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Save Document #Road2Sendai: Educating children on disaster risk reduction in HaitiECHO14 Mar 2015
Save Document $US7.3m for Vanuatu school rebuildRNZI7 Jul 2015
Save Document 'A safer tomorrow project' launched in Chitral, northern PakistanGroundReport20 Aug 2011
Save Document 'Asia needs to spend more to cut disaster risk' - UNISDRTRF25 Nov 2010
Save Document 'Australia must develop a national strategy to deal with natural hazards' - expertsAge, the3 Aug 2010
Save Document 'Be prepared!' a call from UNESCO on international day of disaster reductionUNESCO11 Oct 2010
Save Document 'Before the Storm' – A game for iPhone and iPod touchAustralia - gov7 Mar 2012
Save Document 'Cities are failing children,' UNICEF warnsUNICEF28 Feb 2012
Save Document 'Disaster risk reduction key to preserving and protecting environment, ensuring sustainable development - Global Platform Chair's summaryUNISDR3 Jun 2011
Save Document 'Drop, cover and hold on in case you feel a tremor'News Intl, the21 Oct 2011
Save Document 'It's everybody’s business' says UN's Secretary-General on international day for disaster reductionUNNC13 Oct 2010
Save Document 'Natural disasters': Signs that Earth can’t bear moreGreenFudge.org9 Aug 2011
Save Document 'Poverty causes disasters and disasters cause poverty' - CARECI9 May 2011
Save Document 'Save my future' - Awareness through artBruDirect.com30 Sep 2011
Save Document 'Singapore not safe from natural disasters' - ScientistAsiaOne, Singapore Press Holdings28 Feb 2012
Save Document 'Teacher training in climate change education is in its infancy' - UNESCOUNESCO20 Jul 2011
Save Document 'Turkish earthquake puts building practices in the spotlight' - UNISDRUNISDR24 Oct 2011
Save Document 11 more Pakistani students graduate from AIT in BangkokAPPC22 Jan 2012
Save Document 20 years after Kobe quake, world rethinks disaster riskTRF; UNISDR13 Jan 2015
Save Document 2011 Human Development Report: Environmental trends threaten global progress for the poorUNDP2 Nov 2011
Save Document 43,000 Thai schools and hospitals pledge to uphold safety at national launch of United Nations 'One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals' initiativeUNISDR; UNISDR AP25 Mar 2011
Save Document 6th Caribbean conference on comprehensive disaster management (CDM) comes to Port of SpainODPM, Trinidad and Tobago - gov3 Nov 2011
Save Document A global charity is advocating for child-based disaster resilience planning at this week's Global PlatformTRF20 May 2013
Save Document A lucky escape for Nepal’s schoolchildrenUNISDR11 May 2015
Save Document A true story of disaster preparednessTRF22 May 2013
Save Document Action agreed on Safe SchoolsUNISDR AP6 Oct 2015
Save Document ActionAid celebrates international disaster reduction day 2011ActionAid13 Oct 2011
Save Document ADB promotes renewable energy, climate change resilience in TongaADB19 Jun 2015
Save Document ADB: Schools with earthquake-proof technology survive Nepali disasterADB12 May 2015
Save Document Afghanistan: AGEF provides DRR training in Badkhshan ProvinceAGEF25 Mar 2010
Save Document Africa: UN launches 'Making Cities Resilient' campaignUNISDR15 Sep 2010
Save Document After “tsunami number one”, risk reduction and seamanship on Tanzania’s fishing coastIFRC19 Jun 2009
Save Document AGEF holds disaster awareness training in Iraqi Kurdistan regionAGEF5 Mar 2010
Save Document Aid policy: Needs, gaps and resilienceIRIN23 Jul 2012
Save Document Alfredo Arquillano, campeón de la Campaña Mundial de Ciudades Resilientes de gira para la resiliencia en Centro AméricaUNISDR AM7 May 2013
Save Document América Central aprende las lecciones de la tempestadIPS25 Oct 2011
Save Document Antigua and Barbuda: Expert warns of building too close to coastDaily Observer, Observer Publications Ltd26 Mar 2012
Save Document Antigua: NODS congratulates two schoolsCaribarena Antigua14 Oct 2011
Save Document Antigua: Seismic activity prompts call for preparednessDaily Observer, Observer Publications Ltd25 Oct 2011
Save Document APCICT holds regional workshop on disaster risk management and climate change abatementUN-APCICT; ESCAP23 Feb 2011
Save Document Argentina: Más de 500 chicos participaron del día internacional para la reducción de riesgosSinMordaza13 Oct 2011
Save Document Armenia: Children's safety in the heart of Dipecho preparedness workECHO; Oxfam Intl5 Aug 2015
Save Document Armenia: Children, teachers learn to prepare for disastersUMCOR13 Oct 2014
Save Document Armenia: Quake tragedy drives advocate for safe schoolsUNISDR AP6 Aug 2014
Save Document As ministerial forum opens at Sendai Conference, focus turns to reconstruction after disasters, increased international cooperation in post-2015 frameworkUN-DPI15 Mar 2015
Save Document As risks from disasters rise, UN chief calls for better preparednessUNNC10 May 2011
Save Document ASEAN and civil society launch Safe Schools InitiativeASEAN; MERCY Malaysia; Plan Intl; SCI; WVI24 Nov 2014
Save Document ASEAN: Children and disaster experts discuss disaster preventionASEAN13 Oct 2011
Save Document Asia: Children can play their role in climate and disaster reduction says researchPeople's Daily Online20 Nov 2009
Save Document Asia: Cities key to disaster risk reductionIRIN12 Oct 2010

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