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Save Document Pakistan: Preparations for the monsoonIRIN18 Jul 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Govt takes measures to protect population at risk from floodsAPPC2 Jul 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Glacial outburst poses threat to ChitralDawn Media Group26 Apr 2012
Save Document Pakistan: GCU, German to conduct joint research in flood-hit areasDaily Times9 Sep 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Flood risk - Provincial Disaster Management Authority to assess vulnerability of communitiesBusiness Recorder9 May 2012
Save Document Pakistan: FAO focuses on 'disaster preparedness'FAO Headquarters11 Feb 2009
Save Document Pakistan: Climate likely to hit severelyOman Daily Observer31 Dec 2012
Save Document Pakistan: ADB calls for flood preparednessDawn Media Group22 Dec 2011
Save Document Pakistan: 'Millions at risk from floods' - UNTRF22 Jun 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Hunza-Nagar district residents prepareIRIN18 May 2010
Save Document Pakistan 'nowhere near prepared for another major disaster like one in 2010'Guardian, the3 Aug 2012
Save Document Pacific: Regional governments encouraged to use satellite dataSPC/SOPAC5 Dec 2010
Save Document Pacific Rim nations prepare for UN-backed tsunami preparedness testUNNC4 Nov 2011
Save Document Pacific Islands: Collection of data for climate change adaptation and disaster preparednessSolomon Star Newspapers10 Mar 2010
Save Document Pacific Islands: Acting today for tomorrow will save lives and reduce economic lossesWB4 Jun 2012
Save Document Pacific island states top disaster risk indexTRF2 Sep 2011
Save Document Pacific catastrophe reinsurance pool mulls new 'tools' after country drops outRiskMarketNews, Parametric Pub18 Feb 2015
Save Document Oxfam call for investment in risk reductionUNISDR15 Feb 2012
Save Document Opinion: Beijing disaster necessitates risk analysisChina.com.cn, China.org.cn30 Jul 2012
Save Document Open source 'rookie of the year' award: InaSAFE praised alongside Twitter, Yahoo! and MicrosoftGFDRR19 Feb 2013
Save Document Open data makes disaster risks visibleUNISDR15 Oct 2013
Save Document Open data and mapping for disasters and developmentWB16 May 2012
Save Document Oman: Tsunami hazard map urgedOman Daily Observer29 Aug 2011
Save Document Oman launches research project to study natural hazardsKhaleej Times16 Jun 2010
Save Document ODI: Can reducing disaster risk create a 'triple dividend'?TRF17 Mar 2015
Save Document ODI: A big month for disaster resilience in the post-2015 development agendaODI29 Oct 2012
Save Document NYT: Where to live to avoid a natural hazardNew York Times30 Apr 2011
Save Document NYT: The varied cost of catastrophe - opinionNew York Times29 Mar 2011
Save Document NYT: As glaciers melt, science seeks data on rising seasNew York Times13 Nov 2010
Save Document NW China steps up disaster prevention after landslide kills 17Chinaview.cn, Xinhua20 Sep 2011
Save Document NSF: Ocean drilling expedition off New Zealand helps predict global sea level changesNSF25 Jan 2010
Save Document NOAA sea grant initiates $1.2 million community climate change adaptation initiativeNOAA, United States of America - gov9 Sep 2010
Save Document NOAA scientists find tsunami 'shadow' visible from spaceNOAA, United States of America - gov15 Jul 2009
Save Document Nigeria: World Bank to support flood management, and rebuilding of infrastructure in the city of IbadanWB17 Jun 2014
Save Document Nigeria: Rehabilitating vulnerable communitiesTHISDAY23 Mar 2009
Save Document Nigeria: Experts call for proper monitoring of 'natural' disastersNext.com12 May 2010
Save Document Nigeria: Experts call for monitoring of earth movementTHISDAY18 May 2010
Save Document Nigeria: Climate change - stakeholders charge federal and state govts on collaborationVanguard Media Ltd.17 Apr 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Ajegunle leaders meet to tackle climate changeNext.com10 Jul 2011
Save Document Nigeria kickstarts efforts to head off climate disastersTRF4 Jul 2013
Save Document Niger: Strengthening of local capacity in disaster risk reductionWorld Vision Germany1 Aug 2012
Save Document Niger, Mali on alert to desert locust risk - Insecurity and conflict hinder control effortsFAO Headquarters5 Jun 2012
Save Document Niger develops a national database on floodsIBIMET-CNR; Niger - gov; Politecnico di Torino25 Jul 2014
Save Document Nicaragua: Adaptación al cambio climático debe ocupar al paísEl Nuevo Diario1 Sep 2011
Save Document New Zealand: Sea level alert for councilsStuff, Fairfax Digital, Fairfax New Zealand Ltd2 Oct 2012
Save Document New Zealand: Scientists travel to flood-stricken AustraliaNIWA27 Jan 2011
Save Document New Zealand: Project underway to identify future liquefaction hazardEnviron Canterbury, New Zealand - gov25 Nov 2011
Save Document New Zealand: New fault found in Wellington HarbourNIWA8 Oct 2014
Save Document New Zealand: Dunedin City Council plans for climate changeOtago Daily Times5 Jan 2011
Save Document New Zealand scientists gather information for disaster preparedness in PacificGNS Science9 Feb 2010

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