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Save Document Volunteers: The backbone of the Euro-Mediterranean civil protectionPPRD South19 Apr 2012
Save Document Volunteers help Myanmar in post Nargis projectBruDirect.com30 Jun 2010
Save Document Volunteers help California build quake sensor networkHomeland Security Newswire12 Jul 2011
Save Document Volunteerism boosts in response to climate challenge and associated risksUNV30 Dec 2009
Save Document Volcanos test Indonesia’s disaster managementE Asia Forum14 Mar 2014
Save Document Volcanologists can discuss safety and hazards surrounding high-risk volcanoes in populated areasNewswise Inc.; UB4 Feb 2014
Save Document Volcano eruptions have deep originsBBC29 Apr 2014
Save Document Volcano eruption detection helps reduce disaster riskUSAID, United States of America - gov31 Oct 2009
Save Document Volcanic eruptions long overdue in SE Australia - expertsAustralian Geographic7 Jul 2011
Save Document Voices from the global south prioritize adaption to climate changeCanadian Foodgrains Bank1 Nov 2011
Save Document VOA: Scientists call for greater regional cooperation to combat climate changeVOA7 Jan 2010
Save Document Visita de ONU en Cumbre del SicaDiario el Mundo20 Jul 2011
Save Document Virtual rockfalls enter their test phaseWSL4 Jul 2013
Save Document Virtual communities tap satellite technologies for disaster managementNewswise Inc.15 Feb 2012
Save Document Virgin Islands to install 10 tsunami warning sirens by MarchVirgin Islands Daily News20 Dec 2010
Save Document Views from the Frontline: Independent study reviews HFA progress at local-levelGNDR9 Jun 2009
Save Document Vietnamese PM approves national climate change adaption strategyBernama13 Dec 2011
Save Document Vietnamese city probes climate risks to development planTRF27 Apr 2011
Save Document Vietnam: World Vision helps Thanh Hoa reduce disaster impactsVNA25 Oct 2011
Save Document Vietnam: Women and girls take part in disaster risk reductionGRC13 Oct 2012
Save Document Vietnam: Tropical storm Mirinae catches country by surpriseIRIN5 Nov 2009
Save Document Vietnam: Seminario sobre lucha contra desastres naturalesVNA26 Oct 2011
Save Document Vietnam: Project with children at its heart wins CBA-6 Solidarity GrantIIED10 May 2012
Save Document Vietnam: New threat of flooding in southIRIN22 Aug 2008
Save Document Vietnam: Netherlands suggests scenarios for climate changeVietNamNet3 May 2012
Save Document Vietnam: More extreme weather on the wayGlobalPost18 Dec 2010
Save Document Vietnam: In need of effective strategyVOV23 Mar 2009
Save Document Vietnam: Ha Noi makes preparations for flood-borne epidemicsVNA7 Nov 2008
Save Document Vietnam: Government focuses on natural disasters controlVNA27 May 2008
Save Document Vietnam: Forum 'starting point' for national platform for DRRCCFSC, Viet Nam - gov9 Oct 2009
Save Document Vietnam: Experts assess flood preparednessIRIN18 Oct 2010
Save Document Vietnam: Disability inclusive disaster risk reductionMalteser Intl9 May 2012
Save Document Vietnam: coastline attempts to stem the tideVNA5 Aug 2008
Save Document Vietnam: City officials need to quickly complete anti-flood projectsDredging Today, Navingo BV29 Oct 2010
Save Document Vietnam: Children learn to swim and to surviveIRIN5 May 2010
Save Document Vietnam: Ca Mau province sets up measures to stop erosion, protect familiesVietNamNet11 Jun 2012
Save Document Vietnam: Ca Mau managing natural disastersVietNamNet18 Sep 2012
Save Document Vietnam's mangroves trees threatened by rising tide of deforestationGuardian, the24 Apr 2012
Save Document Vietnam urged to safeguard firms from natural disastersVietNamNet31 May 2013
Save Document Vietnam to launch earth-monitoring satellitesSciDevNet13 Jan 2012
Save Document Vietnam to implement US$50 million disaster warning system ‎FutureGov, Alphabet Media Pte Ltd1 Mar 2012
Save Document Vietnam steps up to the plate to tackle climate issuesVNA21 Jan 2009
Save Document Vietnam Red Cross and German Red Cross help prepare communities against disasters in Central VietnamGRC; Vietnam Red Cross Society19 Oct 2012
Save Document Vietnam makes effort to prevent 'natural' disastersVOV2 Feb 2010
Save Document Vietnam looks to include disabled people in climate change action planIRIN14 Aug 2013
Save Document Viet Nam:Ho Chi Minh city plans for climate change adaptationBernama15 Jul 2009
Save Document Viet Nam: USAID gives $41m to fight climate changeVNA18 Oct 2012
Save Document Viet Nam: US supports climate change fund for Ñaø NaüngVNA8 Dec 2011
Save Document Viet Nam: Steps taken to protect mountainous regions from landslidesVNA2 Apr 2012
Save Document Viet Nam: Séminaire sur la minimisation des dégâts dus aux typhonsVNA8 Nov 2011

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