planSPREP7 Jul 2014
Save Document Foro virtual de discusión sobre gestión integral del riesgo y adaptación al cambio climático para la conservación del patrimonio cultural y naturalUNISDR AM7 Jul 2014
Save Document China celebrates the Hyogo Framework for ActionUNISDR AP4 Jul 2014
Save Document Ivoirian floods highlight disaster preparedness shortcomingsIRIN4 Jul 2014
Save Document Kyrgyz Republic assesses over 3,000 schoolsUNISDR AP2 Jul 2014
Save Document Sucre en Venezuela se prepara para ser un municipio sostenible y resilienteUNISDR AM2 Jul 2014
Save Document Italy: 83 mayors in quake zone join UNISDR campaignUNISDR EUR1 Jul 2014
Save Document Strengthening cooperation and collaboration between local governments: Second call for proposals for the exchange of experiences on the integration of DRM and adaptation to climate change in the development process at the local levelUNISDR AM1 Jul 2014
Save Document The race to adaptIRIN1 Jul 2014
Save Document RMS partners with the UNISDR and the World Bank to advance global catastrophe resilienceRMS1 Jul 2014
Save Document UK: Insurers seek clarity over tangible returns from infrastructure investmentPost1 Jul 2014
Save Document Municipios del Mes: Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador, ciudad resiliente ante eventos volcánicos.UNISDR AM1 Jul 2014
Save Document Programa de gestión y reducción del riesgo de desastres en las zonas Alto Andinas del PerúUNISDR AM1 Jul 2014
Save Document Interview with Margareta Wahlström, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk ReductionIVM30 Jun 2014
Save Document India's preparedness for natural disasters called into questionTRF30 Jun 2014
Save Document New Zealand: Christchurch earthquake recovery a seismic flop - OpinionEmergency Management magazine29 Jun 2014
Save Document Bangkok Declaration adoptedUNISDR AP26 Jun 2014
Save Document UNDP and IFRC warn of legal gaps in disaster risk managementIFRC26 Jun 2014
Save Document Community resilience tops UN's disaster relief agendaIPS; TRF26 Jun 2014
Save Document Positive references to disability in DRR outcome documentCBM Intl26 Jun 2014
Save Document Are you prepared?Huffington Post26 Jun 2014
Save Document DRR must go local says AsiaUNISDR AP25 Jun 2014
Save Document Disaster laws can make a differenceUNISDR AP25 Jun 2014
Save Document Thai PBS scoops inaugural DRR media awardUNISDR AP25 Jun 2014
Save Document UK: Prince Charles backs revision of HFAUNISDR25 Jun 2014
Save Document España, Santa Cruz de Tenerife: El Cabildo elabora el primer manual de protección de incendios en las ciudades patrimonio de la humanidad de EuropaTenerife Gov, Spain - gov25 Jun 2014
Save Document UNISDR Chief: 'Recapture spirit of 2005'UNISDR AP24 Jun 2014
Save Document Asia meets on Post-2015 DRR frameworkUNISDR AP23 Jun 2014
Save Document Georgieva considers Commission’s 'clusterisation'EurActiv Network23 Jun 2014
Save Document UNISDR llama a postulaciones para Premio sobre Reducción del Riesgo de DesastresUNISDR AM23 Jun 2014
Save Document Moving on from vulnerabilityCBM Intl22 Jun 2014
Save Document Asia can show the way in building disaster resilienceTRF; UNISDR20 Jun 2014
Save Document Thailand fully ready for 6th AMCDRRNNT, Thailand - gov19 Jun 2014
Save Document India: Majority of early warning systems dysfunctional in Kerala - ReportTimes of India, the18 Jun 2014
Save Document US: Calif. drought plan would build reservoirs, clean up drinking waterTRF18 Jun 2014
Save Document DRR yet to take off in Afghanistan: OpinionDevex17 Jun 2014
Save Document Climate change must be part of new global development goals: OpinionCI; TRF16 Jun 2014
Save Document Mérida, Venezuela formalizó su intención de ser una ciudad resiliente.UNISDR AM13 Jun 2014
Save Document Brazil scores at DRR too!UNISDR AM12 Jun 2014
Save Document Philippines: Australia, UNDP support climate and disaster risk reduction and management in Typhoon Yolanda-affected areasCCC, Philippines - gov11 Jun 2014
Save Document EU agrees tougher nuclear safety rules after Fukushima disasterReuters11 Jun 2014
Save Document Small island developing state event aims for alliancesSciDevNet11 Jun 2014
Save Document Thailand to host 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk ReductionNNT, Thailand - gov8 Jun 2014

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