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Save Document Mexico meets with UN to prepare for regional platform for DRRMexico - gov2 Mar 2011
Save Document El Salvador: Climate change 'number one issue' - ministerAl Jazeera2 Mar 2011
Save Document PPRD South contribution to reduce risk of disasters in the MediterraneanPPRD South2 Mar 2011
Save Document The Independent: A sensible redirection of effort, but risks lie aheadINM2 Mar 2011
Save Document Viet Nam: Adapting to global warming the key to sustainable developmentVietNamNet1 Mar 2011
Save Document Iran: Urban awareness programmes to reduce the impacts of natural hazardsIran Daily1 Mar 2011
Save Document India: Managing floods through proactive governanceHimal1 Mar 2011
Save Document New Zealand: 'Don't rebuild the Christchurch cathedral' - editorialGuardian, the1 Mar 2011
Save Document India: Climate conversations - women take on drought and pests with virtual science academyTRF1 Mar 2011
Save Document East Africa: Disasters raise experts’ concernsMCL1 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: Deal to integrate climate change, risk reduction signedPhilstar.com1 Mar 2011
Save Document Haiti Reconstruction Fund: US$ 187 million for rebuilding lives and livelihoodsHRF1 Mar 2011
Save Document Canada: Bold measures to address landslide risk in VancouverVancouver Sun1 Mar 2011
Save Document Support for climate change adaptation core of first World Bank strategy for KiribatiWB1 Mar 2011
Save Document UK: Aid focus turns to poverty and valueFT1 Mar 2011
Save Document Insurance industry reviewing risk in Australia and New ZealandABC28 Feb 2011
Save Document 'Building codes saves lives' – UNISDRUNISDR28 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: 'One against risk' - top bodies join forces to combat disasters and climate changeUNISDR28 Feb 2011
Save Document 'Reducing vulnerability to natural hazards - top international priority' says General Assembly presidentUNISDR28 Feb 2011
Save Document UN unveils tool for tracking progress of climate talksNew York Times28 Feb 2011
Save Document Saint Kitts and Nevis to host meeting on climate change adaptation in the CaribbeanUNESCO28 Feb 2011
Save Document Sri Lanka: New climate change policy includes adaptation measuresSunday Observer27 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines picked as ‘data node’ in Asia IT disaster management projectNewsbytes Philippines26 Feb 2011
Save Document Australia: Insurer attacks lack of flood mappingSMH25 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: OCD-6 stresses importance of preparedness during calamities, disastersPIA25 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: Legarda presses call for quake-safe buildingsManila Bulletin, the25 Feb 2011
Save Document Nepal: Political impasse stalls disaster preparedness billIRIN25 Feb 2011
Save Document Climate change just one worry in struggling Haiti - AlertNetTRF25 Feb 2011
Save Document New Zealand: 'Familiar enemy' - a post-earthquake call to rethink State policiesTelegraph, the24 Feb 2011
Save Document Gambia: Concern Universal and partners call for enhancing DRR at all levels of societyToday Newspaper24 Feb 2011
Save Document 'Christchurch earthquake likely to be New Zealand’s worst natural disaster'ICFI24 Feb 2011
Save Document APCICT holds regional workshop on disaster risk management and climate change abatementUN-APCICT; ESCAP23 Feb 2011
Save Document Early-warning sensors in focus after New Zealand quakeCXO Media Inc., IDG Enterprise23 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: Familiarity with volcanoes breeds content - IRINIRIN23 Feb 2011
Save Document Munich Re ranks 2010 among worst years ever for climate disastersScientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc.23 Feb 2011
Save Document Australia: New agreements to reduce public health risks in New CaledoniaABC22 Feb 2011
Save Document IRIN: Disaster preparation in Mekong River BasinIRIN22 Feb 2011
Save Document United Arab Emirates: Disaster management facility underwayKhaleej Times22 Feb 2011
Save Document Twitter's early warning of big NZ quakeSMH22 Feb 2011
Save Document UNISDR: Pakistan cannot risk its future, lives of people, by being ill-preparedOxfam Intl; UNISDR22 Feb 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Naek lauds services of UNISDR for ensuring help in floodsAPPC22 Feb 2011
Save Document Satellite system could provide earlier earthquake warningsEngineer, the22 Feb 2011
Save Document Zimbabwe: University of Zim scientist develops a drought and climate change adaptation gameTechzim21 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: NDRRMC enlists help of regions in crafting disaster frameworkPIA21 Feb 2011
Save Document 'Water poverty' the new 'fuel poverty' for vulnerable households as we attempt to tackle impacts of climate changeJRF20 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: 'Sign up today to make your city resilient to disasters' - UNPIA19 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: 'Duck, cover, hold' - Muntinlupa students toldPIA18 Feb 2011
Save Document Australia: Disasters put insurers, risks in focusAustralian, the17 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: Launch of community managed-DRR manualIIRR17 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: Govt., NGOs prepare for disasters through seminarPIA17 Feb 2011

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