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Save Document Hurricane Sandy underlines global threat of climate change and more extreme events says UNISDRUNISDR NY31 Oct 2012
Save Document IBM and Aecom join UN campaign to make cities resilientUNISDR11 Mar 2014
Save Document IBM, AECOM show why resilience is a winning business strategyGreenBiz18 Dec 2014
Save Document IBTimes: 'Shanghai unprepared for flooding'IBTimes21 Aug 2012
Save Document ICLEI Secretary General appointed chair of World Economic Forum's Council on UrbanizationICLEI - Local Gov for Sust5 Jul 2010
Save Document ICLEI, C40, World Bank, USGBC, and others launch global initiative on urban resilience at Rio+20ICLEI - Local Gov for Sust22 Jun 2012
Save Document ICLEI: Sendai City one year on - A story of hope and resilienceICLEI - Local Gov for Sust11 Mar 2012
Save Document ICLEI: Today - 13 October 2011 - is international day for disaster reduction!ICLEI - Local Gov for Sust13 Oct 2011
Save Document IDRC Davos 2008 - 100 ideas for actionIDRC Davos25 Aug 2008
Save Document IDRC Davos 2010: call for papersGRF Davos29 Oct 2009
Save Document IDRC Davos 2012: Call for abstracts - deadline extendedGRF Davos16 Apr 2012
Save Document IDRC Davos: Integrative risk management in a changing world - pathways to a resilient societyGRF Davos14 Aug 2012
Save Document IFRC warns against unacceptable levels of urban riskIFRC21 Sep 2010
Save Document IFRC: Priority to 'reduce underlying risk' - International day for disaster reductionIFRC13 Oct 2010
Save Document IFRC: Six thousand years of urban living: Has our health improved?ICRC; IFRC3 May 2010
Save Document Ignite stage presenta: Enfoque de Ciencias Sociales a los factores inmateriales de la vulnerabilidadIRD; UNISDR AM20 Apr 2014
Save Document IIED to evaluate cities' campaignUNISDR29 May 2012
Save Document IIED: First book focusing on adaptation to climate change in citiesIIED10 Jun 2009
Save Document IIED: Keep it simple - Helping local governments reduce the risk from the next disasterIIED25 Mar 2015
Save Document IIED: The SDGs and 'a new urban agenda'? - OpinionIIED8 Sep 2015
Save Document Imagining a major quake in KathmanduIRIN26 Apr 2013
Save Document Impressive early survey report on the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami, JapanEarthquake-Report12 Apr 2011
Save Document Improved infrastructure key to slum upgrading - UN officialIRIN11 Jun 2009
Save Document Improving prevention, response among top priorities, says Assembly PresidentUN-DPI12 Apr 2012
Save Document Impunidad en obrasPrensa Libre12 Jun 2011
Save Document In 2013, climate resiliency officially entered the lexiconInside Climate News31 Dec 2013
Save Document In China, lessons in disaster management lead to regional cooperationIn Asia24 Jul 2013
Save Document In New York, global mayors gather to commit to the SDGsCitiscope25 Sep 2015
Save Document In times of dwindling resources, disaster risk reduction is an easy winUNISDR9 Mar 2011
Save Document Inaugural meeting of high-level working group to discuss the way forward for reducing disaster risk in AfricaUNISDR AF24 Mar 2011
Save Document Incheon clicks into DRR advocacy actionUNISDR ONEA-GETI12 Dec 2013
Save Document Inclusive dialogue key to Rio+20 outcomeUNISDR AM14 Jun 2012
Save Document Independent assessment on disaster risk reduction in Dominican Republic by UNISDR and partnersUNISDR; UNISDR AM19 Jul 2010
Save Document India builds seismically resistant school buildings and health postsIBNLive, CNN-IBN26 Oct 2010
Save Document India loses nearly $18 billion to disasters - UN ExpertTimes of India, the6 Nov 2011
Save Document India's 'smart cities' would be stupid without disaster strategyTRF3 Mar 2015
Save Document India, Uttarakhand: Man-made disaster?Times of India, the20 Jun 2013
Save Document India: 'Coastal erosion a serious threat' - expertHindu, The8 Mar 2012
Save Document India: 'Disaster management needs prevention, preparedness & proofing' - ministerScoop News21 Apr 2011
Save Document India: 'Kashmir must ban construction in marshes, high slopes'- Quake expertSify Technologies Ltd.15 Dec 2011
Save Document India: 'New buildings in City to be earthquake resistant'Greater Kashmir Communications Pvt. Ltd.20 Oct 2011
Save Document India: Are Tamil Nadu hospitals safe?Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd21 Dec 2011
Save Document India: Better drainage can make cities more resilient to disastersTimes of India, the21 Aug 2010
Save Document India: Build resilient towns to avoid loss during disastersUNISDR AP29 Oct 2013
Save Document India: Cabinet approves World Bank funded integrated coastal zone management projectOne India25 Mar 2010
Save Document India: City well-equipped to tackle natural disaster?IBNLive, CNN-IBN12 Apr 2012
Save Document India: Climate change centre for IAS trainees in MussoorieLive-Mint/Hindustan Times, HT Media Ltd.3 Jun 2012
Save Document India: Delhi preparing for disastersAIDMI6 Dec 2012
Save Document India: Experts lament builders' apathy for disaster mitigationTimes of India, the16 Sep 2011
Save Document India: Floods - 'City was ill-prepared'IBNLive, CNN-IBN2 Jan 2012

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