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Save Document Malta: CPD to hold tsunami awareness programmeTimes of Malta, the5 Mar 2012
Save Document Italia: L'Aquila, a tre anni dal terremoto cosa abbiamo imparatoPiazza Grande5 Mar 2012
Save Document IAEA and WANO mark anniversary of Fukushima accident, increase cooperationIAEA5 Mar 2012
Save Document Ghana: Climate change networking necessary for Africa – NGOGNA5 Mar 2012
Save Document A model for improving climate services in AfricaIRI5 Mar 2012
Save Document ICAO publishes manual on volcanic ashICAO5 Mar 2012
Save Document Culminó una instancia de formación en reducción de riesgosNotife4 Mar 2012
Save Document Philippines: 'Take earthquake drills seriously' - NDRRMCPhilstar.com2 Mar 2012
Save Document Saudi Arabia: Preparing for 'natural' disastersArab News2 Mar 2012
Save Document Suisse: Changements climatiques: le Conseil fédéral adopte les objectifs d’adaptation / Svizzera: Il Consiglio federale adotta gli obiettivi per l’adattamento ai cambiamenti climaticiSwitzerland - gov2 Mar 2012
Save Document Pakistan: 'Roll the dice, learn a life lesson'Express Tribune, the1 Mar 2012
Save Document Vietnam to implement US$50 million disaster warning system ‎FutureGov, Alphabet Media Pte Ltd1 Mar 2012
Save Document 'Women's role vital in disaster prevention' - Margaret ArnoldKorea Times Co.1 Mar 2012
Save Document Yemen: Urgent actions needed to overcome climate change impact ‎Yemen Times1 Mar 2012
Save Document UNISDR urges Mexican mayors to join cities campaignUNISDR AM1 Mar 2012
Save Document Haiti: MOI accelerates implementation of seismic risk planWSJ1 Mar 2012
Save Document Japan: Levitating homes are possibly solution to 'natural' disastersDigital Trends Inc., Designtechnica Corp1 Mar 2012
Save Document WB/Mexico: Strengthening social resilience to climate changeWB1 Mar 2012
Save Document L'Aquila: I club uniti per realizzare un laboratorio scientifico internazionaleGruppo Editoriale MacroMedia Comunicazione Srl1 Mar 2012
Save Document Scotland to launch Climate Justice FundScottish Government, United Kingdom - gov1 Mar 2012
Save Document Samoa: Climate change adaptation consultation meeting underwayPINA29 Feb 2012
Save Document Airwaves cut distances in rural PeruIPS29 Feb 2012
Save Document AusAID: Training for emerging leaders in humanitarian assistanceAusAid, Australia - gov29 Feb 2012
Save Document Europe: As temperatures rise, region prepares for floodingSETimes.com29 Feb 2012
Save Document Horn of Africa: Drought warning prompts call for early actionIRIN29 Feb 2012
Save Document Indonesia: PCI awarded grant to implement disaster preparedness programPRWeb, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.29 Feb 2012
Save Document USA: Red Cross responds to Midwest tornadoesAmerican Red Cross29 Feb 2012
Save Document Australia: Insurance industry responds to inquiryBusiness Spectator29 Feb 2012
Save Document Averting flood disasters in NigeriaTribune28 Feb 2012
Save Document India acquiring weather reconnaissance aircraft to ensure better cyclone forecastingPIB28 Feb 2012
Save Document 'Cities are failing children,' UNICEF warnsUNICEF28 Feb 2012
Save Document 'Climate change to affect small farmers in India' - ActionAidSify Technologies Ltd.28 Feb 2012
Save Document Morocco to create National Platform for Disaster Risk ReductionUNISDR ROAS28 Feb 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Developing sustainable programmes of risk reductionFE28 Feb 2012
Save Document Swiss specialists to conduct mountain rescue trainings in MestiaSDC, Switzerland - gov28 Feb 2012
Save Document 'Singapore not safe from natural disasters' - ScientistAsiaOne, Singapore Press Holdings28 Feb 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific fighting climate changeKorea Times Co.27 Feb 2012
Save Document Improving coastal resource management reduces disaster risk: Plan Germany replicates successful approach in the PhilippinesPlan Germany27 Feb 2012
Save Document Best time to donate money is before crisis strikesPostmedia Network Inc.27 Feb 2012
Save Document Indonesia: Social preparedness is crucial in times of disaster - Japan’s AmbassadorJakarta Post, the27 Feb 2012
Save Document Thailand: Businesses press for flood plansBangkok Post27 Feb 2012
Save Document Chile still living with quake effectsUNISDR AM27 Feb 2012
Save Document Concern: 'Will help arrive in time for the Sahel?'Concern Worldwide27 Feb 2012
Save Document Climate change makes adaptation essentialFOI, Sweden - gov27 Feb 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Risk of natural disaster confounds urbanitesFE27 Feb 2012
Save Document Drilling in the Lesser Antilles will improve assessment of risks related to volcano instability / Des forages aux Antilles pour mieux évaluer les risques liés à l'instabilité des volcansCNRS27 Feb 2012
Save Document Climate risk enters the curriculum in Salvadoran schoolsTRF26 Feb 2012
Save Document Tanzania: Negative impact of climate change worries residents on Pemba IslandsTSN25 Feb 2012
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA offers technical assistance to GambiaDTN24 Feb 2012
Save Document UNISDR warns of new drought threat in the Horn of AfricaUNISDR AF24 Feb 2012

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