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Save Document Japan: 'Tokyo quake could register 7' - Government studyYomiuri Shimbun22 Feb 2012
Save Document Japan: 2011 UNISDR report on disaster risk reduction launched at UNUUNU1 Jun 2011
Save Document Japan: Antidisaster plans under review by 44 prefecturesYomiuri Shimbun16 Jul 2011
Save Document Japan: Emperor urges public to support disaster-hit victimsJapan Times Ltd., the2 Jan 2013
Save Document Japan: Gov't to enhance tsunami measures, panel doubles quake focal areaMainichi Daily news, the28 Dec 2011
Save Document Japan: Hundreds of schools rest on active faultsTokyo Times20 Dec 2011
Save Document Japan: New warning - 100-foot tsunamiWSJ2 Apr 2012
Save Document Japan: Predicted damage worsens for expected major inland quake in Tokyo areaMainichi Daily news, the19 Apr 2012
Save Document Japan: Preparing for the next catastropheJapan Times Ltd., the6 Sep 2011
Save Document Japan: Questions remain over tsunami safety measures at Hamaoka nuclear plantMainichi Daily news, the16 Nov 2011
Save Document Japan: Reconstructing Tohoku to fit todayJapan Times Ltd., the2 Apr 2012
Save Document Japan: Seismic risk - from shaken to awakenedFT6 Mar 2012
Save Document Japan: Tokyo 'has 70% chance of powerful earthquake within four years'Guardian, the23 Jan 2012
Save Document Japan: Tokyo Bay to get tsunami upgradeJapan Times Ltd., the24 Feb 2012
Save Document Japan: Tokyo conducts disaster drill at stations, companiesMainichi Daily news, the3 Feb 2012
Save Document Japan: Tokyo prepares for long-overdue 'Big One'DW16 Jan 2013
Save Document Japan: Tokyo to draft new 10-year disaster masterplanFutureGov, Alphabet Media Pte Ltd25 Oct 2011
Save Document Japan: Tokyo unveils plan to slash death toll from megaquakeJapan Times Ltd., the13 Sep 2012
Save Document Japan: Towns lack mudslide mapsJapan Times Ltd., the30 Sep 2011
Save Document Japan: Tsunami city ‘starts from zero’UNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP5 Nov 2013
Save Document Japan: Tsunami victims make own relocation plans amid slow gov't progressMainichi Daily news, the16 Jan 2012
Save Document Japan’s resilience lessonsProject Syndicate6 Mar 2012
Save Document Japón donó a El Salvador $16 millones para que se hagan obrasLa Página4 Oct 2011
Save Document Join the online dialogue on reducing urban and local risks to shape the post-2015 HFA / Rejoindre le dialogue en ligne/ Únete al diálogo en líneaUNISDR26 Mar 2013
Save Document Jordan: Aqaba hosts meeting on reducing disaster risk in Arab statesGazzetta del Sud, S.E.S. Società Editrice Sud19 Mar 2013
Save Document Jordan: Petra joins UNISDR cities campaignUNISDR ROAS19 Mar 2013
Save Document Just add trees: How greening concrete jungles will help us adapt to a warming worldCIFOR10 Sep 2012
Save Document Karachi, Pakistan: Flood-affected people training to reduce disaster riskNews Intl, the30 Apr 2012
Save Document Kashmir susceptible to major quakesSciDevNet21 Dec 2011
Save Document Kenya: Disasters continue to happen - IRINIRIN21 Sep 2011
Save Document Kenya: Govts urged to make cities saferNation Media Group13 Oct 2010
Save Document Kenya: Preventable disasters - why they keep occurringIRIN19 Oct 2011
Save Document Kenya: Slum fires highlight urban preparedness gapIRIN15 Apr 2011
Save Document Kenya: UN recommends allocating 1% of budget for disaster reductionCapital News20 Jun 2011
Save Document Klimawandel: Fahrplan in die KatastropheDW23 May 2012
Save Document Korea: International conference to build local government alliance for DRRUNISDR7 Jul 2009
Save Document Korean boost for city resilienceUNISDR AP18 Mar 2014
Save Document L'Aquila: I club uniti per realizzare un laboratorio scientifico internazionaleGruppo Editoriale MacroMedia Comunicazione Srl1 Mar 2012
Save Document La presidencia del consejo de ministros realiza talleres para fomentar inversión en gestión de desastresPeru - gov17 Jul 2013
Save Document Land management key to US wildfire problemUNISDR29 Jun 2012
Save Document Lanzarote, Spain: Cities campaign at core of island development plansUNISDR EUR28 Nov 2013
Save Document Las redes locales de gestión del riesgo se consolidan en VenezuelaCESAP27 Apr 2013
Save Document Las Américas: '¿Son nuestras ciudades resilientes ante posibles desastres?'Los Andes30 Aug 2011
Save Document Latinoamérica tiene la 'necesidad urgente' de adaptarse al cambio climáticoTerra Networks Colombia28 Oct 2011
Save Document Lebanese mayors commit to 'Resilient cities campaign'Daily Star, the13 Oct 2010
Save Document Lebanon acts to scale up disaster reduction - UNISDRUNISDR ROAS20 Oct 2011
Save Document Lebanon: Earthquake response plan vital - UN disaster risk expertDaily Star, the24 Oct 2011
Save Document Lebanon: Earthquake threat looms largeIRIN19 Jul 2009
Save Document Lebanon: Local government training of trainers helping make cities more resilientMinistry of Interior and Municipalities, Lebanon - gov; Pres of the Council of Ministers, Lebanon - gov; UNDP Lebanon; UNISDR ROAS12 Sep 2012
Save Document Lebanon: Mikati urges focus on disaster managementDaily Star, the18 Oct 2012

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