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Save Document Lao farmers need no ‘magic’ to adapt to climate changeMindaNews24 Sep 2013
Save Document Disaster risk education starts with the young in the PhilippinesIFRC24 Sep 2013
Save Document Chinese government sees its own reflection in water crisisTRF23 Sep 2013
Save Document People with disabilities: A power for change not a burdenUNISDR AP20 Sep 2013
Save Document India's small farmers turn hydrologists to battle droughtTRF20 Sep 2013
Save Document To deal with worsening drought, Pakistan turns to olivesTRF19 Sep 2013
Save Document What's the best way of communicating climate change uncertainties?TRF18 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: How to make disasters less deadly for the disabledIRIN16 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: When the water runs dry, the ideas flowIRIN13 Sep 2013
Save Document Its reputation tarnished, Indonesia tries to prevent next firesTRF13 Sep 2013
Save Document Massive groundwater pumping in Asia may poison millions - StudyIRIN12 Sep 2013
Save Document South Korea pledges $40 million to Green Climate FundRTCC10 Sep 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Voices from the field: Meet Rashedul, empowered and prepared in the event of a disasterCBM Intl10 Sep 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Resilience academies to connect climate change research, policy and practiceIIED10 Sep 2013
Save Document Floods have halved Pakistan's economic growth - ExpertTRF9 Sep 2013
Save Document Setting Bangladesh on a new path towards disaster resilienceDT9 Sep 2013
Save Document San Francisco, Philippines: LCTMNHS wins the 'Battle for the brain, skills and talent for DRR 2013'Sanfran, Philippines - gov8 Sep 2013
Save Document The Urban Resource Center official opening and the provisional Myanmar national building code handed-over to Ministry of ConstructionMyanmar - gov; UN-HABITAT ROAP6 Sep 2013
Save Document C40 & Siemens inaugural City Climate Leadership Awards honour ten cities for excellence in urban sustainabilitySiemens Australia5 Sep 2013
Save Document US: Experts team up on tsunami resilience in CaliforniaUSGS, United States of America - gov4 Sep 2013
Save Document Disability survey: 'Take my wisdom, not my dignity'UNISDR3 Sep 2013
Save Document Japan: Tokyo needs to be better prepared for fires spawned by earthquakes - OpinionAsahi Shimbun2 Sep 2013
Save Document Radiation readings spike at water tank at Japan's ruined nuclear plantTRF1 Sep 2013
Save Document UNISDR Champion tackles land degradation in the PhilippinesUNISDR30 Aug 2013
Save Document 'Sustaining the disaster preparedness message' – Establishing local information resource centers for disaster risk reduction in MyanmarADPC29 Aug 2013
Save Document India must stop viewing disasters as acts of God – reportTRF29 Aug 2013
Save Document Kashmir could face disaster like Uttarakhand's - ExpertsTRF29 Aug 2013
Save Document Yemen flash floods damage IDP campsIRIN28 Aug 2013
Save Document Mitigation without adaptation can leave communities vulnerable — StudyCIFOR27 Aug 2013
Save Document APEC targets reduced disaster riskAPEC26 Aug 2013
Save Document Pakistan: Model early warning system in MansehraDawn Media Group25 Aug 2013
Save Document Asia: Joint efforts needed to reduce disaster damage and casualtiesJakarta Post, the23 Aug 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Denmark to help implement climate change adaptation projectFE22 Aug 2013
Save Document Lebanon embarks on regional first with disaster risk planUNISDR ROAS21 Aug 2013
Save Document Philippines floods: Sustainability serves as the centerpiece of Save the Children’s relief strategyTRF21 Aug 2013
Save Document Japan's Fukushima nuclear crisis deepensTRF21 Aug 2013
Save Document Philippine floods hit business hardBBC20 Aug 2013
Save Document Pakistan: Children can play an important role in disaster preparednessAHRC19 Aug 2013
Save Document World Bank urges climate change adaptation support for the MaldivesMinivan News16 Aug 2013
Save Document Insight - After disaster, the deadliest part of Japan's nuclear clean-upTRF14 Aug 2013
Save Document Malawi, Vietnam and Zambia: Farmers struggle to adopt climate-smart methodsFAO Headquarters14 Aug 2013
Save Document Vietnam looks to include disabled people in climate change action planIRIN14 Aug 2013
Save Document Thailand: Centres to help people in two cities cope with climate changeNation, the13 Aug 2013
Save Document First monsoon flooding tests preparedness in PakistanIRIN12 Aug 2013
Save Document Nepal: Kathmandu unveils a plan to ward off natural disastersKantipur Publications11 Aug 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Reconstructing now for better prevention in the futureTerre des Hommes7 Aug 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Improving disaster risk reduction in river islandsDaily Star, the6 Aug 2013
Save Document تخريج دورة في مجال تصميم المنشآت لمقاومة الزلازل ضمن فعاليات مشروع تخفيف مخاطر الزلازل في فلسطينNNU6 Aug 2013
Save Document لجنة تطبيق الكود الزلزالي للمباني تجتمع في رام الله وتناقش برامجها المستقبليةNNU6 Aug 2013
Save Document Taiwan gives $213,000 for Belize to manage natural disastersReporter, the5 Aug 2013

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