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Save Document The top 20 cities with billions at risk from climate changeBloomberg.com6 Jul 2012
Save Document Zimbabwe: As piped water dries up, city dwellers turn to carrying waterTRF5 Jul 2012
Save Document Launching of awareness campaign on gendered impact of climate changeMauritius - gov5 Jul 2012
Save Document Africa: New technologies allow better planning for natural disastersWB4 Jul 2012
Save Document Ethiopia – An African leader in disaster risk managementWFP3 Jul 2012
Save Document UNISDR appoints parliamentary champions for risk reductionUNISDR3 Jul 2012
Save Document Adaptation Fund Board approves $50.7 million in grant funding, including one direct access project in JamaicaAFB3 Jul 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Ogun takes disaster management to schoolsNation, the2 Jul 2012
Save Document Too little water, too many droughtsWB2 Jul 2012
Save Document Using information and communication technology to protect citizens against natural disastersWB27 Jun 2012
Save Document Uganda: Learning lessons from lethal landslidesIRIN27 Jun 2012
Save Document Lesotho: Food security goes from bad to worseIRIN26 Jun 2012
Save Document Mali: Locusts could spread in rebel-held northIRIN26 Jun 2012
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and Rio+20NGS21 Jun 2012
Save Document Ethiopian village recognized at Rio+20 for innovative hunger solutionWFP21 Jun 2012
Save Document Climate change: Cassava key to food security, say scientistsIRIN20 Jun 2012
Save Document Pour une meilleure planification des risquesSudQuotidien, Groupe Sud Comm20 Jun 2012
Save Document Rio+20: Slum-dweller powerIRIN19 Jun 2012
Save Document Let's get real about climate changeTrócaire19 Jun 2012
Save Document Mozambique: Le gouvernement réfléchit à une stratégie sur la réduction des risquesAfriquinfos19 Jun 2012
Save Document Africa: Providing options to respond to climate change in coastal areasIOC13 Jun 2012
Save Document Disasters: Insuring against dry days in AfricaIRIN12 Jun 2012
Save Document Rio+20 and thereafter — Is Ghana prepared?Ghana - gov8 Jun 2012
Save Document Scotland announces 'climate justice' fund for world's poorestGuardian, the6 Jun 2012
Save Document Libya: Celebrating World Environment Day 2012 with tree plantingUNICEF5 Jun 2012
Save Document Niger, Mali on alert to desert locust risk - Insecurity and conflict hinder control effortsFAO Headquarters5 Jun 2012
Save Document Le Japon veut prévenir les catastrophes naturelles au CamerounJournal du Cameroun5 Jun 2012
Save Document Sierra Leone Red Cross launches disaster management policyAwoko Newspaper31 May 2012
Save Document Côte d'Ivoire: Des experts recommandent une synergie d'actions pour réduire les risques de catastrophes naturellesAfriquinfos31 May 2012
Save Document South Africa: Cape Town steps up disaster risk reduction campaignCity of Cape Town, South Africa - gov31 May 2012
Save Document Gambia: NDMA validates draft DRR capacity assessment reportNDMA, Gambia - gov29 May 2012
Save Document Arab States set to increase disaster loss databasesUNISDR ROAS23 May 2012
Save Document Swaziland: Price of beef, its products set to hikeSwazi Observer21 May 2012
Save Document York researchers evaluate impact of climate change on biodiversity and habitats in East AfricaUni of York21 May 2012
Save Document South Africa: City reveals plans to minimise winter flooding in risk areasNew Age17 May 2012
Save Document Food waste, climate change top agenda at FAO Near East ConferenceFAO Headquarters15 May 2012
Save Document Disaster preparedness in East Africa: Are we prepared for a tsunami?SID15 May 2012
Save Document Nigeria: UNICEF plans grassroots disaster resilient programmes14 May 2012
Save Document Kenya: Using technology to counter floodsEast African Business Week Ltd.12 May 2012
Save Document Unsustainable water use threatens agriculture, business and populations in China, India, Pakistan, South Africa and USA - global studyMaplecroft10 May 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Red Cross calls for more fundingNew Times Publications Sarl, the10 May 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Cell phones to enhance communication on disastersNew Times Publications Sarl, the7 May 2012
Save Document Seychelles: 'Disaster preparedness and alert is not a joke' says Minister PayetPeople, The4 May 2012
Save Document Community-based adaptation in Morocco: Successful community engagement for increased resilience and better livelihoodsGEF2 May 2012
Save Document Coffee farmers in Kenya to use text based crop warning systemIICD2 May 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Lagos folks, government brace up for more rainsSun Publishing Limited30 Apr 2012
Save Document Southern Africa to build climate change study centerYnetnews30 Apr 2012
Save Document Study on Algiers city vulnerability to climate change and disastersBernama30 Apr 2012
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA meets with the chair of the Disaster Management Governing Council and Vice President of the GambiaNDMA, Gambia - gov27 Apr 2012
Save Document The time is now for the inclusion of climate change in the Southern African Development Community Gender ProtocolGL26 Apr 2012

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