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Save Document To predict quakes, listen to the animals, China survivors sayAFP25 May 2008
Save Document To face quake, tsunami: experts for long-term risk management planBSS7 Feb 2008
Save Document To deal with worsening drought, Pakistan turns to olivesTRF19 Sep 2013
Save Document Timor-Leste: UN disaster risk reduction chief commends efforts to tackle disastersUNMIT22 Nov 2011
Save Document Timor Leste: Water supplies running on emptyIRIN8 Feb 2010
Save Document Time for Asian system to fight back disastersChina Daily4 Jun 2008
Save Document Tibetan school carries out earthquake drillPhayul.com2 Oct 2008
Save Document Three more mayors join resilient cities campaign from PhilippinesUNISDR26 Jul 2010
Save Document The Urban Resource Center official opening and the provisional Myanmar national building code handed-over to Ministry of ConstructionMyanmar - gov; UN-HABITAT ROAP6 Sep 2013
Save Document The Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center at An-Najah University participates in a seminar on the strategic planning for the reduction of disasters risksNNU26 Oct 2011
Save Document The top 20 cities with billions at risk from climate changeBloomberg.com6 Jul 2012
Save Document The Times of India: 'Most hospitals have no strategic plan for disaster management'Times of India, the23 Jan 2012
Save Document The Royal Norwegian Government and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center signs MOUADPC27 May 2009
Save Document The price tag for adapting to climate changeIRIN30 Mar 2009
Save Document The politics of earthquakesLos Angeles Times24 Jul 2011
Save Document The Philippines to use sophisticated geohazard map for disaster reductionFutureGov, Alphabet Media Pte Ltd19 Sep 2011
Save Document The nature of disasters in PakistanSANA27 Jul 2009
Save Document The million death quake by Roger Musson - ReviewGuardian, the9 Nov 2012
Save Document The Mayor of Mogadishu goes networkingUNISDR ROAS22 Mar 2013
Save Document The Makati symposium on the role of women as invisible instruments of resilienceCity Gov of Makati, Philippines - gov11 Oct 2012
Save Document The Lancet’s verdict on the HFA – 'a promising start'UNISDR10 May 2013
Save Document The Kosi river basin: Reducing flood riskNRRC15 Oct 2012
Save Document The Korea Times: 'Are we prepared?'Korea Times Co.13 Feb 2012
Save Document The importance of Earth observing satellitesredOrbit17 Jul 2012
Save Document The Himalayan Wetlands Initiative Strategy constitutedICIMOD4 Sep 2008
Save Document The Great East Japan Earthquake - Two years onEmbassy of Japan in Thailand, Japan - gov7 Mar 2013
Save Document The Geneva Association calls on UN COP delegates to take action on disaster risk reductionGeneva Association21 Nov 2013
Save Document The EU and China launch joint project for managing disaster risksEU15 Jun 2012
Save Document The Debating Chamber - Japan's agony offers key lessons to an increasingly vulnerable worldTRF22 Mar 2011
Save Document The Daily Star: Deadly megaquake on Lebanon’s horizonDaily Star, the16 Jul 2012
Save Document The city resilient to disasters – The resilient city: First Palestinian Urban Forum / المدينه القادرة على مجابهة الكوارث – المدينة الامنة (المنتدى الحضري الفلسطيني) جامعـة النجـاح الوطنيـة، فلسـطينNNU28 Mar 2012
Save Document Thailand: Why tackling substandard housing should be a top priorityBangkok Post6 Sep 2011
Save Document Thailand: Wave of quake concern spreads across countryNation, the20 Apr 2012
Save Document Thailand: Warning system 'has its failings' - officials admit disaster plans need to improveBangkok Post5 Nov 2010
Save Document Thailand: Two days in the life of an urban flood expertIRIN2 Dec 2011
Save Document Thailand: Tsunami alert system 'broken'Bangkok Post27 Dec 2011
Save Document Thailand: The risk of 'warning fatigue' in disaster preparedness - IRINIRIN1 Nov 2011
Save Document Thailand: Super-canal may prevent floodsCNN16 Nov 2011
Save Document Thailand: Students 'should learn more about natural disasters'Bangkok Post21 Dec 2011
Save Document Thailand: School director pioneers safer learning for pupilsUNISDR AP23 Jul 2013
Save Document Thailand: Risk management plan urged to bolster tourismNation, the3 Jan 2012
Save Document Thailand: Repair work on irrigation buildings in western Bangkok almost completedNNT, Thailand - gov25 Jul 2012
Save Document Thailand: PM calls urgent meeting on floodsBangkok Post20 Sep 2011
Save Document Thailand: PM - Govt to fund research on floodsThailand - gov2 Sep 2010
Save Document Thailand: Phuket workshop prepares for disasterPhuket Gazette19 Sep 2009
Save Document Thailand: Phuket to mark 6th tsunami anniversary Dec 26MCOT22 Dec 2010
Save Document Thailand: Phuket disaster chief reassures on tsunami early warningNNT, Thailand - gov9 Apr 2010
Save Document Thailand: New highways, towns planned to combat floodsBangkok Post14 Nov 2011
Save Document Thailand: Mixed results for local disaster preparednessIRIN16 Nov 2010
Save Document Thailand: Mapping out where to live and buildBangkok Post4 Feb 2012

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