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Save Document Building better, safer after HaiyanBangkok Post8 May 2014
Save Document A call for climate action in Central Asia: Gearing up for the Second Central Asia climate knowledge forumWB8 May 2014
Save Document India: Essay writing competition for students on 'Safeguard environment for disaster risk reduction'NIDM, India - gov7 May 2014
Save Document Pristina joins 'Making Cities Resilient' campaignUNISDR EUR7 May 2014
Save Document Ignite stage presenta: Todo desastre es socio naturalUNISDR AM7 May 2014
Save Document OECD work on resilience important for DRR World ConferenceUNISDR7 May 2014
Save Document Ignite Stage presenta: Género, gestión del riesgo y cambio climáticoUNISDR AM7 May 2014
Save Document Why is disaster risk so hard to grasp?TRF7 May 2014
Save Document Twitter and wildfires: Microblogging emergency informationIHRR7 May 2014
Save Document US: Entering new wildfire era, California broadcasts an old message: Prevention (+video)csmonitor.com7 May 2014
Save Document Afghan plea for help on DRRUNISDR AP6 May 2014
Save Document Climate change adaptation and moreSciDevNet6 May 2014
Save Document White House unveils dire warning, calls for action on climateTRF6 May 2014
Save Document Hotspots of climate change impacts in Africa: Making sense of uncertaintiesPIK6 May 2014
Save Document Land information systems for smart citiesUNECE6 May 2014
Save Document UN partners with private sector to map disaster risks for local communitiesUNISDR5 May 2014
Save Document Myanmar storm warnings get betterIRIN5 May 2014
Save Document 'The race is on, it's time to lead', UN chief tells Abu Dhabi climate change eventUNNC4 May 2014
Save Document UNISDR welcomes Canary Islands to Cities campaignUNISDR2 May 2014
Save Document Survey about Southasiadisasters.netAIDMI2 May 2014
Save Document Dominica: World Bank approves disaster reduction projectWB2 May 2014
Save Document NASA-CNES move forward with global water and ocean surface missionCNES; NASA, United States of America - gov2 May 2014
Save Document Risk and disaster management: The importance of making cities resilientAWID2 May 2014
Save Document La ciudad de Posadas, Argentina, es condecorada por la campaña global 'Desarrollando Ciudades Resilientes: Mi Ciudad se está Preparando' como Ciudad del MesUNISDR AM2 May 2014
Save Document Reducing the volcano risk in IndonesiaIRIN1 May 2014
Save Document Philippines: Use technology in building resilience

 - Senator LegardaOffice of Sen Loren Legarda, Philippines - gov1 May 2014
Save Document Tunisian cities boost campaignUNISDR ROAS1 May 2014
Save Document An umbrella as mobile rain gaugeBBC; TU Delft1 May 2014
Save Document Friendship signs MOU with Cyclone Preparedness Programme of the Ministry of Disaster Management & ReliefCMDRR Forum1 May 2014
Save Document Italy: Venice Mayor seeks ban on cruise shipsUNISDR EUR30 Apr 2014
Save Document Climate adaptation to fail without emissions cuts: UN climate chiefTRF30 Apr 2014
Save Document Pool funding to reduce disaster and climate risks: ExpertsTRF30 Apr 2014
Save Document España: 'Canarias es sin duda el primer laboratorio europeo de ciudades resilientes' - Jerry VelasquezCDR; Fecam, Spain - gov; UNISDR EUR; ULL30 Apr 2014
Save Document España: Declaración institucional del Presidente del Gobierno Canarias resilienteGobierno de Canarias, Spain - gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document España: Santa Cruz de Tenerife sale fortalecida del Foro de Ciudades ResilientesAyuntamiento de St Cruz, Tenerife Gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document España: El alcalde recibe en La Laguna a representantes de la ONU que asisten al encuentro de Ciudades ResilientesAyuntamiento de La Laguna, Spain - gov; CANAVISA30 Apr 2014
Save Document El Cabildo de Tenerife participa en un encuentro pionero en España de ciudades resilientes ante los desastresAyuntamiento de St Cruz, Tenerife Gov; ElDigitaldeCanarias; Tenerife Gov, Spain - gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document La Corporación Insular potencia la prevención para ofrecer una mejor respuesta ante situaciones de riesgoTenerife Gov, Spain - gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document Una delegación de la Oficina de Reducción de Desastres de la ONU visita GüímarAyuntamiento de Güimar, Spain - gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document Canarias se convierte en el primer laboratorio europeo de ciudades resilientesAyuntamiento de Güimar, Spain - gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document Telde se suma al convenio de ciudades resilientesAyuntamiento de Telde, Spain - gov; TeldeActualidad30 Apr 2014
Save Document España: Maspalomas se postula como ciudad con capacidad para 'asumir situaciones límites'Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé de Tirajana; Fecam, Spain - gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document US: Coastal storm resilience measures slowly moving into 'tornado alley'E&E30 Apr 2014
Save Document Peace, prosperity and disaster managementUNISDR ONEA-GETI; UNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP29 Apr 2014
Save Document Community-based adaptation to climate change makes economic senseCI; TRF29 Apr 2014
Save Document Climate adaptation at village levelIRIN29 Apr 2014
Save Document Volcano eruptions have deep originsBBC29 Apr 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: Did climate change contribute to the Rana Plaza disaster?TRF29 Apr 2014
Save Document España: Inaugurado en Tenerife el foro sobre ciudades resilientes auspiciado por la ONUCDR; Fecam, Spain - gov; UNISDR EUR; ULL29 Apr 2014
Save Document España: La Laguna se prepara ante desastres naturales - Es una ciudad resilienteAyuntamiento de La Laguna, Spain - gov29 Apr 2014

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