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Save Document Russia floods spur calls for emergency warningsTRF16 Jul 2012
Save Document Emilia earthquake spurs collaboration on study of riskUNISDR EUR16 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate live: 2012 Petersberg climate dialogue opens in BerlinRTCC16 Jul 2012
Save Document UNISDR Chief praises resilience of Italian earthquake townsUNISDR EUR13 Jul 2012
Save Document Indonesia: RI, Germany share synergy in tackling tsunamisJakarta Post, the13 Jul 2012
Save Document UK: Councils need to do more to protect vulnerable people from climate change, JRF report warnsJRF13 Jul 2012
Save Document East Africa food crisis one year on: Focus on resilience to future droughtsCA12 Jul 2012
Save Document Disaster survival architecture remains top priority In TurkeyDBS12 Jul 2012
Save Document DIPECHO: €35 million for disaster-preparedness programmes in 2012EC12 Jul 2012
Save Document England flood risk to rise fourfold by 2035-reportTRF11 Jul 2012
Save Document UK: Progress on affordable flood insuranceDEFRA, United Kingdom - gov11 Jul 2012
Save Document Icelandic Red Cross assist in disaster risk reduction in Armenia and GeorgiaIceland Review11 Jul 2012
Save Document UK: Erosion 'could hit 160 South Devon properties'BBC10 Jul 2012
Save Document UK: More than 8,000 properties benefit from flood defence schemeEnvironment Agency, United Kingdom - gov9 Jul 2012
Save Document The top 20 cities with billions at risk from climate changeBloomberg.com6 Jul 2012
Save Document German Red Cross: Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction in selected counties of Hue Province in VietnamGRC28 Jun 2012
Save Document Sweden provides US$ 8.5 million to strengthen sustainable development and management of Mekong resourcesMRC28 Jun 2012
Save Document Elsevier launches new journal: International Journal of Disaster Risk ReductionPR Newswire Association LLC.25 Jun 2012
Save Document Asia: Twenty-one countries pledge to strengthen regional disaster early warning systemESCAP22 Jun 2012
Save Document Coping with nature's destructive forcesHuffington Post21 Jun 2012
Save Document At the crossroads of conservation and developmentIUCN18 Jun 2012
Save Document Switzerland prepares for an earthquakeUNISDR EUR12 Jun 2012
Save Document Caribbean urged to prepare for a tsunamiUNISDR AM8 Jun 2012
Save Document Scotland announces 'climate justice' fund for world's poorestGuardian, the6 Jun 2012
Save Document Italy: Can an earthquake bring about the fall of Rome?Time4 Jun 2012
Save Document Cities Campaign gets major new partnerUNISDR EUR1 Jun 2012
Save Document United Kingdom: Agreement struck to prepare communities for climate changeDEFRA, United Kingdom - gov31 May 2012
Save Document Terremoto, 'il 60% delle scuole italiane non ha la certificazione del collaudo statico'Fatto Quotidiano31 May 2012
Save Document Terremoto in Italia: Geologi Campania, regione avanti in prevenzione con 'microzonazione'La Repubblica30 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Terremoto, tremila controlli l'anno sulle nuove case - Progetti al setaccioMessaggero, Il30 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Sisma, la procura di Modena apre un'inchiesta Napolitano: 'Prevenzione inadeguata'Corriere della Sera30 May 2012
Save Document Italy: Cluster quakes and new risksCorriere della Sera30 May 2012
Save Document Campaign city Arborg adopts Jericho City as resilience 'twin'UNISDR EUR30 May 2012
Save Document IIED to evaluate cities' campaignUNISDR29 May 2012
Save Document Denmark: Copenhagen joins UNISDR campaign after '1,000-year' floodUNISDR24 May 2012
Save Document City's anti-flooding scheme carts off top prize at awardsEvening Times, Herald & Times Group24 May 2012
Save Document Switzerland: Preparing for a seismic disasterswissInfo.ch22 May 2012
Save Document Luxembourg and UNISDR sign cooperation agreementUNISDR22 May 2012
Save Document Probability of contamination from severe nuclear reactor accidents is higher than expectedMax Planck Inst for Chem22 May 2012
Save Document World Bank and the Netherlands partner to support financially-at-risk farmersWB22 May 2012
Save Document Italia: 2 mila terremoti all’anno, 3 milioni di cittadini in zone ad alto rischio sismicoRomagna Gazzette21 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Sisma - L'Aquila 6.3, Emilia 6 'Eventi molto diversi'La Repubblica21 May 2012
Save Document Italy quake highlights need to educate the public, says expertUNISDR21 May 2012
Save Document Italy earthquake: modern buildings, not ancient ones, pose biggest threatcsmonitor.com21 May 2012
Save Document York researchers evaluate impact of climate change on biodiversity and habitats in East AfricaUni of York21 May 2012
Save Document Natural hazard: sleepwalking into tragedyGuardian, the20 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Protezione Civile, facciamo il tagliando ai fabbricatiEdil Tecnico19 May 2012
Save Document UNICEF: We must teach urban kids how to deal with disastersRTCC16 May 2012
Save Document Portugal: Canal Lisboa - Meio de informação e divulgação de mensagens de carácter preventivoLisbon Municipality, Portugal - gov15 May 2012
Save Document Cities to help create Post-HFA frameworkUNISDR EUR15 May 2012

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