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Save Document Christmas deluge brings disaster to Eastern CaribbeanIPS; TRF26 Dec 2013
Save Document CIDA launches the Canada Fund for African Climate ResilienceCIDA, Canada - gov13 Feb 2012
Save Document Cidade resiliente, Campinas reduz áreas de risco em 60%Prefeitura do Município de Campinas, SP, Brazil - gov6 Jun 2013
Save Document Cidades catarinenses são as primeiras a aderir a Campanha Mundial da ONU no BrasilRede Brasil Atual30 Mar 2011
Save Document Científicos crean red contra el cambio climáticoEcoticias21 Aug 2011
Save Document Científicos cubanos cooperan en prevención desastres en CentroaméricaPL29 Dec 2011
Save Document Cientistas se preparam para monitorar oceano AtlânticoAgência FAPESP19 Dec 2011
Save Document Cities campaign expands in Dominican RepublicUNISDR - AM23 Jul 2012
Save Document Cities Campaign gets major new partnerUNISDR EUR1 Jun 2012
Save Document Cities emerge top in UN Sasakawa Award for disaster risk reductionUNISDR12 May 2011
Save Document Cities of Dhaka, Manila, Bangkok, Yangon and Jakarta face highest climate change risks – MaplecroftMaplecroft15 Nov 2012
Save Document Cities on the front line for climate action - World BankWB31 May 2011
Save Document Cities show the way to climate adaptationIDN-InDepthNews31 May 2010
Save Document City Government and IBM close partnership to make Rio de Janeiro a safer cityIBM27 Dec 2010
Save Document Ciudadanos provocan riesgo de desastres, no la naturalezaEl Mexicano17 Jul 2011
Save Document Climate adaptation: Can developing countries prepare for a hotter tomorrow?WRI15 Feb 2011
Save Document Climate change adaptation: All about the money in Cancun - IRINIRIN29 Nov 2010
Save Document Climate change and forest fires linked in new studyHuffington Post27 Jul 2011
Save Document Climate change and risk management conference focuses on Uruguay's vulnerabilitiesIOM14 Sep 2010
Save Document Climate change causing US wildfire season to last longer, congress toldGuardian, the4 Jun 2013
Save Document Climate change could bring about more landside disasters, experts sayVancouver Sun18 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate change just one worry in struggling Haiti - AlertNetTRF25 Feb 2011
Save Document Climate change poses risks to food, beyond US droughtReuters16 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate change report: Can US adapt to severe weather Alaskans call normal?Alaska Dispatch Publishing LLC14 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate change strikes especially hard blow to native AmericansPBS NewsHour, MacNeil/Lehrer19 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate change will boost number of US West's wildfiresTRF12 Jun 2012
Save Document Climate change: Natural disasters made history in 2011IRIN27 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate Conversations - Helping women gain a voice on climate changeTRF3 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate conversations - How to make climate change projects bigger and better?TRF20 Apr 2011
Save Document Climate conversations - Who's most vulnerable to climate change?TRF28 Sep 2011
Save Document Climate Conversations: Indigenous knowledge 'invaluable' for Andean adaptationTRF12 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate finance is key to U.S. climate credibilityCAP6 Dec 2011
Save Document Climate information crucial to help reduce risk and limit disaster damageARC; CCAFS; IFRC; IRI; NOAA, United States of America - gov; OCHA; WFP21 Jun 2011
Save Document Climate migrants risk more harm in new surroundingsUNISDR21 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate models get biological makeoverMiller-McCune Inc.7 Jul 2009
Save Document Climate models project increase in US wildfire riskNASA, United States of America - gov4 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate prediction tools show role of oceans in Amazon droughtCIFOR7 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate risk enters the curriculum in Salvadoran schoolsTRF26 Feb 2012
Save Document Climate talks: 'We must not allow Cancún to turn into Can'tCun' - Bolivian officialGuardian, the30 Nov 2010
Save Document Climate-hit Salvadoran farmers return to indigenous agricultureTRF27 Sep 2013
Save Document Climate-induced migration creates perils, possibilitiesIRIN20 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate-smart agriculture: A worm's eye viewCIAT; TRF20 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate: Storm warning - to protect New York, the US needs to invest in infrastructureFT29 Nov 2012
Save Document Coastal, riverbank homeowners brace for US flood insurance hikeTRF24 Sep 2013
Save Document Colombia asumió la presidencia pro témpore del comité andino para prevención de desastresEl Espectador22 Nov 2011
Save Document Colombia cuenta con la primera alcaldesa inscrita con su municipio, en la campaña mundial 'Desarrollando ciudades resilientes: ¡Mi ciudad se está preparando!'UNISDR - AM29 Oct 2013
Save Document Colombia failing to put climate policy into action - ScientistsTRF15 May 2013
Save Document Colombia flood victims at risk as rainy season loomsTRF23 Mar 2012
Save Document Colombia floods: disaster prevention saved lives - expertGuardian, the10 May 2011
Save Document Colombia gets ready for Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction / Colombia se prepara para la Plataforma Global sobre la Reducción del Riesgo de DesastresUNISDR - AM1 Feb 2013

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