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Save Document Nigeria: Rehabilitating vulnerable communitiesTHISDAY23 Mar 2009
Save Document Nigeria: Experts call for proper monitoring of 'natural' disastersNext.com12 May 2010
Save Document Nigeria: Experts call for monitoring of earth movementTHISDAY18 May 2010
Save Document Nigeria: Climate change - stakeholders charge federal and state govts on collaborationVanguard Media Ltd.17 Apr 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Ajegunle leaders meet to tackle climate changeNext.com10 Jul 2011
Save Document Nigeria kickstarts efforts to head off climate disastersTRF4 Jul 2013
Save Document Niger: Strengthening of local capacity in disaster risk reductionWorld Vision Germany1 Aug 2012
Save Document Niger, Mali on alert to desert locust risk - Insecurity and conflict hinder control effortsFAO Headquarters5 Jun 2012
Save Document Niger develops a national database on floodsIBIMET-CNR; Niger - gov; Politecnico di Torino25 Jul 2014
Save Document Nicaragua: Adaptación al cambio climático debe ocupar al paísEl Nuevo Diario1 Sep 2011
Save Document New Zealand: Sea level alert for councilsStuff, Fairfax Digital, Fairfax New Zealand Ltd2 Oct 2012
Save Document New Zealand: Scientists travel to flood-stricken AustraliaNIWA27 Jan 2011
Save Document New Zealand: Project underway to identify future liquefaction hazardEnviron Canterbury, New Zealand - gov25 Nov 2011
Save Document New Zealand: New fault found in Wellington HarbourNIWA8 Oct 2014
Save Document New Zealand: Dunedin City Council plans for climate changeOtago Daily Times5 Jan 2011
Save Document New Zealand scientists gather information for disaster preparedness in PacificGNS Science9 Feb 2010
Save Document New UNESCO project aims to improve early warning for floods in PakistanUNESCO11 Jul 2011
Save Document New seismic model will refine hazard analysis at US nuclear plantsNRC, United States of America - gov31 Jan 2012
Save Document New research suggests climate change increases hazard risk in alpine regionsUniv of Exeter18 Jun 2010
Save Document New method could help communities plan for climate riskMIT News7 Nov 2012
Save Document New legislation strengthens EU disaster risk managementUNISDR EUR10 Dec 2013
Save Document New learning tool helps children prepare for disastersPlan Intl3 May 2012
Save Document New ISO standard to help assess fire risksISO7 Jun 2012
Save Document New initiative on disaster risk reduction is launched in KazakhstanUNDP Kazakhstan9 Jul 2012
Save Document New field guide explores open data innovations in disaster risk and resilienceWB19 Mar 2014
Save Document New earthquake information unearthed by San Andreas fault studiesNSF21 Jan 2010
Save Document New computer model advances climate change researchUCAR18 Aug 2010
Save Document New climate change models for Maldives predict rising sea temperaturesMinivan News26 Jan 2012
Save Document New climate and disaster risk screening tools for World Bank projectsWB8 Jul 2014
Save Document New cartographic basis for risk assessment in Latin AmericaDirections Magazine, Directions Media24 Oct 2010
Save Document Nepal’s tragedy in waitingUNISDR AP20 Nov 2012
Save Document Nepal’s health sector more earthquake-readyIRIN21 Jan 2014
Save Document Nepal: Satellite to provide images of disastersHimalayan Times29 Sep 2010
Save Document Nepal: Kathmandu unveils a plan to ward off natural disastersKantipur Publications11 Aug 2013
Save Document Nepal: Global warming swells glacial lakes, endangering thousandsIRIN16 Sep 2010
Save Document Nepal: Community based disaster risk reduction - Interview with Chakra Pani Sharma, MoFALDNRRC19 Nov 2012
Save Document Nepal: Better late than neverKantipur Publications17 Jan 2012
Save Document Nepal: 'Preventing future landslides is not yet possible' - expertsIRIN25 Jul 2011
Save Document Nepal: 'Preparing for the worst'Times of India, the27 Mar 2010
Save Document Necessity for comprehensive urban risk reductionFE22 Apr 2012
Save Document National Geographic in conversation with the AXA Research Fund: Uwe Ulbrich on flood managementAXA5 Sep 2014
Save Document NASA: Satellites see unprecedented Greenland ice sheet surface meltNASA, United States of America - gov24 Jul 2012
Save Document NASA, NOAA find 2014 warmest year in modern recordNASA, United States of America - gov16 Jan 2015
Save Document NASA satellites detect extensive drought impact on Amazon forestsNASA, United States of America - gov29 Mar 2011
Save Document NASA mission will observe earth's salty seas for climate cluesNASA, United States of America - gov17 May 2011
Save Document NASA finds 2013 sustained long-term climate warming trendNASA, United States of America - gov21 Jan 2014
Save Document NASA Finds 2011 ninth warmest year on recordNASA, United States of America - gov19 Jan 2012
Save Document NASA announces hurricane research flightsNASA, United States of America - gov12 Aug 2010
Save Document Namibia's satellite centre to warn of disaster threatsSciDevNet27 Jul 2011
Save Document Myanmar: Earthquake risk assessment for three cities launchedMin of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Myanmar - gov24 Dec 2012

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