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Save Document UN body seeks enhanced cooperation with Japan on disaster responseMainichi Daily news, the2 Nov 2011
Save Document UN asked to help Africa adapt to climate changeBusiness Day, BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd.30 Nov 2011
Save Document UN and Government of Pakistan working together to protect against future flood damageESCAP11 Nov 2010
Save Document UN agencies join forces to bring weather insurance to rural poor peopleWFP17 Nov 2008
Save Document UK to include disaster risk reduction in all country programmesDFID, United Kingdom - gov15 Jun 2011
Save Document UK Guardian: 'Pakistan's floods are not just a natural disaster'Guardian, the5 Aug 2010
Save Document UK govt to double development assistance to NepalRepublica10 Mar 2011
Save Document UK concerned about Bangladesh's climate vulnerability: BrownBSS16 Dec 2009
Save Document UK committee calls for integration of disaster risk reduction into programmesParliament of the UK, United Kingdom - gov10 May 2011
Save Document UK allocates additional UKL 5 million to IOM for shelter and flood preparedness in Pakistan’s SindhIOM7 Aug 2012
Save Document UK $2.9 billion climate aid pledge is first for 2013Bloomberg.com4 Dec 2012
Save Document Uganda: IPU to mainstream disaster risk reductionUGPulse, Ultimate Media Consult4 Apr 2012
Save Document UAE: Students model UN clubs present 'natural disaster reduction plans'AME15 Apr 2011
Save Document UAE: DMA holds forum about the assessment of seismic hazard and risk project in Abu Dhabi EmirateAME16 Nov 2011
Save Document U.S. supports community resilience to coastal natural hazards in VietnamUnited States of America - gov21 Nov 2012
Save Document U.S. nuclear renaissance unlikely after FukushimaLos Angeles Times28 Dec 2011
Save Document U.S. helps Laos prepare for 'natural' disasterKPL24 Feb 2012
Save Document U.N. pushes business to share responsibility for disaster reductionTRF21 May 2013
Save Document U.N. forum brainstorms new framework for disaster risk reductionJapan Times Ltd., the14 Mar 2015
Save Document Typhoons like Haiyan are the new normal: So when will leaders start taking disaster preparedness seriously?Huffington Post9 Dec 2013
Save Document Typhoon-proof homes in Vietnam build hope for disaster-prone areasTRF27 Nov 2014
Save Document Typhoon-lashed Philippines weighs catastrophe bonds to cut costsChicago Tribune17 Apr 2015
Save Document Typhoon-hammered Philippines in 'fight for our survival'TRF7 Dec 2014
Save Document Typhoon Rammasun puts Philippine disaster preparedness to the testGuardian, the16 Jul 2014
Save Document Typhoon Rammasun batters eastern Philippines, but preparedness saved livesIFRC17 Jul 2014
Save Document Typhoon Morakot: A call for prevention while local governments come first in reliefTaiwan News10 Aug 2009
Save Document Typhoon Kalmaegi slams into Philippines: Warnings of landslides, flooding and storm surgesIBTimes14 Sep 2014
Save Document Typhoon Haiyan: 100 days on - Hopes and fears for the futureIFRC17 Feb 2014
Save Document Typhoon Haiyan was just the start: Prepare for an ever stormier futureGuardian, the28 Apr 2014
Save Document Typhoon Haiyan losses trigger major new proposal on catastrophe insurance for the PhilippinesUNISDR20 Jan 2014
Save Document Typhoon Hagupit brings increasing disaster risk into APEC’s focusAPEC8 Dec 2014
Save Document Two years after the tsunami: Mainstreaming disaster risk managementWB13 Mar 2013
Save Document Two years after Fukushima, Japan worries about the next big quakeTime10 Mar 2013
Save Document Two nuclear reactors retired in Japan as it hosts UN disaster conference‏Euronews17 Mar 2015
Save Document Twitter and natural hazardsEurekAlert15 Apr 2011
Save Document Twenty Philippine governors sign up to make provinces resilient to disastersUNISDR4 Nov 2010
Save Document Twenty dead, thousands evacuated as Typhoon Rammasun heads for ChinaABC17 Jul 2014
Save Document Tweets turned into flood maps that could help save livesTRF14 Apr 2015
Save Document Turkmenistan: Resilient children, safe communitiesUNICEF14 Mar 2015
Save Document Turkmenistan monitors earthquake resistance of buildings under constructionTrend29 Aug 2012
Save Document Tsunami’s legacy: quest for early warningWSJ25 Dec 2014
Save Document Tsunami- and earthquake-detecting network planned for waters off eastern JapanMainichi Daily news, the2 Apr 2012
Save Document Tsunami three-years: communities take significant steps towards recovery with support of the Red Cross Red CrescentIFRC19 Dec 2007
Save Document Tsunami preparedness in Indonesia: Malteser International expert on callMalteser Intl11 Mar 2011
Save Document Tsunami hits Japan after massive quake - BBCBBC11 Mar 2011
Save Document Tsunami drill in Banten, Indonesia, on December 26, 2007Indonesia - gov21 Dec 2007
Save Document Tsunami distorted perception of danger in JapanTokyo Times7 Dec 2011
Save Document Tsunami could ‘wipe out’ Pakistan’s largest cityArab Times13 Sep 2014
Save Document Tsunami au Japon: les communautés locales doivent être plus impliquéesAFP23 Aug 2011
Save Document Tsunami alerts show how vulnerable hundreds of millions in Asia-Pacific are to range of 'natural' disastersTRF; WVI8 Oct 2009

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