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Save Document First monsoon flooding tests preparedness in PakistanIRIN12 Aug 2013
Save Document Nepal: Kathmandu unveils a plan to ward off natural disastersKantipur Publications11 Aug 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Reconstructing now for better prevention in the futureTerre des Hommes7 Aug 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Improving disaster risk reduction in river islandsDaily Star, the6 Aug 2013
Save Document تخريج دورة في مجال تصميم المنشآت لمقاومة الزلازل ضمن فعاليات مشروع تخفيف مخاطر الزلازل في فلسطينNNU6 Aug 2013
Save Document لجنة تطبيق الكود الزلزالي للمباني تجتمع في رام الله وتناقش برامجها المستقبليةNNU6 Aug 2013
Save Document Taiwan gives $213,000 for Belize to manage natural disastersReporter, the5 Aug 2013
Save Document Sri Lanka: Can people tackle climate change, when science remains uncertain?Sunday Times, the4 Aug 2013
Save Document Bhutan official praises Japanese aid in handling glacial outburst floodsJapan Times Ltd., the2 Aug 2013
Save Document Northeast Pakistan hit by 'surprise' floods, as monsoon rains intensifyTRF1 Aug 2013
Save Document Could Sri Lanka get irrigation boost from ancient reservoirs?IRIN1 Aug 2013
Save Document Nepal: Early warning system doing wondersKantipur Publications30 Jul 2013
Save Document China: Sichuan earthquake - The psychosocial recovery of children three months onTRF29 Jul 2013
Save Document Philippines: Legarda in addressing new norm: Make resilience an attitudeSenate of the Philippines, Philippines - gov29 Jul 2013
Save Document India: Himalaya 'tsunami' shows need for science in disaster plansTRF26 Jul 2013
Save Document Sri Lanka: As extreme weather hits harvests, food buffers could help – ExpertsTRF24 Jul 2013
Save Document In China, lessons in disaster management lead to regional cooperationIn Asia24 Jul 2013
Save Document India: Centre for adaptation to climate change launched in MeghalayaBSL24 Jul 2013
Save Document Linking grassroots effectively to the development processKrisoker Sor (Farmers' Voice)24 Jul 2013
Save Document Thailand: School director pioneers safer learning for pupilsUNISDR AP23 Jul 2013
Save Document Climate shifts cut short girls' education in northeast IndiaTRF23 Jul 2013
Save Document Climate change threatens Bangladesh's MDG achievements - ExpertsTRF22 Jul 2013
Save Document Philippines: Participatory planning on disaster preparednessPIA19 Jul 2013
Save Document Earthquake concerns over Iranian nuclear plantTRF19 Jul 2013
Save Document Philippines: Senator Legarda wants rainwater catchment facilities in schoolsSenate of the Philippines, Philippines - gov18 Jul 2013
Save Document UNISDR chief urges next generation of leaders to help make their world saferUNISDR ONEA-GETI18 Jul 2013
Save Document DRR interview feature: Urban risk management in NepalNRRC17 Jul 2013
Save Document Thailand: Communities taking action – Community-based disaster risk reduction training runs its 22nd courseADPC17 Jul 2013
Save Document US supports Nepalese system to detect forest firesTRF16 Jul 2013
Save Document Head of flood-hit India state plans new development approachTRF16 Jul 2013
Save Document Myanmar: Disaster preparedness school to be ready in 2016Myanmar Times, the15 Jul 2013
Save Document A new initiative on climate change to benefit nearly 100,000 people in NepalUNDP Nepal15 Jul 2013
Save Document Informal settlers face eviction from Manila’s riverside slums to prevent floodingTRF12 Jul 2013
Save Document Government budget cuts threaten Pakistan's climate change effortsTRF11 Jul 2013
Save Document Philippines: Jalaur river – Embracing and adapting to change towards inclusive growthPIA11 Jul 2013
Save Document No early warning for Nepal's deadly landslidesIRIN9 Jul 2013
Save Document Focus on migration: Disaster plans should minimise relocationsTRF9 Jul 2013
Save Document ورشة عمل في جامعة النجاح الوطنية حول دور الإعلام في التخفيف من مخاطر الكوارثNNU8 Jul 2013
Save Document Nepal boosts early warning system for climate hazardsTRF4 Jul 2013
Save Document Earthquake-proof table uses geometry to save livesCNN4 Jul 2013
Save Document 'Need for better storm warnings in Sri Lanka'IRIN3 Jul 2013
Save Document Let’s follow Aqaba’s lead on urbanization and disaster risk reduction | Jo ScheuerBCPR-UNDP3 Jul 2013
Save Document Sri Lankan farmers urged to tap ancient irrigation systems amid erratic rainsTRF2 Jul 2013
Save Document Reduce flood risk or watch development wash awayTRF1 Jul 2013
Save Document Longer-term El Nino warnings to help farmers adaptTRF1 Jul 2013
Save Document Beyond sandbagging and embankment repairing: Rethinking flood disaster management in OdishaOrissa Diary1 Jul 2013
Save Document ‘Disaster university’ to address Pacific quakes and tsunamisNew York Times30 Jun 2013
Save Document Food security weakening 'on a scale we haven't seen' - expertTRF28 Jun 2013
Save Document Bangladesh polders under threatIRIN27 Jun 2013
Save Document Philippines: RDRRMC-2 ready for disaster consciousness monthPIA26 Jun 2013

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