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Save Document Indonesia: Foreign envoys visit Jakarta and seek advice on flood mitigationJakarta Globe12 Dec 2011
Save Document Indonesia: Government to relocate volcano survivorsIRIN2 May 2011
Save Document Indonesia: Jakarta flooding highlights prevention gapsIRIN24 Jan 2013
Save Document Indonesia: Jakarta prepares flood mitigation standardsBeritaJakarta.com, Media Online Pemprov DKI Jakarta19 Nov 2012
Save Document Indonesia: Local agency told to devise quake preparedness guideJakarta Post, the18 Apr 2012
Save Document Indonesia: Makassar city celebrates international day for disaster reductionSIAGA12 Oct 2010
Save Document Indonesia: New body prepared to manage disasters in JakartaJakarta Post, the20 Nov 2010
Save Document Indonesia: New stream built to reduce lava impactJakarta Post, the9 Nov 2011
Save Document Indonesia: Overcoming catastrophe, rebuilding a communityBBC17 Jun 2011
Save Document Indonesia: Quake devastation exposes poor building standardsIRIN7 Oct 2009
Save Document Indonesia: Semarang joins the ‘sinking cities network’Jakarta Post, the6 Oct 2012
Save Document Indonesia: Social preparedness is crucial in times of disaster - Japan’s AmbassadorJakarta Post, the27 Feb 2012
Save Document Indonesia: Sounds of summer - Aceh's reconstruction effortABC18 Jan 2011
Save Document Indonesia: Wet Jakarta says it’s ready for the floodsJakarta Globe9 Jan 2012
Save Document Indonesia: What to expect from urban development?Jakarta Post, the20 Dec 2010
Save Document Inicia diplomado 'Municipios comprometidos en el desarrollo sostenible y la resiliencia' en Tulúa, ColombiaUNISDR AM22 Aug 2013
Save Document International day for diaster reduction: 2010 Sasakawa award call for nominations now open!UNISDR13 Oct 2010
Save Document International day for disaster reduction - IndonesiaUPC12 Oct 2010
Save Document International day for disaster reduction in the Maldives – building resilient communitiesUNDP Maldives13 Oct 2010
Save Document Interview with Margareta Wahlström, Special Representative for disaster risk reductionUNNC19 Nov 2012
Save Document Iran quakes show danger in laxity in enforcing building codesBernama13 Aug 2012
Save Document Iran: 'Decentralization of Tehran a better response to quake threat', says expertMNA12 Apr 2010
Save Document Iran: A new office for disaster mitigationUN-HABITAT2 May 2009
Save Document Iran: Mayor of Qom takes actionUNISDR AP1 Oct 2014
Save Document Ireland: extreme weather here to stay, warns climatologistIrish Examiner.com18 Aug 2008
Save Document IRIN: Better understanding of disaster impact on lives neededIRIN25 Jan 2011
Save Document IRIN: Soon every African village will know what the weather may bringIRIN2 Nov 2011
Save Document Is man or nature at fault for Queensland floods?Macquarie Univ19 Jan 2011
Save Document Is Sandy a taste of things to come?CNN31 Oct 2012
Save Document Is the UK’s critical national infrastructure prepared for climate change?CCC4 Apr 2011
Save Document Is white - or green - the new black in cities?NSF11 Mar 2014
Save Document Islas Canarias, España: L'opinión del alcalde de La Orotava sobre el proyecto 'Canarias Resilientes'Ayuntamiento de la Orotava, Spain - gov24 Apr 2014
Save Document Israel: 'Comprehensive national plan of action to adapt to climate changes'Globes Publisher Itonut Ltd, Monitin group10 Jan 2012
Save Document Istanbul mayor visits New York to discuss cities and climate change riskHurriyet Daily News and Economic Review7 Feb 2011
Save Document Italia, Venezia: Un convegno sulla riduzione dei rischi da disastri e calamitàVenice Municipality, Italy - gov18 Mar 2012
Save Document Italia: 2 mila terremoti all’anno, 3 milioni di cittadini in zone ad alto rischio sismicoRomagna Gazzette21 May 2012
Save Document Italia: I tanti errori sul terremoto dell'Aquila2003 Group23 Oct 2012
Save Document Italia: ll sindaco di Venezia nominato ambasciatore europeo della campagna 'Making cities resilient'Venice Municipality, Italy - gov19 Mar 2012
Save Document Italia: Orsoni vola a Ginevra per la quarta Global Platform sulle città resilientiVeneziaToday, Citynews SPA21 May 2013
Save Document Italia: Sisma, la procura di Modena apre un'inchiesta Napolitano: 'Prevenzione inadeguata'Corriere della Sera30 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Terremoto, tremila controlli l'anno sulle nuove case - Progetti al setaccioMessaggero, Il30 May 2012
Save Document Italy earthquake: modern buildings, not ancient ones, pose biggest threatcsmonitor.com21 May 2012
Save Document Italy mourns flood dead amid anger over 'avoidable' tragedyChinaview.cn, Xinhua20 Nov 2013
Save Document Italy scientists face trial over L'Aquila earthquakeBBC20 Sep 2011
Save Document Italy: 83 mayors in quake zone join UNISDR campaignUNISDR EUR1 Jul 2014
Save Document Italy: Smartphone-powered earthquake detectors could help direct first responders in an emergencyINM30 Sep 2013
Save Document Ivoirian floods highlight disaster preparedness shortcomingsIRIN4 Jul 2014
Save Document Jakarta is dangerously unprepared if 'the big one' hits, quake experts warnJakarta Globe18 Apr 2012
Save Document Jakarta sinking as water supplies dry upABC29 Dec 2012
Save Document Jamaica at risk of 'cascading' infrastructure damageGleaner, the28 Dec 2012

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