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Save Document Massive China tremor made waves around the worldCanada.com12 May 2008
Save Document Más de 100 representantes de siete municipios iniciaron el diplomado en gestión de riesgosMaking Cities Res Camp Cities, Partners and Task Forces18 Jul 2013
Save Document Martinique: Assembly for knowledge sharing on seismic issues in CaribbeanDIREN, France - gov26 Jan 2009
Save Document Margareta Wahlström: 'Building the future we want'UNISDR18 Jun 2012
Save Document Managing private and public adaptation to climate changeUniv of Southampton, the13 Jan 2012
Save Document Malta: Building for catastrophesTimes of Malta, the9 Nov 2008
Save Document Malta: 'Disasters can be mitigated through proper planning'Malta Independent, the, Standard Publications Ltd23 Oct 2010
Save Document Malaysia: Second phase of tsunami early warning system to be completed by year endBernama29 Sep 2009
Save Document Malaysia: Mapping geo-hazard zones to prevent disastersNST2 Nov 2008
Save Document Malaysia: Lack of climate change strategies to adversely impact fisheries, agriculture playersBorneo Post3 Oct 2012
Save Document Malaysia: Authorities asked to check buildings in landslide risk areasBernama30 May 2011
Save Document Malaysia: 32 flood mitigation projects underwayNST26 Mar 2012
Save Document Malaysia: 'Tip-fill’ slopes prime landslide areas - expertFree Malaysia Today31 May 2011
Save Document Malaysia: 'Cut the rubbish and prevent floods'AsiaOne, Singapore Press Holdings23 Nov 2011
Save Document Making cities resilient: Preparing Bangladesh - National disaster preparedness dayDaily Star, the29 Mar 2012
Save Document Making cities resilient: from awareness to implementation - Special journal issue for freeCDR5 Mar 2013
Save Document Losses from disasters in East Asia and Pacific raise concerns for poverty reductionADPC; WB3 Jun 2013
Save Document Los Olivos, Perú se suma a la Campaña Mundial "Desarrollando Ciudades Resilientes"UNISDR AM6 Jun 2014
Save Document Local self-assessment leads to resilience - ReportUNISDR AP10 Jan 2014
Save Document Local governments in El Salvador focus their efforts on DRRUNISDR; UNISDR AM24 Nov 2010
Save Document Local and regional leaders meet in Rabat to discuss 21st century agenda for citiesUNISDR ROAS25 Sep 2013
Save Document Lima to host regional launch of UNISDR resilient cities campaignAndina30 May 2010
Save Document Life after death: Looking at adaptation in mountains after 2005 earthquake in North PakistanClimate Himalaya24 Jan 2012
Save Document Let’s follow Aqaba’s lead on urbanization and disaster risk reduction | Jo ScheuerBCPR-UNDP3 Jul 2013
Save Document Lessons learnt from Australian Capital Territory firesAustralian, the17 Jan 2013
Save Document Lessons from the floodChina Dialogue11 Mar 2011
Save Document Les villes au coeur du défi du changement climatique - 5ème symposium de recherche urbaine de la Banque MondialeUCLG HQ1 Jul 2009
Save Document Les leçons des inondations dans le Var et dans le sud-est de la FranceFrance - gov10 Oct 2012
Save Document Legarda launches first Philippine Resilience AwardsPIA13 Oct 2013
Save Document Lebanon: Surge of support for cities campaignUNISDR ROAS13 Sep 2012
Save Document Lebanon: Mikati urges focus on disaster managementDaily Star, the18 Oct 2012
Save Document Lebanon: Local government training of trainers helping make cities more resilientMinistry of Interior and Municipalities, Lebanon - gov; Pres of the Council of Ministers, Lebanon - gov; UNDP Lebanon; UNISDR ROAS12 Sep 2012
Save Document Lebanon: Earthquake threat looms largeIRIN19 Jul 2009
Save Document Lebanon: Earthquake response plan vital - UN disaster risk expertDaily Star, the24 Oct 2011
Save Document Lebanon: Climate change - The elephant in the roomDaily Star, the15 Aug 2014
Save Document Lebanon acts to scale up disaster reduction - UNISDRUNISDR ROAS20 Oct 2011
Save Document Lebanese mayors commit to 'Resilient cities campaign'Daily Star, the13 Oct 2010
Save Document Latinoamérica tiene la 'necesidad urgente' de adaptarse al cambio climáticoTerra Networks Colombia28 Oct 2011
Save Document Las Américas: '¿Son nuestras ciudades resilientes ante posibles desastres?'Los Andes30 Aug 2011
Save Document Las redes locales de gestión del riesgo se consolidan en VenezuelaCESAP27 Apr 2013
Save Document Lanzarote, Spain: Cities campaign at core of island development plansUNISDR EUR28 Nov 2013
Save Document Land management key to US wildfire problemUNISDR29 Jun 2012
Save Document Land information systems for smart citiesUNECE6 May 2014
Save Document La presidencia del consejo de ministros realiza talleres para fomentar inversión en gestión de desastresPeru - gov17 Jul 2013
Save Document La Plata, Argentina, impulsa la Campaña Mundial de la UNISDR de Ciudades ResilientesUNISDR AM15 Jun 2014
Save Document La Corporación Insular potencia la prevención para ofrecer una mejor respuesta ante situaciones de riesgoTenerife Gov, Spain - gov30 Apr 2014
Save Document La ciudad de Posadas, Argentina, es condecorada por la campaña global 'Desarrollando Ciudades Resilientes: Mi Ciudad se está Preparando' como Ciudad del MesUNISDR AM2 May 2014
Save Document L'Aquila: I club uniti per realizzare un laboratorio scientifico internazionaleGruppo Editoriale MacroMedia Comunicazione Srl1 Mar 2012
Save Document Korean boost for city resilienceUNISDR AP18 Mar 2014
Save Document Korea: International conference to build local government alliance for DRRUNISDR7 Jul 2009

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