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Save Document Jordan: Petra joins UNISDR cities campaignUNISDR ROAS19 Mar 2013
Save Document Arab States seek agreement on reducing disaster risk at UN-backed conferenceUNNC19 Mar 2013
Save Document Jordan: Aqaba hosts meeting on reducing disaster risk in Arab statesGazzetta del Sud, S.E.S. Società Editrice Sud19 Mar 2013
Save Document دخول البتراء إلى حملة المدن الآمنة عالمياًAlrai19 Mar 2013
Save Document Experts seek to unify Arab policies on disaster risk reductionJordan Times19 Mar 2013
Save Document UN session urges greater focus on risk reduction as water-related crises set to growTRF18 Mar 2013
Save Document Resilient agriculture, water reservoirs crucial for Pakistan - scientistsTRF18 Mar 2013
Save Document Jordan sticks with HFA despite refugee crisisUNISDR ROAS18 Mar 2013
Save Document Western China has built the world's largest earthquake early warning system networkSOLUZION18 Mar 2013
Save Document Climate change adaptation as a new academic disciplineUniv World News, Higher Education Web Publishing Ltd16 Mar 2013
Save Document Pakistan: Hailstorm takes residents by surpriseNews Intl, the15 Mar 2013
Save Document Central Asia meets on HFA2UNISDR14 Mar 2013
Save Document Two years after the tsunami: Mainstreaming disaster risk managementWB13 Mar 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: 'Disaster preparedness at UP level in sorry state' - OpinionFE13 Mar 2013
Save Document UNISDR Chief returns to tsunami affected townUNISDR11 Mar 2013
Save Document Japan: Fukushima’s futureProject Syndicate10 Mar 2013
Save Document Two years after Fukushima, Japan worries about the next big quakeTime10 Mar 2013
Save Document Indonesian volcano survivors relocated, better preparedIRIN8 Mar 2013
Save Document Japan: Fukushima women re-build their livesUNISDR Hyogo8 Mar 2013
Save Document Building flash flood resilience in Pakistan’s mountainous regionsIRIN7 Mar 2013
Save Document The Great East Japan Earthquake - Two years onEmbassy of Japan in Thailand, Japan - gov7 Mar 2013
Save Document Uzbekistan: UNDP awarded 'commemorative sign' of the Ministry of Emergency SituationsUNDP Uzbekistan7 Mar 2013
Save Document Philippine cities tackle climate changeIRIN6 Mar 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Post-2015 agenda - Disaster risk managementFE5 Mar 2013
Save Document Opinion: Sticks and carrots in urban waste management in IndonesiaJakarta Post, the5 Mar 2013
Save Document Making cities resilient: from awareness to implementation - Special journal issue for freeCDR5 Mar 2013
Save Document Indonesia tries 'cloud seeding' to prevent flooding in JakartaIRIN4 Mar 2013
Save Document Cultivating future leaders of education for sustainable development and disaster risk reduction in Asia-PacificUNESCO BKK4 Mar 2013
Save Document Philippines: The Environment Management Bureau wants climate change integrated in tertiary curriculumPIA4 Mar 2013
Save Document NGO holds stakeholders forum on disaster, climate changePIA1 Mar 2013
Save Document Sri Lanka: Making disaster risk information availableUNOOSA1 Mar 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: USD 33.8m World Bank grant for afforestationFE28 Feb 2013
Save Document United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction visits An-Najah's Seismic Monitoring Station in JerichoNNU28 Feb 2013
Save Document Pakistan launches first national climate change policyExpress Tribune, the27 Feb 2013
Save Document Nepal: UNDP to focus on reducing poverty, disaster and climate-induced vulnerabilities of communities in next five yearsUNDP Nepal26 Feb 2013
Save Document Palestine: An-Najah University launches disaster risk mitigation project (SASPARM) funded by European UnionNNU26 Feb 2013
Save Document Palestine establishes disaster loss databaseUNISDR ROAS25 Feb 2013
Save Document Gambia: Thank you, JapanDaily Observer25 Feb 2013
Save Document NRRC interview feature: hospital safety in NepalNRRC25 Feb 2013
Save Document Pakistan: New disaster risk reduction policy approvedNews Intl, the22 Feb 2013
Save Document New weather forecasts a step towards disaster risk reductionMyanmar Times, the21 Feb 2013
Save Document China to build earthquake warning systemChinaview.cn, Xinhua20 Feb 2013
Save Document Indonesia: Disaster management to be key component of global development agenda post-2015Tempo Interactive19 Feb 2013
Save Document Open source 'rookie of the year' award: InaSAFE praised alongside Twitter, Yahoo! and MicrosoftGFDRR19 Feb 2013
Save Document Filipino super-typhoon an ominous warning of climate change impactGuardian, the17 Feb 2013
Save Document 'Climate change influence on typhoons uncertain' - reportIRIN13 Feb 2013
Save Document India: Tri-cities of Chandigarh, Mohali and Punchkula, and Shimla on path to a better earthquake disaster preparednessMHA, India - gov; NDMA, India - gov13 Feb 2013
Save Document Nepal: Refining the response - Disaster preparedness - OpinionRepublica6 Feb 2013
Save Document Pakistani wheat farmers confounded by erratic weatherTRF6 Feb 2013
Save Document Myanmar: Project launched on development of guidelines on land use planning and institutionalizing carpenters trainingMyanmar - gov; UN-HABITAT; USAID, United States of America - gov5 Feb 2013

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